Senior Chief Kalasa Mukoso of Bangweulu Constituency in Samfya District has bemoaned the lack of social facilities in his chiefdom.

The traditional leader bitterly complained that successive Governments have completely ignored their plight as a people in the chiefdom and that the people were living as if they were not part of Zambia.

He explained that people in the area have to walk long distances to access any sort of medical assistance and that young children have to cover long distances to access schools.

“We have been neglected by successive Governments. We have been promised a number of things during elections but once the voting is done no one seems to remember that we exist. We have been promised that they will build us Palaces so that we can have decent Palaces as leaders but we just hear that they are building this side but as for us you can see for yourself, this place is like a craw were you keep cattle.

“We are aware that Government can’t do everything at once but there are important things which people need in their areas which they can point at to say that Government is working and make them feel that they are part of the nation.

“We are not involved in politics but when you come to ask for blessings I will bless you so that you can meet the people and sale your party, in fact we are so happy to receive you here because no President has stepped here, you are the first President either from ruling or opposition who has thought of seeing first hand how your people are suffering and because you have seen for yourself I believe you will be able to remember us even when you are in Government,” said his Royal Highness.

And FDD President Edith Nawakwi has called on traditional leaders in the country to advise Republican President Edgar Lungu to practice what he preaches on tribalism.

Speaking when she paid a courtesy call on His Royal Highness,senior Chief Kalasa Mukoso Ms. Nawakwi said the President preaches one Zambia one Nation when he meets traditional leaders from other regions of the country but is quick to pull the wako ni wako statement when meeting his tribesmen.

She explained that she understood the importance of chiefs in the development of the country hence her visit to the palace to ask for blessings from the traditional leader.

“Life in our country has become difficult and it is you our traditional leaders who are holding this country together. Government has neglected you and there is nothing that shows that you are our leaders. You can see the kind of Government that we have now, they bring Graders when its time for elections to trick voters that they are bringing development.

“We have been explaining to people in places we going to that we propose a different kind of governance, the kind of governance which will spar development across the country at the same time as well as give chance to people in different areas to participate fully in the development of their areas and this development will anchored on you our traditional leaders.

She added “We come here to ask for blessings because we recognise the fact that you are the owners of this land and others will also come to ask for blessing but what I just ask from you my father is to tell our President to walk the talk when talking about tribalism. The President should stop using divisive language. We are one tribe called Zambia, if you look around you will find that we have Mulenga Tembo or Mwansa Nyembe hence we cannot have a leader going on a platform to preach wako ni wako.

“Our President went to Petauke during the last by- election and said vote for this one because she is from your womb. He went on by saying when I went to China I came back with a lot of harmer mills and I will choose who to give now what kind of a President is that? Once you choose to be a President then you accept to be a leader of everyone in the country regardless of were they are or who they like therefore I’m asking you to counsel my brother to practice what he preaches,” Ms. Nawakwi said.

Meanwhile a check at a nearest Community Health Post at Kaishe reviewed that a dilapidated thatched building was being used as a health centre.

In the pictures some teenage mothers pose for a photo at Kaishe Community Health Center. Elizabeth Mwila of Kapaka village in Chief Kalasa Mukoso has with a tooth problem which has turned septic due to lack of medical facilities in the area and her family was unable to help her because they had no money for transport and other logistics to take to Samfya district hospital were she has been advised by the community health provider in the Kaishe Community Health Post FDD President Edith Nawakwi has since helped the family.

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