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Appoint of UPND MP as Defence Minister commendable-ZCID

General News Appoint of UPND MP as Defence Minister commendable-ZCID

Richwell Siamunene
Richwell Siamunene

The Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) has welcomed the appointment of opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Sinazongwe Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene as Defence Minister.

ZCID Executive Director Horrance Chilando said President Lungu’s decision to work with opposition parliamentarians should be commended.

Mr Chilando has since urged Zambians to support President Lungu who has boldly showed that he has confidence in Mr. Siamunene and whom he saw and found suitable to appoint as Minister of Defence.

Mr. Chilando pointed out that the Head of State is merely exercising his prerogative as provided for under the Zambian Constitution and that it is not within the power of the Zambian citizens to dispute the President’s decision.

He added that President Lungu should only be judged if Mr. Siamunene fails to carry out his rightful duties as Minister of Defence.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr. Chilando said this was the first time in Zambia that an opposition MP was holding the portfolio of Defence Minister.

Mr. Chilando further commended President Lungu on his commitment to appointing people from all sectors of the political areanat as he had also appointed the first female Vice President of the Country.

He however cautioned Mr Siamunene not to disappoint the trust deposited in him by President Lungu on behalf of the Zambian people.

Mr Chilando appealed to Zambians to support President Lungu in his efforts to unite the nation by encouraging coalitions among political parties.


  1. Who said Siamunene is UPND member of parliament?He is representing the one who appointed him and not the party that entrusted him to represent the people who voted for him in parliament.We must not play double standards because the late Sata expelled his MPs when they were appointed by Mwanawasa.The rest is history.So his appointment is for Lungu and pf and not for UPND because he will be towing the line in parliament and not UPND’s.

  2. Another bold move to show the United Pangas for National Destruction that PF is above petty politics, President Lungu is showing true leadership that no one in the United Pangas and their s.a.t.a.n.i.c following is capable of doing, all they know is to insult and fail to to even improve the lives of the people they employ..hypocrites whose lies and acts of deception the Zambian people will never succumb to..

    Well done dear President Lungu, the devil worshippers in UPND and ZWD are only seething with anger, they are hoping that their evil plans in the hands of a known verbally abusive wife beater, and a a former State plunderer now perpetual poll reject will come to fruition but we the Zambians say NO!

    Nomba ni EL2016

  3. Lungu’s desperation is now very clear. Siamunene is clinging on to a thread of judicial mischief through an appeal, be causes he is effectively not a member of UPND. How does Lu guy appoint such a person. Siamunene himself knows the stance of the electorate in his Constituency. Or is it Lungu’s way of keeping a hold on to the Defence Ministry. He doesn’t trust his own PF MPs while feeling inadequate as Commander in Chief! Watch out Lungu. Siamunene is a snake in the grass!

    Edgar Chagwa Lungu can be likened to a farmer who goes harvesting in his maize field. upon reaching there he does not get the cobs and instead starts harvesting or getting stocks (MAKWELELE IN TONGA). Thats exactly what he has done by appointing Siamunene as full minister. There are credible sons and daughters who hail from southern province worth tens times than siamunene. So, the story in the morning saying that this office to say Siamunene must work hard is false. But this is the line the province thinks of the same.

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