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Fred M’membe granted bail

Headlines Fred M'membe granted bail

Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred Mmembe
Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred Mmembe and journalist Mukosha Funga

The Lusaka Magistrate court has released Post Newspaper Proprietor Fred Mmembe and Journalist Mukosha Funga on K30,000 cash bail each with two working surities.

This is in a case where the duo are facing one count of publishing classified information.

Magistrate Humphrey ruled that the magistrate court had jurisdiction to grant bail in cases that are only tried in the High Court provided that the accused persons met the bail conditions.

Magistrate Chitalu said the state’s rejection to grant bail to the accused persons bail was misconceived and lacked merit.

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    • It is important to understand some of the ramifications of this man’s conduct.
      Every where in the world leaking classified documents is a serious offence! Ask Julian Assange ; Edward Snowden; Dr Kelly the late UK arms expert; the man who exposed Israel’s nuclear programme.
      Have you seen how the UK government has harassed the Guardian newspaper journalist and his gay lover?
      Press freedom yes but be responsible. There is no absolute freedom anywhere in the world!

    • I am on record as one of those who were angered that mutembo and Fred could be reduced to praise singers simply because they hated RB so much….Sata was never presidential material by that aside even the most despicable of persons deserve decency let Fred and mutembo face the law if they are criminals otherwise let them live as citizens of this nation not hounded or harassed at every turn

    • You think he can sleep on the floor? The police provided him with a double mattress and hot water to wash his face in the morning.

    • ma days yakwa wiso ayali numbered.
      Magistrate Chitalu said the state’s rejection to grant bail to the accused persons was misconceived and lacked merit.

      to start with, this is a flawed case and no sane judge can proceed with it. i like this judge’s observation.

    • @kci
      Am I missing something? Or you actually don’t know the meaning of cash bail? Or perhaps you are deliberately insinuating that in Zambia money paid for bail goes to the magistrate/judge?

  1. Bail or no Bail this man is a Bomb. The Hatred you see in Zambia is a product of this man. The ZWD is a reaction to this man. The Insulting Songs we hear in Zambia are because of this man. The Pangas you see flying about are because of this man.
    Zambia will be a much better place with him sent to Siberia. He wants to turn Zambia into a Rwanda. Even the Tufilile Munsenga Philosophy has limits. He is a disgrace even to the media. We cant have people abusing everyone and everything in the name of Press Freedom. Even in developed democracies this man would have been serving time by now in an Orange uniform. And I pray for time to come so that i see the back of this man. We wont allow you to destroy Zambia. Great people laboured to build this Country just to be destroyed one man.

    • @ The Loud Observers

      You are to loud to hear the voice of reason and instead spreading misconceived and *****ic understanding of the matter at hand.

      Please, try to comment on the specific issue, i.e. publication of document originating from the ACC related to the allegation of corrupt practices by Mr. Zulu.

      Do you have comment on that issue?

      My I respectfully advise that prior to answering/commenting you should firstly familiarize yourself about MANDATORY provisions contained in UN Convention Against Corruption (2003) which Republic of Zambia has ratified way back on 7th. December 2007 together with other, as you claim “developed democracies”, but in so far has failed to meet its obligations.

      Thank You.

    • Totally agree, this Fred Mmembe has in his personal capacity destroyed Zambia. This man has done a lot of damage to innocent people and some shallow minded “imbwa” like Nawakwi even have the audacity to defend this tomba nyina. Zambia will only be better off without this buy. Enough said. Just get rid of this guy by all means please. Courts are too slow and corrupted. Pay someone handsomely to kumulepula chitole Fred once and for all. He has caused so much hatred among Zambians.

  2. why aresting pipo you cant jail? you are just troubling innocent officers. Tomoro we shall hear no sufficient evidence

  3. Doctor Fred Mmembe is a National heroe after Dr. kaunda and other founding leaders. He is a freedom fighter.

    God Bless the magistrate who has removed him.

  4. For those supporting the arrests,I want to know why the ACC letter about investigating a corrupt President’s aide should be classified?How can such an investigation be compared to disclosing some nuclear program for a country?

  5. The pedestal on which we place the President in this country is sometimes so scary.
    No wonder one President could even grab his fellow citizen’s wife.
    We think a President is infallible.
    What’s classified about ACC informing the President they think his man is a thief?
    How did that expose’ affect state security?
    What does transparency & accountability mean?
    Kaizer should have been happy that this was exposed & he has been cleared.
    But then probably his guilty is eating him from inside.

  6. Congratulations president Lungu! Your only achievement is being the only president to have managed to take Fred to the cells for one night. He usually hides successfully until a lawyer represents him.

    • Fwebena Milambo
      wabepa Fred has been in cells many times and this is not the first and last, has long as we have corrupt leaders who fear to be reported in the media.

    • No he once shared a cell with a friend he later called an empty head when the friend became press man at plot one

  7. You PF cadres, why support corruption in the name of classified document? No wonder you make the politicians steal from Zambians. Bravo magistrate granting M’Membe bail.

  8. Stop m’membe your nonsense do you understand?Cule iwe(frog)you are a recipe for anarchy in the country.Galu(dog)People will be burning your vuvuzela Newspapers.

  9. Here is another case were the state will enter a nolle!Abuse of the system.We are all wondering who is advising the president on straight forward cases like this one.
    KK, FTJ,Mwanawasa and RB all left MMember as the last man standing.This is nothing for Mmembe. He has been there before and he shall always be there in the media. My President ECL……..you must have a bigger heart at all times. Listern more and talk less….Remember the way we were all abusing FTJ? Did he buddle anyone or arrest anyone over such matters? Do you remember Jowie Mwiinga(MHSRP) who was directly taking on FTJ? What did FTJ do to Jowie? Nothing but allowed the youngman to continue with his agenda. I am disappointed indeed. How do you arrest and charge the whistle blower?Can I safely say PF = Corruption?

  10. $198 million has become class information which even the MPs did not know that the government had borrowed so much. No accountability by the Cabinet. I think RB secured the government to government Nigerian oil deal under classified information that’s why he was going to get away with that case. In fact he has managed to get away with it. Zambia should be serious how to classify information. We have heard other countries spending so much on security and is not even treated as classified info. It is not even a secret America CIA publish the data. Most African steal in the nane of Classified information and having immunity from prosecution. Just remember Chiluba and RB were found wanting after they ceased being presidents. Citizens have a right to know how the money is being used.

  11. So,having freedom of information has now turned into a crime?knowing what we all ought to know is now a crime,or rather described as classified? What all this entails is hatred at its highest order! No sane mind can fail to figure out the fact that truth will somewhat get suppressed in the near future. What a shame….

  12. Ba @akashambatwa, you live in a civilized country but still behaving like a kaponya with your language. Choose civilized words please on this blog. And please don’t be bitter when people call a spade a spade.

  13. okay i am not fred’s fun but i think we need him to act as a true watchdog. Politicians in the current and past governments could have had a field day in dirty deals and corruption. But because of the post, the exercise some level of restraint. Just today, we learnt that Zambia ordered fuel that is not ideal for indeni. This was reported by the post and the Vice President didn’t dispute this fact in Parliament.
    Was this an honest mistake?
    has this ever happened before?
    what will happen to this huge consignment?
    who will pay for the damage that has been done to the infrastructure at indeni?
    what is the effect on the environment?
    Is is safe for our car engines?

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