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GBM ready to re-contest on UPND ticket

Headlines GBM ready to re-contest on UPND ticket

Kasama Central MP GBM after the interview
Kasama Central MP GBM after the interview

Former PF Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has declared himself ready to re-contest the vacant parliamentary seat on the UPND ticket.

Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Patrick Matibini recently declared the Kasama Central seat vacant after Mr. Mwamba crossed the floor by accepting to serve as UPND Vice President for Administration.

But Mr. Mwamba popularly known as GBM said he is ready to defend his seat in order to prove his popularity.

The former parliamentarian said the developmental projects he had initiated in his Kasama Central constituency will speak volume during the campaign period.

Mr. Mwamba claimed that the PF’s popularity in Kasama was as a result of his personal contribution to the ruling party.

Meanwhile, PF Kasama District Chairperson Teddy Mweshi said the impending Kasama Central parliamentary by-election has been long overdue because Mr. Mwamba was an expelled party member.

Mr. Mweshi revealed that the PF is more than ready to contest the Kasama central seat and teach Mr. Mwamba a lesson that the ruling party is bigger than him.

He urged PF members to support the aspiring candidate that the party will adopt to contest the forthcoming parliamentary by-election.

And The Patriotic Front ( PF) in Muchinga says the ruling party in the province is intact and ready to take on newly appointed United Party for National Development ( UPND) Vice president for administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba whose Kasama Central seat has been declared vacant.

PF Provincial Women Chairperson Mary Chifuna says the PF in the province has welcomed the declaration of the Kasama seat by Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Patrick Matibini vacant and that the party in the province is ready to take on Mr. Mwamba.

Ms. Chifuna told the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Chinsali today that PF members in Muchinga are not worried about the defection of Mr. Mwamba adding that he is as popular as he claims to be, he should re-contest the Kasama seat and prove himself wrong.

Ms. Chifuna has also appealed to Mr. Mwamba to stop marginalising some tribes in the country saying no tribe is small as long as it has people who are also Zambians.

She said all the tribes in Zambia whether small or big should be respected adding that this is the reason why President Edgar Lungu has been calling for unity of purpose in the country under the One Zambia One Nation motto.

The Provincial Chairperson said the PF under the able leadership of President Edgar Lungu has been growing from strength to strength going by the number of parliamentary and ward seats that it has won in the recent past.

She has since called on all the PF party members in the province to continue being united and support President Lungu in his quest to develop the country.

Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Matibini has declared the Kasama Central seat held by newly appointed UPND vice president for administration, Mr. Mwamba vacant and the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is yet to set the date for the by-election for the Kasama Central Seat.


  1. Iwe chi Gbm!just give your money to the poor.In Zambian politics it is difficult for a criminal like you gbm to bounce back to parliament since all Zambians have known you as a criminal and you fight your fellow Mps in parliament.You foolish!puss iwe

    • This will be an interesting by-election. Money will be raining in Kasama central constituency, TWO wealthy businessmen take on the government machinery that just oiled with the Euro bond…. I pity the govt coffers.

    • I pity HH. For the longest, he was the salted nut at the bar but now GBM has arrived. HH has no personality to speak of, so just wait and see how GBM is going to pull the rug under HH.

    • There you go he’s already declaring himself a candidate before his party even sits down to ponder the matter. He doesn’t need to consult HH, he’s authority by himself. I don’t just like the way this man boasts about his riches, calling others ‘Mwenchushi mwe!’ Small tribes etc. If PF uses this during the campaign it will really cost him.

  2. GBM brags and flaunts his wealth too much. He also thinks he is God’s gift to Bembas and looks down on other tribes. The man is too much of a show off. I hope he is taught a lesson in Kasama. May be he will learn to humble himself. At least HH never boasts about his wealth.

    • he behaves like a baby with his so called money. it is only kids who when you refuse them to have their way start say thinks like “remember i did this or that……. if it were not for me, this would not be that” .

    • GBM we are behind you.. Time to bring sense to those who support the wrong govt. I wish the position remains vacant until 2016 election to save govt money borrowed 🙁

  3. Politicians need to be relevant to the needs of the people. We can’t have politicians on one hand talk about people registering to vote in masses and spend money on campaigns for people to exercise their right to vote when elections are being reduced to fights for egos. Kasama is clearly not about the people. It’s simply about egos of plunderers of government resources and the ‘rich opposition’. Someone needs to rise above all this. Otherwise this approach will cause apathy and total disaffection to voting. STOP IT PF, STOP IT UPND. Rainbow Party there is an opportunity here for you while these foo,l are being s.stupid.

    • how can you honestly talk about Rainbow party?? Socialist rainbow party? Zambians we are so unenlightened mwe!

  4. putting all issues aside, GBM as an MP seems not to understand the constitution on being an MP as proven by his recent action, then UPND appoint him as vice for administration .how does that work, is he there to understand and act administratively or just there to rubber-stamp whatever documents that comes his way?

  5. Don’t cheat the president madam Chifuna jst to be given a job, do your homework, interact with the grassroots and you hear what people really want. Right now am in muchinga and the real scenario is very opposite to what you are saying. My appeal to the president is to come with a team that is not only looking for jobs but to deliver and not to always say yes to the president, you are a liability to the party madam.

  6. Am in touch with people of Kasama and they are telling people have changed toward opposition upnd because of many failed promises and lungu’s aligning himself to RB who was rejected in 2011.

    • @Mbinji. Stop telling porkies!!!

      You were telling porkies four weeks ago about the three by-elections your party lost.

      Stop living in cloud cuckoo land!

  7. Yaa this by election will be ugly. PF can never agree to loose this seat to the opposition. We just have to pray.

    • Prayer is good but we cant apply prayer in this situation,,,im not seeing any evil its just democracy an already chosen system by ourselves.

  8. Isn’t there some one that can just say no to the bye election until next year.we do not have resources for this guys.This is abuse of Zambian resources.

  9. The Cheque Book certainly is mightier than the Sword!

    Have UPND already adopted him to contest the Kasama seat or was that part of the deal?

  10. Kasama by-election is irrelevant. Even in a simple mind knows this is ABOUT team Lungu and team rich opposition. We’ve had people running to courts to try and stop 2016 presidential elections, if such people are real they should challenge the necessity of the Kasama election. I think ZAMBIANS should do a real donchi Kubeba in KASAMA by not turning up to vote. This is a test on whether Lungu chap is really as humble as proclaimed influence parliament to cancel Kasama Afterall he does influence judiciary and parley. THERE IS NO NEED FOR KASAMA.

    • If we are united we can boycott this election and teach these dander head politicians a lesson. But alas, a tin of chibuku will do the trick.

  11. I dont know why UPND were fearing contesting this seat after all it would be a good barometer to see what inroads if any they have made in this part of the country and to see what the electorate thinks about Lungu’s tenure so far.

  12. This is it. The be-all-and -end-all by-election. To consign the newly self-declared tribalist Mwamba to the rubbish heap of history.

  13. Most unfortunate is that those with education will never make such kind of money. The uncouth like the Copperbelt Jarabos, Kagems etc find it very easy to make millions. May be integrity doesn’t pay?

  14. ha ha ha upnd have stopped being a tribal party and the whole pf have started suffering from stomach pains and too much ikupo lomya everywhere if gbm is not a factor why that panic . he has said he is going to re.contest his seat , that becomes a problem. lets wait and see. good lucky gbm show them the way.

    • gbm is NOT a factor, that is the main reason why we wanted him out of the PF. It is gbm who obtained an injunction restraining the PF from expelling him from the party. The PF did not obtain an injunction restraining gbm from leaving the party because for us in the PF it was good riddance. gbm claims to be very popular in Kasama and yet during the last by elections gbm failed to deliver just Kasama central where he is a member of parliament to HH. HH was all over Northern province with gbm, yet the people in Northern province voted overwhelmingly for ECL. If you remember correctly the reason that gbm gave for supporting HH was that he had been ignored by ECL. gbm knew that ECL was going to win and that is the reason why gbm wanted to be appointed ECL’s campaign manager for the province.

    • GBM failed to deliver Kasama to HH because Bembas are tribal. Notwithstanding that, GBM will make a meaningful contribution to UPND.

  15. Very, very few Zambians, especially those in Kasama, have any kind words for Mwamba, why? Quite abusive and disrespectful to all and sundry, in a word a repellent fellow, not worth a vote from any sane voter anywhere!

    • I certainly agree. This guy has actually done a coup de ta in UPND and all he thinks about is taking over that leadership and later say its my money after all.

      Old habits die very hard! Soon you will see the confusion in UPND because GBM thinks money can reason for him, chapwa ba UPND and just free advise, FORGET KASAMA, GBM cant win against PF in that area NEVER!!!!

  16. Ba GBM, are you sure you are as popular as you think? Real rich people are very humble in nature and you can hardly tell they have money if you don’t know them.

    GBM is like Mike Tyson who was busy beating his wives thinking all there is in life is money. Where is “Iron” Mike Tyson today? The guy is a beggar and I see a lot of similarities with GBM. The man beats his wife, workers and anyone who does not care about his so called riches and thinks he can control people, NO! This is kulu Bemba, we are going to teach this big ugly frog a lesson and both himself and HH will live to regret.

    Didn’t the young hon. Sampa beat him clean in Kabwe in December 2014? If only UPND has realized the big mistake it has made by imposing this bully on its party leaving the old timers in the dark.

    • Mike Tyson a begger? I beg to differ on that one. He may not be as rich anymore but he is living comfortably. If this by election is fair I think gbm will win it. If people still want to stand by pf led by rb then they should not cry foul when the price of gas goes up while oil prices drop or when the price of mealie meal goes up or when power shredding is becoming a norm.


  18. Ba Chitutuma keep quite, me Iam a resident of KASAMA GBM has done alot for KASAM. Only a fool can vote for PF this time. Do you think we have forgotten that it is recently PF increased fuel. Let me remeind you some failures by PF, unneccessary loading shedding,ZRA demending tax on rental buildings,working with rejected MMD people like RB and Dora Siliya to mention afew, transport and other commodities have gone up.

    Lungu sent Policemen to remove Sosala from his Parace, GBM resign on principal, he has respect for chiefs.

    For those who supporting PF, please give his achievements. LATE SATA SAID ALL MY MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT AND MINISTERS ARE USELESS.

    Mwebena Zambia isuleni amenso, mwilalaba bwangu.

  19. Personally I have given up trying to reason with people with small brains i.e. . UPND, ZWD and it’s affiliate cartel members. If anybody is interested in uplifting Zambia from a poor, miserable place to live in, please take time to read how Japan and the UK finance infrastructure development. For example just road maintenance in the UK can cost up to £15billion a year. In Zambia every dull politician and useless academic are expending their energies talking about the US$2 Billion Eurobond. I have some questions for HH and his fat friend(GBM);
    1. How is Zesco going to invest in electricity generation and networks to create new capacity enough to power around 30 million homes.
    2. Does Zambia’s sewer system need upgrading? Don’t wait until human waste floats in streets.

    I will…

  20. Lozis that need secession,

    Just declare war, and we Zambians shall win and then you Lozis shall become slaves instead of being colleagues. What type of thinking is that?
    Ma nonsense aya ema fi yekayeka. The Nkoyas say no lozi should rule them as they are the right owners of the territory. Whatsup? Nkoyas are Zambians and they want a province so that they are out of the lozi monarch. So how will you do it…why not first fight the Nkoyas and then ask to break away from Zambia. Mama Inonge uletipo shani? Elo ba International lawyer aba bena ba nsala zo oona. itoloshi no size, umushipi lushishi….EEEEIIIIIIISSSSSSSSHHHHHHHH


  22. Those who are enjoying eating well in PF don’t seem to see any problems affecting ordinary people. No one can eat tribe.

  23. Dull Shadrek biemba,use your grey matter to articulate national issues!Zambia is in to collapse/comatose economically!What can you show as being progressive in PF rule-its nothing,just be reminded that most Zambians are really struggling daily to earn a living.If you are looting with these diabolical Pathetic Fools & their cronies in that PF under Chakolwa,please critically analyse what the masses are saying right now,things are really bad in Zambia,don’t pretend.Advise your illiterate leaders wisely otherwise 2016 will be very tricky to you.You will join your colleagues in prison for corruption & abuse of authority.Be smart & be realistic,time is running out you blind fool!

  24. THIS BY ELECTION WILL BE BETWEEN GBM/HH VS PF/EDGAR LUNGU!!!so GBM will badly embarrassed here-mark my words!you cant dare voters and expect to win!!voters will eat his money but continue voting for PF!I FEEL SORRY FOR HH AND HIS CONFIDENT UPND CADRES BCOZ THEY’LL CRY BADLY AFTER RESULTS FROM KASAMA ARE ANNOUNCED!!

  25. “No recycling of leaders this time!
    We need to bury GBM with his PF.
    We do a reverse DONCHI KUBEBA on them!
    Don’t fall for their smooth talk and alleged values and principles.
    The truth is they have none collectively as PF.
    GBM should have treated the BRE the same way he wants Bashilubemba to be treated.
    We have not forgotten how he sent military aircraft to fly over the Litunga’s palace.
    Yes we know some good things you have done in your constituency but I think there are better Zambians who can do a better job for Zambia.
    We want true change for the better this time!
    No vote for you!”

  26. Iwe GBM, it is not automatic that you will re-contest that seat. There is democracy in UPND, so other candidates may present themselves and the National Management Committee of UPND will pick the most suitable candidate, which may not be you.
    Am I right, UPND bloggers?

  27. GBM’s diplomat daughter caught red handed committing adultery by husband

    June 23
    Print This Article
    by +

    Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba’s daughter Sibongile Mwamba has been caught having sex with a Congolese man by her husband.

    Sibongile is a diplomat working in Windhoek, Namibia as First Secretary – number three in hierarchy from the High Commissioner.

    sibo 2Sibongile’s husband who is often based in Zambia decided to travel to Namibia after been told by concerned friends that his wife is ‘doing’ a Congolese named Martin but notoriously known in Windhoek as ‘Mario’. She found them having sex in the House government rents for Sibongile in Windhoek.

    To make matters worse, Mario the Congolese who is ”banging” Sibongile is supposed to be the husband of…

    • Stale News bobo. Two years is a very long time in politics. Besides this has nothing to do with Kasama by elections.

  28. If i were HH i would not have allowed anybody on UPND to stand in kasama by election bcoz its obvious that PF will 100% retain this seat.Once GBM loses,PF will mock UPND till 2016 and this will frustrate so many UPND followers who may not vote next year.A FRIEND OF MINE WAS TELLING ME THAT IF HH LOSES IN 2016,THEN I’LL STOP VOTING AND I’LL THROW A VOTER’S CARD INTO TOILET-HEY I LAUGHED AT HIM!!but this how losing elections can do to supporters!!SO HH MUST BE AVOIDING SUCH LOSES.UPND HAS LOST 6 BY ELECTIONS SINCE 20/01/15 AND THIS IS A GREAT MINUS FOR THEM!!LOSING KASAMA WILL BE A BLOW FOR HH AND HIS FOLLOWERS!!but since UPND do not listen,they’ll keep dreaming till they’re beaten pants down in Kasama!!

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