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LT Update: Site Restructuring over the weekend

Headlines LT Update: Site Restructuring over the weekend

It’s that time of the season again when there are no major traffic generating issues. As per tradition, we take take advantage of these quiet periods to review and upgrade our systems.

We are planning on giving the web site face a new coat of paint and restructure the content layout over the weekend. Currently, the website looks old, outdated and stuck in the past. We have already done the necessary backend upgrades over the last 5 days and this weekend we are upgrading the front.

As a result of this, the site will be intermittently available and at times look inconsistent or schizophrenic from midnight, tonight. We expect the whole restructuring process to take two days. We hope to be back at full capacity on Monday, if all goes well.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your continued support to Lusakatimes.com

LT Team

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  1. We don’t love you for your looks, LT baby… but if you want to purty up for us then shine baby shine!

    • It is friday to sunday and it will be quet because your Lungu will be drunk, or is already passed-out.
      Enjoy your weekend LT, we look forward to new looks. Consider changing from MMD colors (blue), to PF colors’ green.

    • This is good news. Here are some friendly tips
      1. Make your website very visual, we need updated pictures, high quality as well as proper wording, invest some good editors and people with good grammar
      2. Please create a separate section for videos
      3. Create proper categories for your news, this is basic stuff. Breaking news, Latest, Top stories, Most read, sports, etc, you need to use basic statistics to make these sections properly function
      4. Good job job on your affiliate programs, i’m doing affiliate marketing myself, i would encourage you to engage more useful programs which are under a niche, e.g Beforward, Building materials, and other programs useful to Zambians also, otherwise good job
      5. Do newsletters also for breaking news, affiliate programs from your page, i stop here.

    • Appearance doesn’t matter but quality and truthfulness of the stories. You are free to rebrand but coming back with false stories won’t add up to anything.

  2. LT,
    In addition to the restructuring it will be a good idea to embark on professional editing of your reports to minimise or better still to eliminate poor spelling and grammar. Remember, LT is an online medium read around the world.

    • My thoughts exactly! They also need some decent reporters instead of just copying and pasting from other news outlets. Once in awhile a good written and well researched news article would be welcome. Also they need to stop publishing every [email protected] article any attention seeking lunatic sends them

  3. We know what happened last time when you tried to upgrade…it was a shambles and lamentable failure with lots of bugs that you had to go back to the old platform. look to Malawi’s; nyasatimes.com or Kenya’s; nation.co.ke to name a few..for inspiration.

  4. I wish you all the best success in this endeavour.

    As always, thank you for your news services since you entered the market.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. ZWD is also undergoing maintenance. The online media you give us a cheaper, faster & easily accessible alternative to print media.
    Come back with a hip in your leg & not the bugs.
    See ya!

    • I hear from the grapevines that time has caught with ZWD and that we won’t be seeing them for a while. is it true?

  6. Thanks for all humble Lusaka Times Workers for your balanced reporting. Having been an intelligence journalist b4 and now a medical doctor i understand why it is difficult to be balanced in terms of reporting in Zambia. The ruling party tend to offer colossal tempting sums of money to the news site owners in order to buy dominance and favor. Look at how Zambia Reports has been reduced to reporting negatively on only ; HH, GBM, Nawakwi, Kabimba, Mathan, Kalusha Bwalya, Mmembe and now Dr. Kaseba.
    But as for you, iam proud to say that you have conquered all odds and resisted the temptations to be used.
    You are so balanced and i can see, you are being inspired by the Most High God.
    Lusaka Times, to me you are Number One followed by the Mwebantu Media and then Zambian Eye.

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