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HH takes positives from the loss, MMD was wining By-Elections before they lost in 2011

Headlines HH takes positives from the loss, MMD was wining By-Elections before they...

UPND's Hakainde Hichilema
UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema

United Party for National Development(UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has said that his party has performed well in places considered not their strongholds but where people are simply beginning to identify with the party’s message of hope.

In a statement released to the media today and in reaction to his party’s loss to PF, Mr Hichilema said that his party’s trajectory from the January 2015 elections, has been sustained and has continued growing.

“Always remember this, MMD were winning by-elections six months before they lost the election in 2011, ” Mr Hichilema Said.

Below is the full statement

1 JULY 2015


Let me start by saying the UPND is very grateful for the overwhelming support we have received in all the areas where the by-elections were conducted on 30th June 2015. We performed well in places considered not our strongholds but where people are simply beginning to identify with our message of hope.

Thank you to the people of Malambo that moved us from 704 in 2011 to 2,582 barely 4 years later. Thank you to the people of Petauke who moved us from a paltry 515 in 2011 to over 2,331 votes in 2015. This is no mean achievement, we should congratulate our candidates for the spirited fight they gave the PF. The people of Mulobezi cannot be left out for their resilience amidst the violence perpetrated by our colleagues.

They still braved the intimidation and gave us 3,113 votes, only to miss it by a paltry 24 votes. This turn out represented over 50% of registered voters compared to the 35% during the January elections.

Let me now draw down to two issues. First the need for a constitution that will do away with these costly ventures; by-elections alone have cost this country billions of kwacha, we are standing at over 30 by-elections since 2011.

What kind of country are we going to run with this kind of wastage? We are facing a budget overrun of close to 50%, and the events in Greece must open our eyes to this impending financial disaster.

Secondly I would like to address the issue of electoral violence. We are seeing this electoral violence escalating to levels that we will not manage if the violence is not curtailed. When people use live ammunition to deal with political opponents, and the Police, who do not have jurisdiction, say it was self-defense, they are telling us that it is acceptable to shoot at unarmed citizens. Is this how we want the country to be? This is what President Edgar Lungu must address immediately.

Lastly let me assure my party members that we are on course. This trajectory we are at since January 2015 elections, has been sustained. We have continued growing.

Always remember this, MMD were winning by-elections six months before they lost the election in 2011. These by-elections, other than being costly to the citizens do not mean much other than that they are a constitutional requirement.

Let us not lose focus, we are doing very well, we are making serious inroads in places where UPND was virtually unknown a few years ago. With the numbers I have seen, I am very confident that UPND is one course for 2016.

Thank you very much and God bless you all.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President


  1. Akuiyikoselesheni ififine yama kabili kale mwayamba ukuisolesha palast namukotela namo. Nganinebo ngakale naleka. Mwakwata patience yakwa malinso nangu awa kuchibumba alabwekeshapo and lyonse tafibomba

    • @mo taim mwalasa!

      HH has too much money. He can afford this circus. Even when the wall are crumbling in around him, he still thinks he is secure. Malinso!

    • This is not HH’s loss but it is the poor people of Zambia that have lost instead. People have now accepted poverty and mediocrity as a way of life and are willing to continue with the same.

    • No, no, no , no Chils people have taken the messge from the PF and are seeing unprecedented infrastructural development, it’s only you guys in the UpeND who feel the majority poor have lost it! As usual playing the Ostrich trick. Don’t think your HH is the Messiah and again that’s were you lose it! Instead of looking for a leader you have a messiah in your Hypnotised Hyena..what a bunch that cannot relate with the poor!

    • I beg to differ. Please tell me how those voters in patapata tropicals are going to benefit from infrastructure development based on borrowed money? Those patapata voters have no jobs or food on their tables

  2. Say something again and again……………..well done to the winners!

    From your friends in Livingstone 2015

    • At least the easterners gave you some reasonable votes which your tribe.smen in SP would never give to Lungu or anyone else who is not a Southerner.
      So you see now you have lost Western Province and NWP. What will you do with only one Province- Shame

    • Kaya – that is exactly what I was thinking — decent votes from the East (and some fool will be shouting “it is umozi kummawa”). And by the way, this is Edgar’s hometown. HH will never get zero in Eastern Province even if he were not to go there to campaign. That is what democracy entails not the Nega Nega nonsense.

    • HH has nothing to lose its poor Zambians who are very foolish,they have no eyes continue laughing at him one day you will remember.

  3. True balikosa sana aba batata mwe. He thinks he would make it the way the King MCS did it in 2011. Awe bane, you will NEVER see plot 1.

    • @Parent,
      You are missing the point. Unlike King cobra’s sole aim when he deceived us in 2011, this one is NOT about Plot 1. Its about hope for a better Zambia for our children. If you are a parent as your pseudo name implies, then this should be close to your heart.


    • @kci,
      The fact that you have failed to find fault with the issue-based comment HH has said, but instead you have resorted to trivial personal attacks, is proof that he is right.

    • if HH was thinking like a under five child he would not have a lot of wealth like he has. HH is not going into state house to still tax payers money like these your PF leaders NOOO , HH has all he needs he has wealth sweated for wealth not stolen wealth, please leave him alone

    • Please can we have a proper PF comment to address the issue other than simple commentaries . Indeed UPND is growing numbers don’t lie!

  4. Its a gain for both party and a confidence boost to PF for winning in a UPND stronghold at parliamentary level and 3 out of 5 ward elections in western province. The question is, what impact is the appointment of inonge as vice president having on western province ?

    Secondly, HH needs people who can organise the party……..If i may ask, who is the SG of the party and what is he doing to mobilize members??

    Thirdly, its the media……Is membe using the UPND to further Kabimba’s agenda?? How come Eric chanda of 4R, chilufya tayali and mulongoti are making headlines in that paper but HH is not covered no matter the noise he makes?? Why does the post seem to cover his MPs instead of managing his image?? Why has UPND discarded the daily nation that used to give them attention???


    • You chaps is UPND the only opposition? They have done well I think. Without concentration of money and handouts from central Government I think PF can be in trouble. But again where is Nawakwi, Mumba, Chanda, Chipimo, Mulongoti, Kabimba, Miyanda? I thought all these are opposition members. Are they not as dead as Muliokela?

  5. I think HH needs a lesson on how to think in Probabilities. One key aspect you need to be sure of is that every situation in life is different and unique and those that refuse to live in the present and take advantage of the opportunities the present is presenting are doomed to eternal failure and acquiring titles like serial presidential contenders.

    FTJ’s road was unique, LPM’s rise was unique, RB’s road was unique, Sata’s road was unique, Lungu’s is unique and if HH thinks the road Sata used will happen to him, then that is interesting.

    Life and politics are not that static, but very dynamic. HH need to curve his own opportunity and luck break. Otherwise, UPND you are in for a long ride in opposition.

    Recall Wynter Kabimba’s thought he could use RB’s road and…

    • Wynter Kabimba knew that President Sata’s illness was terminal and he quickly outmaneuvered the system to move into the Acting President with the hope that if Sata died abroad, he would automatically become Acting Head of State and eventually PF candidate for the 2015 elections, and Zambia’s President, kind of the RB type of road to the presidency.

      Well life is not that static and the rest is history and look at the guy who propped up. Edgar Lungu-who wasn’t even a heavyweight in PF and Government, but a mere deputy Minister at the beginning of PF’s reign in power.

      Such is the dynamism of life and politics.. Live in the present to take advantage of the opportunities life is presenting to you on a daily basis.

    • What a lame and unless excuse. HH keeps proving that he is not a politician but a chancer. Better off by keeping quiet.

      My advise to HH

      1. Transform UPND into a regional party.

      2. Stop going to bed with Mmembe out of desperation.

      3. Explain how you made your money. This question is dodging you

      4. Build a team that can criticise you and NOT followers who Hero – worship you because of your money.

      5. Please re brand your image. Dude times have changed.

      Have a modern hair cut. With all that money you look like you just dropped from the village. If not put some quality hair cream in your scalp.

    • @MMD Chief Bootlicker,
      The fact that you have failed to find fault with the issue-based comment HH has said is proof that he is right. I am sure you find it inconvenient that the trajectory of UPND’s grow is going North-East. I am sure you find it inconvenient that HH talks about relevant issues, e.g. ZESCO exporting Power amid load shedding, Excessive un-budgeted bye-elections in our Country.. etc. You need learn to comment responsibly even when you are using a pseudo name.

  6. Reminds me of my class teacher who used to encourage failures that they were going to be the highest in the final exam.

    • maambo, which numbers are figures are not lying? You even know that your HH will NEVER rule this country, but you keep hoping. It will NEVER happen my dear, just move on or are you seeing HH in a regional way? Then continue because he still remains regional.

  7. Is it beyond greedy now or there is something that the upnd (including their online government) leadership is only seeing that the majority of Zambians can’t see??

    Surely as a genuine party/leader one should always start the statement by congratulating the victor … We are still waiting for them to do that to lungu…

    I rest my case, but I surely (including the offline Zambians) can’t see upnd winning next year, not with this now adopted nega nega formula that all regions in Zambia have now copied from upn d strong-hold

    Maybe, they stand a chance of winning if we had internet in mwansabobwe, ndola rural, kabwe rural, kwa chama, kwana Chewe, CB rural….




    • @Aleshaday, ala wansekesha, at ‘do not underestimate the power of uneducated voters in large numbers’. Awe iwe taumfwa.

      Very fanny indeed but true, the power of the voters in numbers, watch out in 2016 its kolopa.com all the way. Neganega formular style, Zambia here we come to flush out the tri.bal party

  9. Please HH Let UPND start mobilizing itself by establishing structures in all the corners of Zambia in readiness for 2016. My feeling is that the UPND serving MPs have been a let down in all the Three (3) By Elections as they did not take their time during the recess of Parliament to try and boost the support i these constituencies,I know they were visiting their Constituencies during the recess but i feel their camping in these constituencies would have given better numbers.The MPs should have been frequenting these constituencies to assist the new contestants especially in Petauke and Malambo…getting on the ground to sell the Party not coming in the last minutes.

  10. Well done my fellow westerners. Lets move away from politics of tribalism …..! Hh plz change your regional politics….!

  11. Now I see that hh is the one misleading upnd. I expected him to denounce violence initiated by his cadres before accusing pf of the same. I expected him to congraturate the pf and come out very strongly on the poor performance of his party since he took over from mazoka. He is busy misleading his on line supporters that they are making inroads when not. He is forgetting that pf is the one making in roads in mmd and upnd strong holds. His party is now on yhe blink of extinction going by what is obtaining on the ground. Who knew that one day pf can penetrate upnd strong hold and win a seat at constituency and local govt level. In case you don’t know how a party vanishes, these are the signs for you under5. Besides its time for you to let other people with strategy take over from you a…

    • How did they remove Patrick Chisanga, Bob Sichinga, Sakwiba Sikota from the Upnd party? All that Late Mazoka was trying hard to build this man out of selfishness came to destroy! It did not matter whether he was sponsoring the party at the time but the image of the party should have been paramount and not his own image. There were positions he could have asked the party to give him as he was learning the trade and not to think that everyone else was useless. Unfortunately he still thinks he is the only one there.

  12. HH has deliberately not given the comparative statstic for Mulobezi for 2011 and now, choosing instead to hide behind a self-appeasing phrase of ” a paltry 24 votes” loss. Can such a sly individual be trusted with instruments of power? On this score, I can’t trust him.

  13. Dear country men and women, let me assure you that Edgar Chagwa Lungu will not win next year’s elections come what may.

    I predicted in early this year that Edgar Lungu will win the 2015 January 20 by less than 50 votes and that came to pass.

    So now i am telling you you sons of Lucifa that HH is forming government next year and don’t be surprised when you see the drunkard resorting to drinking his own urine after losing the elections next year.

  14. Meanwhile load shadding continues and we continue borrowing while most fools do not see anything wrong with that……….

  15. By-elections are difficult to win especially that people always want to be associated with the ruling party. The opposition cannot talk of developing of the area because the development programs are with the ruling party. The opposition has nothing to point at what they have done (if at all they have never been in Govt). So UNIP, MMD and PF can be analyzed in terms of their programs and development. UNIP lost because a generation of freedom fighters were outnumbered. MMD lost because all those born after 1991 and were 18 years by 2011 so nothing good of MMD and wanted change. It will take a good 10 years to shake PF especially that leadership changed hands within 5 years of its term. Calling HH and UPND names does not go well in democracy. We need one to oppose and agree.

  16. serial loser…keep dreaming. if you had won at least one out of the 6 i would have believed not this hullabaloo

  17. Good progress UPND. The rate of growth and trajectory speaks for itself. We need issue-based politics in our Country.

    • How come HH did not give a comparative growth for Mulobezi? He should have said something about the negative growth his party experienced there.

  18. 1.Let me start by saying the UPND is very grateful for the overwhelming support bla bla bla…any sane opposition leader worth his salt, should have said let me start by congratulating the PF on their victory! In football it happens, oh he cannot even kick a ball!

    The crap about Petauke and Malambo I won’t belabour!

    2.The people of Mulobezi cannot be left out for their resilience amidst bla bla bla…this seat should have been taken with ease and what is your strategy now that seemingly you are even losing in your strongholds, Mangango then now Mulobezi?
    3.Let me now draw down to two issues. First the need for a constitution bla bla bla..this never comes up when you win, you are a hypocrite Mr. HH .

    • Hichilema stills believes that a miracle will happen and he will be declared president in 2016 if at all elections for the president will be there because Winter Kabimba has scored Lungu”s goal. he sent his men to court to challenge the tenure of ECL thinking people will rise against the president . But alas the opposite is true now the president will go to court in full force and secure himself a 5 year term and Mmembe will be just laughing at their foolish move. Every thing seems not to be working for Munkolamfula Party. The Kaseba saga and Pilato song has not done much because the popularity of PF keeps rising.

  19. I will be honest. The campaign strategy by Upnd is very strange. I live on the Copperbelt, and I have seen that these people will only approach people who are close to Tongas : I am not being tribal but simply stating the truth. In fact when they enter a bar or club the atmosphere changes. They should relax and be more friendly in order to attract none Tonga affiliates.

  20. contd…
    4.Secondly I would like to address the issue of electoral violence bla bla…what steps have you taken to restarin your cadres from carrying pangas and all sorts of weaponry?
    5.Always remember this, MMD were winning by-elections six months…easterners say mwai wamuknzako saugonela panja, this is a miss!
    6.We have continued growing…there is Positive growth and Negative growth…suit yourself Mr. HH.
    7.I am very confident that UPND is one course for 2016…free advice please stop taking Piriton to avoid sleeping, be alive to the realities on the ground.

    Simply put Mr. HH you are quickly killing the once vibrant UPND under Kambela Mazoka MHRIP!

  21. I think UPND has done very well, only a person who has never gone to school will fail to see this. But let them keep on tailing the PF ,the Zambians in all the three constituencies are suggesting that UPND is the other option to PF just by looking at the results. Now I’m convinced that HH will be president either 2016 or 2021, please HH do not give up your are now almost there.

  22. My advice to HH is that a paradigm shift in policy is needed.
    Should we assume that the Zambian economy is bad…WHY DID PF WIN OVERWHELMINGLY…AND CONVINCINGLY? There was no rigging today!
    HH is disconnected from the common man. Forget about economics. I doubt if he has the ability to relate to Zambians. Up to this morning, I was one of his supporters. He is not ready for politics in Zambia. I’m now a PF believer, sorry.

    • Our boat still has a lot of space, please you are welcome Chikoti..ever wondered why Request Muntanga and the vibrant likes are very quiet these days? These UpnDown guys just don’t want to realise that HH cannot simply sale! Belive me there is a lot of disgruntlement within the rank and file of this party!

  23. To be honest I only see him growing not the party,success of the party is seen by winning minor elections,how can you run a government without your MP’s

  24. In his usual manner HH has failed to put a Positive Spin on these election results by Congratulating the PF. UPND needs serious Advisors and Strategists for them to stand a chance in 2016. Otherwise the writing is on the wall

  25. Zambia is just not that into you ….right now HH.

    I think we need PF in for a while longer to get some maturity out of our programmes.

  26. MMD was wining By-Elections before they lost in 2011- If Levy was alive MMD were not going to lose. The Post de campaigned Bwezani

    • The Post assisted by one acting president tried to de-campaign Lungu but did not succeed because God had appointed him. Even if they continue decampaigning him now, their choice cannot win an election. Chagwa will still reign until God allows him to move out at the appointed time.

  27. HH forget about winning in 2016, just concentrate on feeding your cattle. You are not rule this country, you are justbut a businessman. We are sick and tired of your loses. What a shame…

  28. @ chikondi welcome on board in the boat , pf is the only party that has the interest of the nation at heart. Upnd will never rise again the closest they come to wining the elections was in January this year and that is history. Bye bye polio!

  29. Its very hard to remove the party in power. It’s even harder to remove a party in power with momentum. Am afraid HH’s best chance to rule zambia was in January. I do hope HH didn’t borrow his way into an expensive presidential campaign.

  30. Current politics in Zambia is not about performance for the country or which candidate is competing against which other but a sustained hate campaign against an individual who is being drawn in any contest that they are not even part of. See, people go to the polls not to discern between contesting candidates but between either Lungu and HH or PF and UPND. Real issues don’t matter, most would rather be disaffected and continue suffering glorifying hardship with utmost grace so long “the enemy of the people” does not see day light.

    Time UPND and the likes of Sondashi who note that Zambians do not like truthfulness to realize that most voters are simpletons and care less for prosperity! Give up trying wholesale, build your empires and employ the few. Poverty is glorified is triumph!

    • And your point being? Just because your HH lost you decide to come up with such gibberish! You must be a dung beetle!

  31. Keep keying HH. Sata was denied presidency a couple of times and he eventually won. The inventor of light bub failed several times before a breakthrough.

    • You mean you don’t have any other candidate? HH is still under 5. He will never rule this nation, maybe in 3015.

  32. Congrats all 3 winners.

    To the Bloggers, Let us criticize within the spirit of love and building peace. There must be times when we need to appreciate issues so that we are issue based bloggers. Facts: UPND is gaining in areas where it was not, this is fact and amidst failing to scoop the seat all well meaning bloggers must appreciate that. The other point I would like to point out is that leaders are Godly installed, want or not if God has anointed HH in 2016 or EL to continue, that will come to pass, therefore, to start insulting which results in sinning doesn’t help any blogger at all. This country is a Christian state and man doesn’t control God`s diary at all, he will put anyone he wishes at any time for a good reason or for lesson to the nation. Take examples in the…

    • Well spoken mich. God anoints and appoints leaders. He does so through the voters. So whether PF or not, it is God’s doing.

  33. An improved performance by Upnd in the Northeast. That should ring a bell. A by -“erection” on the copperbelt or lusaka would be a good litmus test of what to expect in 2016!

    • That is the point Quest, Lusaka, Copperbelt, Muchinga, Northern and Luapula are the areas where HH can claim to have hope for the future. Lets wait for the Luapula by-election and see what the outcome be. Then, and only then can HH say he has improved. As long as he is at the helm of the party, I cannot see him ever being so close to plot 1. We saw what happened in January, how a certain tribe started intimidating others thinking that they would win. Most of us were taught a bitter lesson and therefore cannot make any mistake of voting for HH.

  34. On behalf of all upnd supporters, those blogging overseas and within, party leadeyrship and indeed not forgetting the cartel members, fellow Zambian at large and indeed on my own behalf, I wish to convey my sincere gratitude and overwhelming happiness to HIS EXELLENCE, PRESIDENT EDGAR C LUNGU and the pf members across the continent for their victory in the just ended by elections. We in the upnd are jealous of your successes and we wish it was our victory. Lastly I implore all upnd sympathizers to take this opportunity and congratulate our colleagues in the pf.

    Simple, how difficult was this.

    • In addition we understand that in all elections where we seem to lose ground as UPND we become very violent. This is our trademark Mapatizya formula.
      Apart from Southern province were we are guaranteed of a tribal vote, let us bless ourselves for more loses the rest of the country since it seems EL has embraced our cousins by appointing one Inonge Wina. We chased our cousins away when we did not allow Sakwiba Sikota to rule now it appears we just have votes in one province.
      HHAKAINDE HHICHILEMA ps under 5. That was easy

  35. Just work out the progression or regress margins for all by-elections happening and that will tell you the likely outcome for 2016. Just also remember that now RB is free and watch this. You can choose to ignore this at your own peril.

    • Unfortunately the UPND don’t want to look at things through your lenses of p and r margins. I feel it’s watse of time even trying to advise these guys. Just look at the Presidential Press Release so shallow, no substance. It was just a matter of ”let me say something for the sake of saying something”. Now I beleive that it’s actually HH who has no vision for his party what so ever! I ma afraid it might really bad for HH and his party in 2016 at this rate, kaya!

  36. My favourite item on ZNBC is “construction News”. Those who watch it can not even think of changing the govt.

  37. Good to know he will go to bed today on a full stomach but the people who voted PF will still continue going to bed on an empty stomach.
    If the poor people think by voting PF they are punishing HH they are making a crave mistake which they will live to regret.
    They will continue calling him big looser but they always loose out when the go to Hospitals without drugs and motivated nurses, loose out when they go to buy to pamela, bad schools for their kids etc.
    So in short people think they are punishing HH when in actual fact the are just punishing themselves.
    Long live PF and Long live poverty and hunger and poor hospitals, education, poor currency, forever and ever, amen.

    • Here is another person who thinks HH will end the suffering of Zambians. Another person who believe in a Saviour HH. This is were people lose it. HH cannot even pay his own workers well. He enriched himself during privatization of public companies. Given a chance he will do worse to Zambians because greed, pomposity, tribalism and selfishness are his nature. Remember “only a Tonga can rule UPND”. What does it tell the rest of Zambia.

  38. @44.1 kci

    Kikiki walampenya muntu wandi. Have you heard any seely comments from these stewpid clowns today. They are all zee, if by elections were not expensive I can propose that we have them every month to silence these !diots.

  39. HH my brother please give UPND leadership to someone else. We really want someone who can remove these thieves Lungu and Banda from the echelons of power. Zambia will be doomed if Lungu continues as PResident next year

  40. Members of the cow dung party are in depression today and they are busy counseling each other thinking 2016 a miracle may happen for them.May be if voting will be via ZWD ! Zambians have taught you a lesson.Neither Nega nega nor Mapatizya formula will work..

    May be if Sikota is brot back,the perception might change.Learn from PF which is a national and popular party.Despite some people perceiving it a Bemba Party,an Easterner is ruling.

  41. Good spirit HH, good spirit!

    But if I were UPND, I would put myself in the shoes of PF and my lessons would be as follows:
    i. UPND lost in a stronghold in Mulobezi, meaning that PF has crept in.
    ii. Malambo and Petauke were MMD strongholds, and not PF strongholds. With the demise of MMD, UPND are simply sharing the carcass with PF, and PF seem to be emerging with the upper hand.
    iii. Since Andy, the UPND performance has been more or less like the legendary frog which is famed for climbing out of a well with one step up and two steps down.

    Otherwise that statement is only appropriate if you want to feel good.

  42. Bane, you can say what ever scrap you so wish. To perform the way UPND is performing in a bye election amid all the intimidation you will see in the general elections. The vibe will be different, the police will not comprehend, intimidation will be in sectors. Chama will never know where to go, perharps he will want to stand in 2016, Kambwili will be making noise in Luansya, Lubinda will be battling it in Kabwata, Inonge will be sweating for her seat. In short each on for himself. Have you wondered that violet happens in areas were PF are not confortable? It is a deliberate ploy that will not work in 2016. The truth is the winners for Malambo and Mulobezi as well as that old nigger in western P is temporaly. Well I agree with HH, despite the loss in these bye elections signs are positive

    • You have it all wrong baba – besides, your “violet” happens in areas where the UPND thinks it’s their strong-hold. As long as your strategy is to insult Edgar from sunrise to sunset, and that the same capitalists who abandoned us under Mwanawasa are the ones bankrolling you, the Zambian voter will teach you a lesson. Call the Zambian voter all the names you want – by the way, the after Mr. Sata’s lies, the Zambian voter knows best now.

  43. Just leave politics HH u may just waste your money.Dean mng’omba had more but his money got finished in campaigns until he died

  44. Foolish as if u r giving money to feed ur families *****s workhard stop toking nonsense lungu hh what 4 malambishe if u r clever u raise sata n mazoka from da dead n debate on dem or vote for

  45. UPND should just disband…..My Cousin is being milked and i pity for him because he is losing alot of money.

  46. We have won the three seats which is great for us,but lies ahead of us is a big mountain to climb to deliver to our people.We seriously need to work very hard to develop this country and empower our people especially the youth.Stop insulting elders you will benefit nothing provide constructive criticism and positive contribution.
    H.E E. LUNGU is our president and deserves to be respected,but even so am not saying you should insulting opposition leaders NO!
    There can never be democracy without opposition political parties.Do not be over excited to the extent of thinking that we are going to be in power forever,it is shallow thinking.Lets talk and leave room for the unexpected we do not know what tomorrow may bring.
    A true democrat needs a strong opposition.

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