Mumbi Phiri wants HH to quit politics on account of old age

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema talks to business owner in Bauleni compound
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema talks to business owner  in  Bauleni compound
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema talks to business owner in Bauleni compound

Outspoken PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has advised UPND President Hakainde Hichilema to resign from active politics due to what she termed as old age.

Mr Hichilema recently celebrated his 52nd birthday anniversary.

But Mrs Phiri said Mr Hichilema used his young age when he first campaigned for the republican presidency which she says is no longer a factor because he has grown too old in politics now.

She said Mr Hichilema used to mock older politicians such as late President Michael Sata because of their advanced age but that now age has caught up with him.

‘He should step down on moral grounds. He has lost too many elections and he has now lost the young age factor which he used to sing about when he first came on the political scene, he doesn’t have the age factor anymore and he should now step down,’ Mrs Phiri said.

Mrs Phiri said most of the politicians in Zambia now are much younger than Mr Hichilema hence the need for him to step down on moral grounds.

‘When HH came into politics, I was just an ordinary member of the PF and I was much younger, now I have risen to the rank of Deputy Secretary General, this goes to show that time has gone for him and he should step aside and give room to younger politicians,’ she said.

‘He used to say Zambians should vote for him because he was from the computer age. Now everyone is able to use computers and HH doesn’t have any new message and so he should resign.’


  1. Mumbi Phiri, i know you have found favour in Edgar Lungu because he is going out with you. Leave His Excellence Hakainde Hichilema alone.

    He is the Incoming President of Zambia. Your Edgar Lungu may be a client of Embasy Park very soon probably before the end of 2016.

    For the past 4 days, your Kachasu Man has been in India receiving medical attention. We say no to sick people to lead the country.




    • Mumbi Phiri very F00LISH lady.

      We demand the immediate arrest of Davies Chama.

      He wants Tongas to revolt against Lungu no wonder he is insulting them.

    • Iwe ci mubi phiri, pliz tell Edgar Lungu to quit politics, he is a finished man.

      Davies Chama must be arrested and sentenced to 18 years with hard labour for attempted mudare.
      lungu must fire Davies Chama.

    • The PF’s years computation is amazing. 4 years ago at 48 years they said HH was an under 5. At 52 they are now saying he is too old; no wonder the PF’s term in government appears and feels like they have been there more years that Kaunda had.

    • Are you not surprised that no policy issues come out of Mumbi Phiri & Davies Chama. The PF are fixated on character assassination. The Economy is in trouble, an no word from them on how they will fix this.

    • After making sense on arresting PF cadres. I thought she would get Chama the thug arrested and even take up the position of SG, she begins to talk nonsense. This woman also suffers from verbal diarrhea. From insulting Madam Mwanawasa to now saying HH is old. Please leave Zambia’s incoming 7th president alone and focus on your PF.

    • I pity Mumbi Phiri because she seems not to be aware of the Malawian’s prophet who prophesied of the 7 months rule.

    • Hildah Malama listen and listen good your Hichilema will not be President of Zambia ever.

      Never Hichilema to be President of Zambia, that’s wishful thinking. He can’t be and also he has lied about his age he can’t be 52. He is much older than that maybe around 56 or so but definitely not 52. HH should be truthful.

      For some reason I tend to agree with Mrs Mumbi Phiri, HH has lost too many elections. Please be careful the way you accuse people of having affairs. President Lungu has appointed so many people in positions not only Mumbi Phiri. It doesn’t mean every woman the President has appointed goes out with him. RESPECT!

      You are being unfair and jealous of your fellow woman who is respected and married. For you to come out so strongly in support of HH, does it mean you go…

    • Not surprising comment coming from a Lumpen. The problem is that after Edgar’s surprise ascendancy to the presidency every knuckle head in PF think they are next in line as along as they are SG.

    • LEADERSHIP WITH FOOLISHNESS yet they want to rule Zambians. Talking without brains is not welcome. It seems to be the culture of PF Members.

      You have months in your position. HH will sweep this one clean..

  2. Ba Mumbi those are not issues,there were not issues when Sata was president they are still not issues.
    You politicians the problem is you look for anything that has no value and because it makes a lot of sense to you, you rush to be the first one to say it but you just expose yourselves. How ignorant you can be. SG does not mean you yap yap yap. Give proper mature advise.Does not mean if you do not talk then you are not active. Why dont you advise your party to have membership cards so we know who the cadres are by paid up membership registry not by attire because everyone who want to break the law only wear your party attire. Shame.

    • Thankyou, imagine how childish she sounds. It must have sounded intelligent in her head. Maybe she is positioning herself as SG when the moro/n Chama is forced to retire.

    • Especially the mumbi type who were tutored by lenshina to drink urine. Ever since i started listening to her, only sewage comes out no substance

  3. Where does PF get these SGs from if I may ask. Is this a statement worth issuing? So childish and irrelevant.

    • Just imagine if anything happens to ECL according to prophecy, who becomes president? The Veep is smiling.

  4. Information has emerged that Edgar Lungu went to india to receive medical attention and is scheduled to arrive today. upon arrival, he is expected to fire Davies Chama for the disparaging remarks against the Tonga People.

    Davies Chama is expected to be arrested by police and sentenced to 10 years fo attempted murderer.

  5. Mumbi Phiri speaks like a professional prostiitute. A nomal woman cant speak like that.
    The problem which i learn t from her close associates is that she likes going out with men younger than her age and enjoys direct one as opposed to protected one. Pliz confirm this with Eddie Phiri her mlam.

  6. Wht an advice, is this chi woman normal? Advise yo presido to step down b4 u dream abt his exellence HH.

  7. Unbelievable. What a sheer waste of time. PF circus. I cannot believe that she uttered such nonsense. Ba LT this is not worthy printing.

    • It’s worth printing just to prove what a worthless lot PFools are. It also shows that HH, and nobody else, is giving them sleepless nights. They know that HH will be spoiling what they hope to be another win in 2016.

  8. Mayo bana Mumbi muletusebanya……The way you are talking awe mwandi.How old are you maybe you are older than HH.

  9. Mumbi is just a hule. What do you expect from this Tasintha escapee. I’m sure her bottom needs kunyaula.

  10. Mumbi Phiri, just shut your mouth if you have nothing good to say. We need to hear solutions to end poverty, not unproductive yapping. We have so many useless politicians in both PF and UPND and other opposition leaders who have nothing to offer to this country, but to be paid for doing nothing, or to be paid for wasting money by travelling to China or Italy to consult how we can be helped to turn our trains into high speed trains, or even by phoning from Zambia discussing about high speed trains is waiting money and time which can used in strengthening the rail lines (eg). We have also very dull ministers who do not consult government qualified personnel if stopping KCM from importing copper concentrates is the best. Yapping about people or unproductive is what these leaders are paid

  11. ba mumbi. just for once think outside the box before you comment on issues which are not issues at all. i could wrong but to me such utterances beg some brain surgery. don,t be like male rats which if they outnumber the females, they end up cannibalising each other and some equilibrium is achieved……

  12. Mumbi is not getting any action in the bedroom.
    The pipo from Pf who come on air are either retards or theives or sexually starved like this mumbi woman

  13. Ba Mumbi, pliz someone you called an underfive yesterday today he is too old! What a shame statement from such a high office. I am failing to understand this. Off course everyone is growing old but your remarks leaves much to wonder.

  14. Now i can make a conclusion that PF is a party of retards, while Zambians are suffering people who should find solutions to many problems are busy making senseless comments!

  15. Madam Mumbi Phiri,
    If you claim to be a political superstar, kindly sort out the mess Davis Chama has caused in the party and the country.
    If you have nothing to offer, keep quite madam.

  16. I bet this is a motive to drive people away from real issues the country is facing. Think if you will that people are happy with the poverty, hunger, high cost of living, poor planning, abuse of public funds etc and i will tell you that the zambian people need to hear solutions not such baseless utterances.

  17. I am shocked by the comments by Ms. Phiri. Is HHs age an issue really? Are there no other issues critical enough to be addressed at the moment? I find this rater immature. Lets address real issues here, and any leader who will be seen to be childish, must step down. We must not allow this in our Zambian politics. Lets have progress.

  18. How old was Sata(n) when he became President? Ba Mumbi kindly answer a simple question. Do you want it to be a multiple choice? help President Lungu take this country forward by informing him on what matters most:- poverty reduction, employment creation, quality health services and accessible education for all.

  19. If PF has national character as they claim, how come out of all the millions in this country, the best they could come up with for their key positions are chaps like Chama, Mumbi, Chanda, etc. There is something not right in this party.

  20. Pf proposed 65yrs as retirement age. How do you ask young ones to retire and allow old people like ABC, who is more than 80yrs, to continue working? Things are not well in zambia. HH can manage the country better.

  21. mumbi phiri, osati sebanya teti yayi! No wonder, yesterday it was Aphiri anabwela and today its Alungu anabwela. We have now heard and seen the connection. just read all the above comments, if i am not wrong, none agrees with you a female APHIRI ANABWELA.

  22. Well Mumbi is just another hired dog, she must bark as loud as she can to stay in that job otherwise she will be considered ineffective. I still wait for time these politicians when they will start attacking each other based on policies. We have no intellectual debates from our politicians and it is sad that it has now become the order of the day. (Remember Sata and RB arguing about who is more better looking between them?) We should instead start phasing out the likes of Mumbi. At least Hakainde discusses serious issues and is able to articulate policies and solutions.

  23. Please note that those born in the 60’s are the ones who where the youth during the fight for multi-party in zambia.Therefore today we need to vote for our leader from that era.HH we are behind you.

  24. Top 10 foolish statement issuers. 1.Mumbi phiri -pf 2.Cosmo mumba -nrp/pf. 3.Sunday chanda-pf. 4.Bowman lusambo-mmd. 5.Chilufya tayali-Zv ngo 6.Franky bwalya-pf. 7.Davies chama-pf. 8.Brian hapuunda-non. 9.George chella-non. 10.kennedy kamba

  25. It is surprising indeed that the focus is on Mumbi truth instead of HH lie that he is 52. I was in the university at the same time as HH. Am now 56 and wonder how I could be older than HH. HH is lying about his age and I bet this will cost him. HH should be 56 not 52 unless he has tuned the age. Let the age estimating analysis be done on HH, it will reveal that he is about 56 not less but may be more.
    This is why Mumbi is right because HH is somehow want to keep looking boyish which is childish. He is still under 5 in terms of understanding politics not age wise. And he continues to mis judge politics.

    • @Patience Pays
      You are really dull!
      I was in Grade 1 in 1978 at 8 years of age just about the right age at that time. Some of my classmates were over 12 years old. They started school late for various reasons e.g. economic, distance from nearest school, etc. In those days people used to repeat grade 7 even 6 times while bright & lucky ones sailed through without much ado.
      I was in grade 12 @ 19 yrs. The oldest in my shoot must have been over 28 years while the youngest was only 17 years probably like in the case of HH.
      At university pipo delay or postpone their entry for various reasons. Others enter universities as matures like yourself. So does necessarily mean for homo sapiens to be in the same class with another they are age mates? Your shallow reasoning will get you mad?

    • HH went to University in 1980. If he turned 52 this year it means he was 17 years old. HH must have gone to secondary when he was 11 years, did a stint at National Service when he was 16 years. May be it is a question of HH being over age when he went to apply for his ID document. It was normal then for your age to be reduced as they used to say that you could not apply for your National registration card when one was above a certain age.

    • You are just as stupid as Mumbi, HH graduated three years after me and am 55 maybe you failed grade seven three times before you moved on to high school. Ubututu

  26. @ patience pay, note that HH went to school/ unza at an early age because he was very intelligent whilst yourselt you went to school/ unza when yoh were old because you were so dull as we can tell from you age analysis.

  27. heheheheheh ba mumbi kwena mulibamusebanya….mwatusebanya ifwe fweba bemba.. we look so bad in the eyes of the world.. i think tabakufunda eko wafuma iwe mayo. ayi..alabane tiyeni na ba HH chabe…ndi mu bemba uwapwililika..awefye kwena,.. ba PF twa votele kubwelepofye iya kwanamungwa…2016 am going with HH. its written on the wall.tribe aside

  28. Ba Up & Down, you know what Mumbi is talking about but as usual you are deliberately trying to fool yourselves as if even others who are genuine in the way they do politics or observe Zambia politics are with you on this matter. The truth is which even you yourselves know is that when HH came on the political scene in 2006, he wanted to potray the picture that he was the only young person in politics and that we should vote for him on that basis( even you chaps who are making noise actually belived in that) but that now he is no longer what he used to potray, hence on that basis according to HH, he should now leave the show hile you, his supporters are still clapping otherwise, very soon you will get tired and stop clapping as age has overtaken him.

    • He is not 60 not even 65 yet all you PF are just scared that he is becoming the next President moreover Lungu knows that elections were rigged in his favour.

  29. Mumbi Phiri must be shallow. At 52 years, Hakainda is still young compared to the majority of the African leaders. Let Mumbi Phiri talk about aging husband. I saw the pictures of your old husband in the Sunday mail.

  30. Yes retirement age should also carter for politicians. Politicians are also employees. So Mr HH Just agree that Mr Sata was right when he said people become more productive from 50 to 65 years old. That is the reason why the retirement age for workers is being increased, it should be harmonised to the politicians as well. So since the retirement age is 65 now, I think even HH has become more productive now that he is 52 so he is within the working age and he has potential to work up to the age of 65 since the retirement age is now 65. So he has thirteen more years to compete. So HH stand up and speak out that you have thirteen years and more ahead of you to work just like public workers/civil servants. Period.

  31. According to their wiki pages ka Lungu is 58, born on November 11, 1956 and ka Kakainde is 53, born on June 4, 1962. So i’m not sure what kind of weed this mama Phiri has been smoking.

  32. Mumbi phiri talk of issues not that rubbish…ur cliqu are malaising zambia’s economy.U aneducated fool think in ur head,,,ur finance minister just said…

  33. You know some of these women like Mumbi Phiri are an embarrassment to their women folk. She is just spouting nonsense! She wants to be known. How can HH be regarded an old man? Say something else about HH will make sense woman!

  34. @Nyau, you might just as well have left that typo uncorrected because the corrected one is still disrespectful, demeaning.

  35. Zambia is heading to nowhere with these fuuls .. Talking about people’s age.. what for? Americans has been voting over 70yrs olds as presidents.. Zed a pesron above 50yrs is called too old.. hara!!! This slut has no political will.

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