30 Elephants slaughtered in Kafue National Park in the last six months

Elephants killed in Kafue National park
Elephants killed in Kafue National park
Elephants killed in Kafue National park

Poachers have killed 30 Elephants in Mushingashi Conservancy Game Reserve in Kafue National Park’s northern tier in the last six months, it has been learnt.

This was revealed when President Edgar Lungu’s Special Assistant for Project Monitoring and Implementation, Lucky Mulusa visited the game reserve on Thursday.

Mushingashi Conservancy Game Reserve is run by Darren Watt who told Mr Mulusa that they are not getting help from the Zambia Wildlife Authority in curbing poaching in the area.

Mr Watt said ZAWA needs to get more involved in preventing poaching in the area.

Elephants killed in Kafue National park
Elephants killed in Kafue National park
Elephants killed in Kafue National park
Elephants killed in Kafue National park
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  1. Oh no! you mean that American dentist was in Kafue national park also? That place is obviously not a conservation reserve if its easy to kill such a large number of elephants.Where are the people incharge of preserving our natural resources? Why are we allowing people to come and kill our animals.Zambians wake up!

    • Who cares, they are animals and more often kill humans.

      Good riddance, only someone completely insane and silly will condemn this

      Kill them all for all I care


    • Mushota you are useless. Even anyone that agrees with you on any topic ever, even in retrospect is also uncouth and needs mental help. Really!? We are custodians for God’s majestic creatures.

    • Only in Zambia, 30 elephants and the president didn’t know anything about it? What kind of security reports does he receive? Send some elephant meat to him. Thank God he fired himself as Minister of Defense.

    • You know nothing. My dad manages that place and there were 8 gangs of poachers around the reserve. If they are that many poachers around then they know there are a lot of elephants!!! Go there and do some research instead of opening your mouth when you don’t know anything!!

  2. You are simply ignorant Mushota given that you like bragging about your Scotish roots which originate from your days of eating vinkubala in Zambia…..There are no elephants in Scotland we understand your views but your ignoble attitude towards conservations is nauseating.

  3. I can’t believe someone would be so cruel to animals. The government needs to protect these animals and cage the bastards who are doing this. We as Zambian citizens must rise up against these poachers.

    • I am surprised that govt has not invested in a Sniffer Dog Unit for ZAWA and DEC to check for all these contraband passing through checkpoints and borders.


  5. These animals were obviously killed for their high-priced and highly-prized tusks. With the influx of ‘investors’ expect more of this.

  6. And yet we have a department getting paid tax payers money for nothing,its parthetic,people in authority are watching hopelessly!

  7. This is disaster…So it had to take the President’s messenger boy to visit for this to be revealed and come to light? Meanwhile the utterly dull tourism minister Mrs Kapata is always busy campaigning for by-elections whilst this is happening on her watch and lifting bans on hunting big cats …if poachers can slaughter endangered banned elephants and chainsaw off their tusks at will….what more the big cats.

    As for the media surely what do they do? They only report political statements….it had to take them hitching a free ride for this is reported.

    With illegal Chinamen roaming our streets…they will see this as their ticket to richness and fund such poaching activities!!

  8. Botswana uses their army to protect their wildlife. It is time our army started to protect God’s creatures, ’cause their worth is better at home and not Sudan. Let the UN send Angolan soldiers there.

  9. I think that societ should be respected or condemned based how that societ treats its animals and any other difenceless creature.
    Treating our animals like this should really send us back to Stone Age, back to our caves. It’s not just the poachers, leadership and all of us should bear responsibility for this. In a normal democracy we should be rising up and demonstrate over this scandal.

  10. Come on pipo the same pipo who are in charge are the one’s who are killing our animals why did’nt they reporte this not until mr mulusa has visited them.if he did’nt visit we would’nt have known anything.

  11. we zambians are dull. You think a white man will be hear to protect your animals. look at the skill ,it is a cartel same bazungus are doing it a say it is zambian poachers.

  12. we zambians are dull. You think a white man will be here to protect your animals. look at the skill ,it is a cartel same bazungus are doing it a say it is zambian poachers.

  13. Nubian Princess??? You *****! If you happen to be my friend on FB and Nubians group … Kindly UNFRIEND Me !!! Irrespective of who you are … Slag!!!

  14. Carry on letting Chinese free flow in to the country and this is what you will get. They are finding this big time and responsible for all these atrocities, especially to elephants. Let’s not forget the whole warehouse of tusk that went missing from ZAWA Chilanga not too long ago. Not only are they killing elephants for their tusks and lion for their bones, they are deforesting the place like crazy. This is what we get for allowing the lowest of the low from China to come in, people that are not even wanted by their own governments and communities in their own countries.

  15. we remember how the diplomatic bag by one defence minister eventually found itself out of the country. we remember how ivory at chilanga grew legs. these things are not hapenning in isloation. very top people are behind this in collusion with chinese. yes ZAWA cant do anything because they are given directives – of course they cant come out and say they do receive instructions but the truth is that this sort of thing is being perpetrated by politicians.

  16. You gave the Chinese to mine in Kafue National park, in the name of finding minerals, honestly this government including Kapata , are normal? So these are results you can achieve , by slaughtering
    Innocent animals, to get the ivory and it sent to china, with the same so called Chinese mines.
    Masebo, knew what it meant to ban hunting, but with Chagwa no vision, we are on the losing side.

  17. No power in Kabangwe, ngwerere, zani muone from 8 in the morning till now after 19. Meanwhile the most useless company in the world Zesco sent a message yesterday that load shedding would be from 8 to 16 today. And here you are talking about elephants.

  18. Just fire Jean Kapata the useless minister with a nursing certificate and Steven Mwansa the permanent secretary. This is to show ZAWA is completely useless. Sylvia Masebo even though most insult her was onto something, when she imposed a hunting ban. Then came ***** Kapata and reversed something she barely understands. I believe they got rid of Masebo because many would lose out on this poaching and Trophy Hunting scheme. Bring educated Zambian’s from abroad with degrees and qualifications in this field and not these *****s sitting idle getting paid for nothing!

  19. ZAWA, JEAN KAPATA, STEVEN MWANSA and the Zambia Tourism Board! You are all to blame and not capable of helping to promote and manage this sector, yet you love to talk about nothing. Some too busy taking planes, staying in fancy hotels, wearing fancy suits and using tax payers money but nothing up stairs! Why do you travel abroad to WHO, UNWTO and all related tourism meetings around the world when you can’t even contribute your findings or what they’ve taught you? Wildlife is being slaughtered yet you sit and do absolutely nothing! President EDGAR LUNGU are you not going to do anything about this? Clearly there is a lack of education and people have no clue in running this sector. Get a Zambia with a degree or higher learning, with skills, knowledge and proper training in this field…

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