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It is possible to create 500 000 jobs-Sunday Chanda

Headlines It is possible to create 500 000 jobs-Sunday Chanda

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda


Zambians of goodwill, including well-meaning stakeholders have been called upon to join His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu important fight against youth joblessness and the lack of economic opportunities accruing to the Zambian youth. President Lungu has once again proved PF’s armchair critics that his administration has not reneged on its commitment to ensure youths from academic institutions, and the wider community benefit from the country’s economic opportunities. At the heart of President Lungu’s call is PF’s commitment to existing and emerging small entrepreneurs to conduct their business in an enabling environment. It can therefore not be denied that with the resolve to ensure economic opportunities and jobs, both in the formal and informal sector, accrue to the youth, Zambia is positioned to record more success stories of entrepreneurs and economic giants from today’s present generation of youth. Therefore those who have elected to be dismissive of President Lungu and PF’s commitment on this score must be reminded that wise people do not throw a baby with bathing water. They must also remember that this decision, once successfully implemented, will translate in job creation and economic growth and benefit the bigger population.

It is therefore unfortunate that in their usual fashion, Opposition Parties such as UPND, seeking to be given the mandate to rule does not believe it is possible to create 500,000 jobs. On this basis alone, Zambian youths must dismiss UPND’s rhetoric around economic development because they do not even believe in job creation and economic creation. PF has unveiled its youth jobs plan to the nation and Zambian youths have seen it. We ask Zambian youths to demand that as opposed to being pessimists and doubting Thomas, UPND must challenge PF’s Jobs Plan with an alternative which they must unveil to the nation. Zambian youths must not buy UPND’s old story of “dummy budgets and youth empowerment and employment plan” hidden in some briefcase somewhere. We are calling out the UPND to show Zambians how they will create jobs and not the cheap politicking they are engaging in. Zambian youths would want to see the contestation of ideas and not just cheap and twisted propaganda by the UPND and their colleagues in certain media houses. We have also noted that some media houses bent on twisting facts in order to suit their narrative have dedicated effort to kill President Lungu’s youth empowerment and jobs even before it is can walk. It is not too late for UPND to graduate into a progressive Opposition Party, and serve as a proposition of new and innovative ideas.

Lastly, it must be noted that the youth of Zambia spoke in 2011 and have continued to insist that 50 years after Independence, economic benefits must begin to accrue to them. This includes a marshal plan responding to their social and economic problems in terms of jobs, housing, education, healthcare, access to water and electricity, land reform, etc., and President Lungu and PF have heard, understood and acted on this important demand.


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  1. The big question is HOW are you PF going to create 500,000 jobs before end of 2016? Give us the practical steps and formulae you are going to use. Thats all!!!

    • Sunday you are very dull. The Bank governor just last week told us that the economy will not grow as earlier thought. The GDP growth will be 5.4% at best. How can such growth support 500 000 new jobs in an election year? This is what it means to have no plan and no vision.

    • Another perfect example of what wine can do!!!

      If a vibrant economy with industries such as the USA struggles to create 500,000 jobs in 1 year, what makes Sunday think a poor impoverished country such as Zambia without industries and plagued with constant loadshedding has the ability to create such jobs? If those 500,000 jobs refer to utuntemba, how will those utuntemba run without electricity?

      Come 2016 they will be giving excuses for not creating these jobs claiming the process is in progress and will be asking for a fresh mandate to continue hallucinating about creating jobs.

      Viva HH

  2. Any drunk in a Tarvin can have a plan. What are you going to do about it.???. You think Zambians are stupid, where are the steps to be taken

  3. This man dreams UPND. I suspect he is already a card carrying member of UPND. This Monday or is it Thursday Chanda should just tell us where these 120,000 jobs per month will come from. Why do people think using the opposite side? Just illustrate to us how you will come up with these jobs and which cut off date you have on your plans. Failure to which we shall assume it was a bar discussion which ended up in the Cabinet meeting. Now I agree with late Sata that these MPs and Ministers in PF are useless. This Saturday Chanda is defending the indefensible. Wednesday Chanda are you from Zambia or Zaire?

  4. Granted the PF government must be applauded for the Youth Policy which was recently launched on which, Iam persuaded to believe, this treatise is predicated. I personally hope PF will translate the document into action.

    However to expect the opposition political parties to appraise and praise the government based on the document alone as the author wants them to do, is to conveniently by pass reality and embrace fiction. Don’t we have policy documents that have been launched with as much pomp and splendor in the past and are today gathering dust? What awaits the launch of these documents are practical details on how to go about actualizing the policy and therein lurks the devil.

    In fact other than fritter away time and the entire second paragraph deflecting criticisms, Mr. Chanda…

    • continued …..
      Mr. Chanda should have taken time to explain more on what and how the Youth policy hopes to address the problems that the youth face. That way you easily win those that may not be aware of what is happening and those that may want to oppose for the sake of it. Well I know writing to express is a lot easier than writing to impress, especially if it’s the powers that be you want to please.

  5. I don’t know whether Monday Chanda, or Tuesday Chanda pantu ULI Chikopa pamo naba chakolwa bobe. The governor explained everything, you don’t listen or ready. ULI chi sushi sana. Simple arthematic yashupa. Don’t bark for seek of barking. 10 months to start parking and go.

  6. Yes it is possible………. but impossible and won’t happen under your party’s watch ba Chanda. 500,000.00 is probably bigger than the current civil service. Dream on like the 90 days promises.

  7. Zambia has failed to create 500,000 in 50 years. How is the eternal drunkard going to do this miracle in 12 months?

  8. The mines are retrenching workers because of loadshedding so in which industries are these jobs going to be created.
    Real people would for example say “this is our energy policy which will in turn allow this kind of participation which will result in xxx number of jobs”.
    Now Sunday your ECL just screams 500000 jobs & expects them to fall from heaven.
    Did he even ask himself who these youths are, where they are, what kind of jobs they need, their gender, etc.
    Jameson ikola mwana.

  9. Just yesterday I learnt that a company called Dolomite in Lusaka west is closing down because production has reduced due to load shedding. So there are massive job losses.

  10. Yes it is possible. If you redirected the money you used for road projects to create an environment where small business thrives. Here are a few ideas;

    -Guaranteeing loans with commercial banks to an extent of 5% to ease the burden of borrowing.
    -Reducing corporate tax for financial services institutions and other companies generally to about 25%.
    -Introducing 24 hour business centers that allow people to work in shifts- this comes with increasing security.

  11. Chinama case!

    Seriously lost touch with reality!

    What have these clowns been drinking?

    If they had said Zambia will LOSE jobs we might believe them.

    They are so incompetent they have now even failed to do what they do best – tell LIES!

  12. Why people are arguing mr chanda is because you have not addressed the critical issue of how the jobs will be created. 500000 jobs require very radical measures to be taken which we are not seeing the PF take for example if you told me the the government is going to useZNS to set 6 state farms in each province with the euro bond and then employ youths the probably i would say you can create about 5000

  13. Oh YES WE CAN! Now the young and the youths can actually see who cares for them and not. Why would anyone doubt this important undertaking by Government? Its because the opposition especially UPND doesn’t believe in what it promises the youth.
    YES, 500,000 even a million jobs can be created and PF under H.E. Mr Lungu is very determined in this. So the youth must not be detracted by the failed and broke politicians in UPND and rainbow. All they think of is negativity, why?
    Youths, take up this opportunity that PF Government has devised and put in place. Its you future. If the opposition can believe in this cause for you, why even waste your time listening to their promises just because they want to be in Government themselves? Employment is in four categories,
    1. Unskilled
    2. Semi…

  14. As usual statements without substance. If you think it can be done Mr. Chanda please tell us how instead of blah blah blah? SIMPLE!!

  15. I have my doubts about this. It is all talk and nothing will come of it. Only this morning I was at PACRA is response to their notice, “You are operating below the required minimum capital of k10,000…’ and i have to pay K690 in order to correct this. To this add K26,000 as penalties to ZRA for not filings returns on time, despite having paid the requisite taxes on time, and I have continuously failed to secure a single GRZ contract! Tell me Mr Chanda, how enabling is this?

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