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Friday, February 21, 2020

Cement prices start falling after Dongote Cement enters the Market

Economy Cement prices start falling after Dongote Cement enters the Market

Dongote cement
Dongote cement

CEMENT prices in Ndola have started falling after Dangote Industries Zambia Limited offloaded its commodity on the market at lower costs.

A survey conducted in Ndola yesterday revealed that traders have reduced the price of other cement products by about K14 due to cheaper Dangote products.

The price has fallen from about K75 to K61 and K62. At Micmar branch in the town centre, the commodity was fetching at K62 for Zambezi Portland cement, while Dangote cement was selling at between K61 and K62 and that of Lafarge was ranging between K62 and K68.

“This new (Dangote) cement on the market is of good quality. that is why most consumers seem to prefer it and the price is affordable,” Ackson Chibwe, a trader at Masala market, said.

Recently, the K400 million-worth Dangote Industries plant offloaded the commodity on the local market with the wholesale price pegged at K58.

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  1. That is the way to go. Now Mr. Shamenda, this is what you wanted to deny an average Zambian, what a poor leader you are.

  2. Advantages’ of Free Market Economy, where competition is allowed to thrive, not the Hogwash of Socialism that “Champagne Socialist” Kabimba is mouthing off about!
    Well done Dangote.

  3. I just love this….

    Yes, another Zesco, another and many Chinese investors in the power creation industries, specially Solar, wind and nuclear power.
    Luapula province has many falls and big rivers where more hydro electric power should be developed.

    Bring more Chinese for this type of investment and take them to Luapula provine.

  4. Oh great! Now I can build my Grass Hut walls out of cement not cow dung and grass mixture!

    But is it made in Zambian factories hiring Zambians? Or are we just playing consumers here….?

  5. We need to reduce the price further below K60. Say K55.

    Dangote volume of production is high. They will flood the market easily if they are not allowed to export. Another plant of theirs will be put up in Lusaka soon.

    The problem is, most management is Indian.

  6. This are the things we should be reading about. Not politics all the time. If Tazara were honest they could have been transporting the cars from Tanzania to Zambia.

  7. Competition is always a winning formula. Imagine if we had 2 presidents in Zambia, it would spur a lot of progress in the country!

  8. I’m Malawian but have bn following Dangote Zambia .
    This seems to be a very welcome development as far as cement prices are concerned .competition is good .
    Can someone plz help me to translate wat it means wen u say the prices of cement r now around K62 , .
    I want to get the price of a 50 kg bag at wholesale as well as retail . But do they also export ?

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