Tongas in PF should resign-UPND women


Opposition UPND Women have appealed to Tongas in the PF to resign from the party in protest against tribal sentiments by PF Secretary General Davies Chama.

Mr Chama has refused to apologise to Tongas for stating that they should use their polygamous marriages to have more children who may help them produce a President in the next 100 years.

But UPND Women’s National Chairperson Namakau Kabwiku said in an interview that Mr Chama has insulted all Tongas including those in the PF.

Mrs Kabwiku wondered why Tongas who are members of the PF should continue belonging to a party whose leadership has clearly shown that they are not wanted.

She also appealed to President Edgar Lungu to fire Mr Chama saying keeping him at the helm of the party has the potential to divide the nation.

Mrs Kabwiku also questioned the silence exhibited by President Lungu over Mr Chama’s utterances demeaning the Tongas.

She said all politicians should be speaking messages of unity and love for all citizens adding that there is no tribe which is better than the other.


  1. That was careless of Chama, if indeed he said that.

    President Lungu should suspend or discipline him, seeing that President Lungu has been preaching “One Zambia, One Nation”.

    • The reaction by the women is justified but to call for Tongas to leave PF is a confirmation that UPND is tribal. Let us not play in the hands of the enemy. Chama is not a God. EL will remove him upon confirmation that he actually used those words.

    • But thats the only way under5 can be president. How else does he expect to win elections of the majority of his voters hail from the same region. Start producing even in your sisters and daughters and your in-laws sisters and grannies. There is a mixture of votes from other region except one where 99% will vote on the same cow. If that’s what you are planning to vote Next year them forget. Next year vote on pf and come 2021 we will consider you.

    • Definition of tribalism in Zambia:
      1. 1958 Mainza Chona hands over UNIP presidency to Kaunda = Gracious
      2. 1964 80% Bemba/Nyanja Speakers vote for Kaunda = Democracy
      3. 1964 15% Bemba/Nyanja Speakers vote for Nkumbula = Democracy
      4. 1991 90% Bemba Speakers vote for Chiluba = Democracy
      5. 1991 80% Non Bemba Speakers vote for Chiluba = Democracy
      6. 1991 75% Nyanja Speakers (E/P) vote for Kaunda = Democracy
      7. 1991 only 25% Nyanja Speakers (E/P) vote for Chiluba = (Ukukwesana)
      (Imiti shamumpanga tashibula Ukukwesana/Mere friction)
      (This was despite Chiluba being married to an Easterner Vera Tembo)
      (This voting pattern was repeated in 1996 countrywide)
      8. 2001 2% Bemba…

    • 8. 2001 2% Bemba Speakers vote for Mazoka = Democracy
      9. 2001 70% Bemba Speakers vote for LPM/FTJ = Democracy
      10. 2001 45% Non Bemba Speakers vote for LPM/FTJ = Democracy
      11. 2006 55% Bemba Speakers vote for Sata = Democracy
      12. 2006 44% Bemba/Nyanja Speakers vote for LPM = Democracy
      13. 2006 1% Bemba Speakers vote for HH = Democracy
      14. 2008 65% Bemba Speakers vote for Sata = Democracy
      15. 2008 34% Bemba Speakers vote for RBB = Democracy
      16. 2008 1% Bemba Speakers vote for HH = Democracy
      17. 2011 80% Bemba Speakers vote for Sata = Total Democracy
      18. 2011 19% Bemba Speakers vote for RBB = Democracy
      19. 2011 1% Bemba…

    • 19. 2011 1% Bemba Speakers vote for HH = Democracy
      20. 2015 60% Bemba/Nyanja Speakers vote for ECL = Democracy
      21. 2015 Chewa Vs Ngoni quarrels (E/P) = Land Dispute

      Entry of tribalism in Zambia

      22. 1964-2015 Lunda Vs Luvale fights = Tribalism
      23. 1964 65% Tonga Speakers vote for Nkumbula = Tribalism
      24. 2001 70% Tonga Speakers vote Mazoka = Tribalism
      25. 2006 70% Tonga Speakers vote HH = Tribalism
      26. 2008 80% Tongas + Their Mbuyas vote HH = Tribalism
      27. 2011 80% Tongas + Their Mbuyas vote HH = Total Tribalism
      28. 2015 90% Tongas + Their Mbuyas vote HH = Ultra Tribalism / NegaNega Formula

  2. If Chama indeed said that then I have no doubt he is a mad person. I call upon the President to verify this (Chama’s utterances) before taking action.

  3. Ba Chama carelessly whispered too loudly. we can still make a better zambia even with our different cultures and backwardness. All corners should refrain from saying things that belittle or annoy the other group.

    • Sponge panyo ….do u know dat its the same tongas u are insulting who in 1958 when ANC led by nkumbula despite having a vibrant sg in the name of kk had no money for deligates ….who gathered in monze and actually sold cattle to by tickets for deligates who went to finalize discussions of independence in london …we introduced to u the taste of maize nshima wen u were busy with cassava …shame on u tribalist

  4. The reaction by the women is justified but to call for Tongas to leave PF is a confirmation that UPND is tribal. Let us not play in the hands of the enemy. Chama is not a God. EL will remove him upon confirmation that he actually used those words. If I were Chama I would just resign- too many accusations against him

  5. I strongly believe that Tongas should just forgive the man since he has refused to apologise. Let God alone judge him.

  6. Elections is about numbers.Our candidate has tried 5 times. HH started adopting children to increase his chances of winning. This process is too slow to give him the presidency. Chama’s formula is the only way HH will become president. As Tongas we should seriously consider the CHAMA formula. Lets not dismiss it with contempt.

  7. Asking Tongas to resign from PF is not the solution. That is interfering with people’s freedom of association. What Chama said about Tongas was not, is not and will not be, blessed by PF(I believe). What the UPND women and other sensible Zambians should do is to petition the president on this matter. Unfortunately, the arrogance of Chama is not helping matters.

  8. The Mapatizya formular failed. The formular to use Mutati and others also failed. What else can be there? CHAMA’S FORMULAR is the only way we are going to produce a Tonga President.

  9. Arrogance and stup¡dity are the primary qualifications to be the SG of the PFoolish ones. Chama is eerily like Kabimba. Uncouth and uncultured.

  10. These women are just falling in the trap of those who know that UPND is a Tonga party. And this ka Namakau should also leave this Tonga party and join a progressive party PF which embresses all tribes. Anyone can lead PF unlike UPND which has always been a Tonga party!!! Not even their cousins the Lozis are welcome to be president of UPND. All right thinking Lozis like Inonge, Sakwiba, Lubinda e.t.c left that Tonga party!!!! Tongas just want to use Lozis to ascend to the summit like ladders! Wake up Lozis dump those tribalists!!!!!

  11. No sense of these UPND Tonga women. Thats why Zambians say you are tribalists. where have you heard any other tribe resigning from any party just because some tribe has been insulted? Rubbish thinking of these UPND Tonga women. How dull some people can be, if the Tongas get out of PF do you think other tribes are going to vote for UPND? Dull UPND Tonga women. Shame on you. Shaaaa.

  12. The it means that UPND is for tongas even though they refuse. Why are they so quick to react when the word ‘tonga’ is mentioned. If another tribe was mentioned, they would never have reacted. You can run but you can’t hide….true colours.

  13. UPND is always trying to find any opportunity to solidify regionalism. Some negative comments towards our Tonga brothers and sister is partly due to their stance that unless someone is Tonga, all Zambians are dull and useless. This has been followed by stance that HH is a better candidate just because he is Tonga.

    Zambia has is 72 tribes, but why should it be only the Tongas who have started fighting the 71 just because of HH. In short they are putting themselves in this position unnecessarily. HH will not win any election because of this. Unfortunately UPND are in denial to this fact.

    UPND needs seriously self-reflection and rebranding or else it will self-destruct after 2016. Do not say you were not advised.

  14. The last presidential by-election proved beyond doubt that Tongas unfortunately are tribalists.
    HH has never condemned the statement made when he was first elected Upnd president that only a Tonga should be president of Upnd. This also confirmed that HH is Tribalist-In-Chief.

    • Permalink Are you justifying that what Chama said is O K. If you fell so then thus why even the Tonga are not happy. Only a person who can not see nosence in that can justify that. Lets lean to call a wrong a wrong. Its not just a matter of opening the month to jusify the wrong.

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