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GBM and Mfuwe MP Mwimba Malama in near punch up at Parliament

Headlines GBM and Mfuwe MP Mwimba Malama in near punch up at Parliament

File:GBM addressing his supporters
File:GBM addressing his supporters

Newly appointed UPND Vice President Geofrey Mwamba and Mfuwe MP Mwimba Malama were today involved in a scuffle at Parliament buildings.

The two nearly engaged in a bitter fight in the restaurant area during tea break but were quickly separated by other MPs.

Mazabuka Central UPND MP Gary Nkombo who witnessed the altercation said that the scene was ugly when he rose on a point of order.

Mr Nkombo said the two exchanged insults after Mr Mwamba who is also PF Kasama Central MP was provoked by Mr Malama.

Speaker Dr Patrick Matibini reserved ruling in the matter saying he will first investigate the case.


  1. This is the type of leaders that rule our country.One can wonder,what are they doing in parley???.We need credible leaders in Zambia not thugs.God help us.

    • Ubaponone GBM, where is picture of Mwimba Malama, we want to compare stamina!!
      GBM mwaume…. even Kambwili tangalilako.

    • This even happened to Sata during the 2011 elections. and people voted for him. So never worry just accept it.

    • A man who beats women can probably not beat another man. That is why he finds women easy punch bags. He fears fellow men.

  2. PF mps, NO discipline, you have taken the matter to court and you are now provoking the person. Why not wait for the court process

  3. One of Malama’s hobbies according to National Assembly website is boxing i hope he was not trying out his hobby.

  4. GBM is always a liability to every party he joins. I think the UPND should have solicited to get Felix Mutati as Veep.

    • mutati should have been the best for the job,not that fat man they will soon realise the man has no gray matter and is totally useless,ask the kabwata people..

  5. Dear HH,

    I hope you are reading this. Get rid of GBM he is and will be a risk and threat in your party. Mwamba only knows how to use his fists just like how he used to beat his wife to a pulp then buys her luxury vehicles to keep her quiet and for the public to see. Of course we are not blind and showering gifts for the public to see is rather shallow. This GBM is a huge liability and suggest you get Felix Mutati instead. I don’t even get how of all people GBM or you guys signed a pact? Look at how it ended for him with PF or has it ended? He may have money but he has no morals or ethics and look at how he carries himself especially when it comes to etiquette. In my eyes Mutati fits the bill here and will do you more justice than the baby hippo you now have. Really think this over.

  6. @ Macro Student
    You seem to suggest that HH made a personal decision to appoint GBM, of which the opposite seems the case. Mutati is a proven good leader, I see nothing wrong in reserving such fire power for a later battle – look at what may happen in Kasama constituency. Baby Hippo, your taste of language is not humane, this by itself disqualifies you to talk about GBM. Fat(Mwanawasa, RB), short(Chiluba), medium(Sata), tall(KK,EL) etc their physiology is that of human beings including GBM.

  7. I thinks GBM suits the position of Veep in UPND.In politics you need people who are not humble.Just wait UPND won’t be same.GBM will force things move and the man is not scared of anything.Look HH has been all over fighting alone and now GBM is there to scare Kambwili,Chama,RB,Kalaba and many other minions in PF

  8. @man chills
    A thug…? GBM saved Sata from financial issues with MMD over a vehicle, he is the only person in recent past who resigned from a public office out of principle which is a drought state of affair in the recent past in Zambia – standing by Chief Chitimukulu in trying times.

  9. I don’t know where we are going in this country.Honestly speaking how can you have thugs like gbm to be in parliament?mbulu iwe!Fellow Zambians don’t waste your votes on kaponyas like Gbm.Even dogs in our country Zambia when they have money is a ticket for for them to go to parliament.Please let us change by voting for people of high calibre to represent us.

  10. Ba PF have failed us. The economy is Collapsing. I run a small
    saloon in one of the townships, business is bad due to load shedding. I have laid off half of my workers I cannot afford to pay them.

  11. Contemptible as this may seem, it mirrors in graphic detail how low the house has descended of late. Surely no one can rationalize this kind of behavior by adults we send to the house to represent us. And to imagine that these are people we dress with the title honorable!

    • Ha ha ha ha ha, PF panicking? I wish you knew what’s on the cards my brother/sister. We learnt a lesson from your voting pattern in January 2015 and it will be our time to revenge and BIG come 2016!!!
      UPND azalila owe just wait!

  12. UPND good luck to you, with GBM. There is more to come. You have gotten the publicity you eagerly wanted.

    I keep saying, HH does not know how to make political calculations. What a missed opportunity to find someone that could be a proper Vice President of UPND.

    Last Wednesday, a lot of UPND disciples jumped the wagon and praised this appointment. Today, they are quiet on this news

  13. I have always said it here that HH has a brain of a snake, he is so slippery and desperate to trap a rat. How on earth can you honestly appoint GBM as vice president of a party? Do you know what you have done? The battle now in UPND is who is richer than the other and this is indeed very bad leadership by the so called “economic manager”.

    GBM just like HH think having some ngwees somewhere makes them leaders, NO bane! Leadership mutima. Whether rich or poor people can read between the lines. So UPND should just forget even to dream of being in Government because those who know these two crooks cant trust their children in their hands.

    Isnt this GBM who used to run publicly to the late Mr. Sata when he was Defence Minister just to get utuchawa at PF rallies?

    2016 its ECL and PF…

  14. GBM is only a human being who is able to react if provoked don’t just blame him this is two sided the other MP must have said something bad to him.

  15. I may have my reservations about GBM but before you paint him black, read the whole article and comprehend WHO PROVOKED WHO. Check other sources /websites as well. I maintain what I said earlier come next year/dissolving of parliament and it will be helta skelta in PF. The are a lot of MUSIC and councillors sitting on the fence waiting for the opportune time to defect to either UPND or RAINBOW.

  16. Ba GBM bamona kwati ni ba guy sana kanshi ni mbuli cheekala anso nga ba chimuponona ku mwaiche so the speaker has ruled that the fight is on on tuesday at tea break and malama has entered the gym already wapya aisa

  17. This is simply shameful coming from adults and parliamentarians for that matter. There’s nothing honourable about these muppets.


    When Malama walked in the dining area, GBM pointed at him and began to insult the Mfuwe MP.
    “Utuma suit mulefwala nine uwalenga. I made PF, I am coming into your Constituency. Ndemi pwishya.”

    Mwimba Malama retorted: “GBM thats your money. I warn you again chindika umwaice nao alaku chindika”.

    GBM stood up again and charged in his known violent rage: “get out from here,i will pour hot tea on you. Chikala chobe, fuma apa”

  19. HH and his fellow tongas must wait for more from dull GBM!!this man has no leadership qualities.and they way i know Zambian voters who do not vote for those who claim to be rich,am sure HH must just expect another defeat come 2016!!RECALL NEXT YEAR’S GENERAL ELECTIONS WILL BE CONDUCTED UNDER THE SAME OLD CONSTITUTION,SO I CANT SEE WHERE HH WILL GET THE VOTES TO SURPASS MIGHTY PF VOTES!!! 2016 WILL BE THE LAST YEAR FOR GBM AND MASEBO IN PARLIAMENT TOO.2016 IS ONCE MORE FOR ECL AND PF TO CONTINUE IN POWER!!HONESTLY WHO CAN VOTE FOR A PARTY LED BY A THUG GBM AND TRIBAL HH?ONLY BANTUSTAN PEOPLE!!

  20. Fred M’membe’s post newspaper ignored GBM’s joining of tribal UPND and this confirms that M’membe only darling politician now is unsellable Wynter Kabimba and his party Rainbow leaving HH with no proper media apart from an online ZWD which is not led by majority poor voters!!SO DREAMERS WITH THEIR UNDER 5 WILL ONCE MORE CRY COME 2016!!

  21. @Keen Follower thank you for the comment. It seems in Zambia we love repetition. Even though a person has proved to be a failure in the past and contributed to Zambia’s failures, we still elect them so they can add to more failures in the future. This is what we’re trying to avoid and so far GBM has a fallen track record. I think he’s tarnished his own reputation especially with issues concerning GBV with his wife and not someone we want as a role model. The problem in Zambia is we accept recycled material from one party to the next. If he failed in a previous party, how is he going to benefit the next? Masebo and GBM were in PF and now joined HH. Weren’t there issues with these two when they were in PF? A positive start would be an excellent one starting with Mutati don’t you agree?

  22. GBM made his money smuggling ciggaretes from Zimbabwe to South Africa. He has never passed grade 10. And UPND thinks this is quality?

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