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HH Accuse President Lungu of Abusing State Machinery to Oppress the Opposition

General News HH Accuse President Lungu of Abusing State Machinery to Oppress the Opposition

United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema at the funeral of slain UPND member Grayser Matapa
United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema 

HH Statement on PF threatening behaviour

7 August 2015

The latest threats by President Edgar Lungu against leaders in the opposition such as our Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, FDD leader Edith Nawakwi, Chongwe PF MP Silvia Masebo, and others is a clear case of abusing state machinery to oppress the opposition and other dissenting voices in the country.

Lungu’s threats and commands to the Police also confirms an established pattern of using state institutions to victimise other leaders and citizens that have offered support to the opposition, particularly the UPND.

It is not a shock that Lungu and his PF thugs can today play victim of violence when Zambians know that it’s the opposition party members, particularly UPND members who have been victims of brutal attacks. Others have even lost lives but no arrests have been made. During the Mulobezi by-election, Davies Chama, Edgar Lungu’s Secretary General was shooting people and Lungu never condemned it. Zambians should now know the true character of the so-called ‘humble’ Lungu who is actually a brutal dictator who is even clinging to the position of Defence Minister. That is the level of insecurity that Lungu is dealing with.

How can Lungu today claim his supporters in PF regalia inscribed ‘infintu ni Lungu’ and are committing crimes in his name by beating and extorting money from struggling marketeers and bus drivers are being sponsored by the opposition? The opposition is a well organised outfit with party membership cards. The PF has no cards, instead of dealing with this issue they are busy pointing at others. Have all observed at how PF just wants to associate with good things? This is a pattern that has defined PF since 2011 when they took over power. At the same time the violence that we see now is a way of life for the PF.

Lungu should not fool Zambians as everyone is fully aware that the violence and extortion of money is done by the PF thugs with the full knowledge and support of the PF leadership. This is the reason the police and the councils have helplessly kept a blind eye for fear of losing their jobs. The intimidation and threats by Lungu using his thugs and state institutions will not solve the many economic challenges the people of Zambia are facing. This intimidation will not solve load shedding. Lungu has lamentably failed in his function as President of Zambia.

We urge Lungu to concentrate his energies and attention to the numerous economic challenges which people are going through. We challenge him to address the nation and give guidance on economic issues rather than wasting time witch hunting and victimising political opponents who are giving viable alternative economic policies to his failed leadership.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President


Issued by: UPND National Campaign Centre, Lusaka

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    • I thought HH and his Vice Humpty Dumpty were the president and Vice President of Zambia respectively. Now you are appealing to the same man whose authority you do not recognize?
      Word to the wise; ” when you strike a King you better kill him”.

    • The author of this article is an escaped patient from chainama hospital.

      Honestly you guys in upnd, you expect to win elections with a confirmed psychiatric patient as your leader?

  1. HH is right. Edgar has failed to discipline Davies Chama. The PF cadres are now carrying guns. Now Edgar and team have arrested GBM in Kasama. Really? for what? Edgar is president for all Zambians and his interests should transcend PF is its savage cadres.

    • We thought HH is the President of Zambia. Why appeal to ECL you believe does not exist and do not respect the office you desperately aspire to. That is why HH is described as an Under 5 politician due to this lack of maturity and contradictions in his behaviour towards an office of authority

  2. Sometimes let the chips fall where they may. Having spent half a year in Zed I would say ED is doing brilliantly – at de campaigning himself. One might even think he is working really hard – at being his own opposition…

  3. At one time the fighting was between MMD and UPND. The MMD went out and now the fighting is between PF and the UPND. From the above my conclusion is that UPND is a violent party. Did HH condemn the violence which erupted in Monze recently? NO.

    • @Mwine Munzi. The violence in Monze was deliberately exagerated by LT. Violence in Zambian politics should be condemned by all well meaning Zambians. Since Independence in 1964, Zambians have been known to be peace loving till PF came into power in 2011. I strongly believe PF as a party in govt has capacity to restore Zambia’s peace. We should not hear of someone being shot, injured or killed because of political alliance. This is primitive to say the least.

  4. Losing to FDD sure??? If your impact is being felt country wide at least win something not ma ward. Most people like to associate with successful people not LOSERS.

  5. Scared little men, KK would say. Indeed we have scared little men holding guns and feeling powerful. But remember those guns you are wielding shoot both ways.

  6. UPND need to recruit proper strategists as their strategies are clearly not working and they will continue slipping down the pecking order. If they are not careful the Rainbow party will be their biggest competition for 3rd place at elections

  7. everyone in pf now is aware pf is going. upnd is coming that is why edger jameson kachasu loser will not denounce violence. what have the gbm nawakwi and masebo done to deserve an arrest, compared to davies chama. the bible says into others do as you would like to do into you. time is coming when pf will be once again in opposition crying for good governance. constitution etc.

  8. The strategy of been cry babies every day by UPND is not working well for them, in fact it makes the entire party look weak under the failed leadership of HH. By the way did HH condemn violence caused by UPND cadres in Monze last week? Nope

    • That’s the biggest problem with UPND! They behave like spoilt little kids always crying it’s not fair, it’s not fair. Beyond that their strategy is name calling, mudslinging, insulting and scaremongering.

  9. Pf na A Lungu punicking the only is to threaten the opposition with arrests,mind u nothern is gone to oppsition upnd/rain bow,pf shall get more votes in Luapula & Eastern only the rest will be upnd second rainbow,be prepared fo exit 2016

  10. Mwanya a lungu Rb is offended with u going out with anakhazhi akhe,eastern shall be grabed by upnd,pf second leave the opposition alone,arrest yo criminals hiding in pf

  11. A lungu namufilwa ukuteka echo ine nolupwa lwandi tuka votela hh, pantu namufilwa,ama thugs enu mwafilwa, arrest yo thugs bwana,other upnd is in yo bedroom,mwalaya kwisa, eastern na yena parallised,hh ako muma ka

  12. Why does hh disrespect a leader the majority of zambians voted for. This is insulting directly at us the voters and we will show him that he is not a popular choice than Edgar . The problem with him is that he sees a Edgar in the presidency not the presidency in Edgar . Such kind of hate will never win him elections in this generation.

  13. There goes an expert in failure HH!! Always making useless statements minus admitting that his UPND is going nowhere!!its 7-0 now bwana HH since Edgar Lungu defeated u on 20/01/2015!!! By the time we reach october 2015,the scoreline might reach alarming levels : 10-0 or 9-1 in favour of PF!!FOR SURE HH WILL NEVER RULE ZAMBIA AS HE KEEPS ON MAKING SAME MISTAKES OF YAPPING DAILY MINUS OFFERING SOLUTIONS TO GOVT! “note:A devil u know is better than the angel u do not know”!! IN 2016 WE’LL HUNG ON TO PF THAN TRYING U HH WHO HAVE NEVER BEEN IN GOVT”!!! SO DREAM ON HH WHILE PF KEEP ON WINNING!!

  14. Pliz pipo let’s not disrespect ba lungu ba kateka his our father .learn to congratulate not hat

  15. Lungu has failed. HH is right. While Nigeria announces plans to produce its own weapons and sell to the rest of Africa, a Lungu is busy intimidating others. Why should Lungu even hold on to the post of Defence Minister? Zambians are really docile. Even MPs can’t challenge Lungu to give up the post of Defence minister.

  16. UPND leader and it’s followers look dull. How come they are failing to see that Lungu is now more popular than in January this year.
    Votes come from voters on the ground and not a few bloggers using different names.
    Instead of selling UPND they are busy insulting and accusing Lungu each time the police or courts do their work.
    They even blame Lungu for poor rains. HH may be good at business, but in politics he is still a toddler.

  17. Those who support PF are criminals bcose how can a Zambian live wthout any busnes no sloon , barbshop what is this loading sheding failed PF

  18. HH has failed to condemn the Monze violence and today he wants to yap yap hoodwnking Zambians.Since when did upnd denounce the Mapatizya formula of violence.This kind of hypocrisy is evil.

    You wanted your cadres to harm chama for you to be happy ? Chama had the right to defend himself in Mulobezi.

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