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23 year old woman sent to jail for Marijuana Trafficking

General News 23 year old woman sent to jail for Marijuana Trafficking

A 23 year old woman of Mansa has been sentenced to six months imprisonment suspended for 12 months for trafficking in Psychotropic substances contrary to Section 6 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances Act chapter 96 of the Laws of Zambia.

Before Magistrate George Mulenga was Astridah Mwanga of Kolongo Village in Chief Chimese’s Chiefdom who was found with seven balls of cannabis weighing 14.2 kilograms.

Particulars of the offence are that on 4 July, 2015 Officers from Drug Enforcement Commission received a report from concerned citizens that there was a woman who was selling suspected marijuana from her home.

Acting upon the information, Officers from Drug Enforcement Commission searched the suspect’s house and found seven balls of suspected marijuana which were later confirmed to be cannabis after tests were conducted in Lusaka.

In mitigation, Mwanga pleaded with the court to be lenient with her as she was a first offender and had a little baby whose life would be affected if sent to prison.

In sentencing, Magistrate Mulenga said he took into consideration her mitigation specially that she readily accepted the charged.

He however said the offence has become rampart in the District and it is the duty of courts to punish such offenders.

Magistrate Mulenga said considering that she was a single mother, he will be lenient but she will be punished to deter would be offenders.


  1. She’s a single mother please understand you Guys besides, her seven “balls” found on her are/were medicinal, just ask President Sinkamba he will confirm this…

  2. This is unfair. An MP with a forged NIPA certificate is free, another one stole a vehicle, but is free ; one Secretary General shot a UPND cadre but is still on the loose. This poor girl’s life is ruined just for selling cigarettes in order to survive! Some animals are more equal indeed.

  3. Legalise and tax cannabis. Treat it like alcohol. Become the first African country to join the 21st century.

  4. Bwezani and other much bigger crooks are acquitted by the courts and are free to roam about. And yet the same courts want to jail this poor young lady for weed. What a draconian country.

    • Come on bloggers, she has been sentenced to a 12 months suspended sentence. That means she will go scot free but can not commit a similar offence within 12 months.
      Please dont come out as if everything is wrong in our country.

  5. I hope the search was conducted legally. Because DEC has been known to conduct searches on impulse without obtaining search warrants. Such as illegal search could result in a case falling apart when properly challenged in court. Except, many of our citizens do not know their rights….

  6. This is poor reporting from LT. From the article, it seems that the sentence has been suspended for 12 months. This means that she will not serve any jail time. Also ba DEC, please legalise it. The only reason weed is illegal is that it gave cotton stiff competition, and the cotton lobby prevailed and had it declared illegal. There is absolutely no reason to jail weed smokers

  7. Seven balls can not weigh 14 kilograms na imwe. Try 14 grams… They must have been big balls to weigh two grams each…

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