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I was not that badly dressed, I was a lawyer-President Lungu

General News I was not that badly dressed, I was a lawyer-President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu flanked by his Vice President Inonge Wina chats Nigerian Vice President Yemi Osinbajo shortly after Courtesy call at State House
President Edgar Lungu flanked by his Vice President Inonge Wina chats Nigerian Vice President Yemi Osinbajo shortly after Courtesy call at State House

President Edgar Lungu has said that it is more important for him to discuss issues such as energy than criticising his suits or policies.

Reacting to Andrew Banda’s assertions in the Post Newspaper that he is now wearing expensive suits, President Lungu said that he used to wear suite since he was a lawyer.

President Lungu said the suits are not expensive and that he used to wear similar attire only that he was not in the public limelight.

“I was not that badly dressed, I was a lawyer,” Mr Lungu said

The President also urged Zambians to choose who they listened to because some people were just bent on criticising everything regardless of the benefits from his policies.

He said those who were arguing that it was not possible to create 500,000 jobs through the national youth policy and the action plan for the youth empowerment were merely doing so for the sake of being heard in the opposition.

“Those are critics,they will criticise anything even the height they will tell you that Lungu is not tall, you mean you are listening to them; you should choose who to listen to,” he said.

“Look at how President Lungu looks today! Look at the suits he wears! Some of them perhaps cost US$3,000 per piece. He wears white tuxedos, and drinks expensive wine.

Andrew, Rupiah Banda’s son, was quoted by the Post Newspaper saying he doubted if President Lungu cared about ordinary Zambians because he had created a lot of mess which only a superhuman will manage to clean up once PF leaves power.

“Look at how President Lungu looks today! Look at the suits he wears! Some of them perhaps cost US$3,000 per piece. He wears white tuxedos, and drinks expensive wine.

I doubt if he cares about ordinary people in society,” he said. “Have you ever heard President Lungu issuing serious policy statements? All he does is threaten people. People who are very defensive are always hiding something. He is scared of something. He is thinking that he is only going to be in office for 15 months and then he has tasted this sweet power…that is why he is being defensive.” Andrew said he wonders what would happen next year after the PF is voted out of power, looking at the mess they had caused. “I am so frightened…what will happen to the next government next year?

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  1. Mr President, Why do you admit that you where badly dressed but not that bad. If I were you, I would not respond to such trivial matters. Now we cant differentiate between the truth and pettiness. pull yourself together sir, you are the president managing Zambia’s affairs.

    • You are wrong this time. We judge people’s minds from their dressing. Remember Chiluba…. so smart, and result was so tricky guy.
      KK… his attire was tough and solid, up-to-day.
      RB’s attire so messed up, just like his sons minds.
      Sata’s attires, you never know if he will come out in a suit or T-shirt, unpredictable character, ask Scot & Kabimba.
      Edgar… is a crook, like most lawyers.

    • Fred Mmembe these days is judged even by a minibus driver. ati “ah but uku kupena nomba ba mmembe, nombaline twalabamona baletola amapepa mufishala ati e POST newspaper iyi”. Sometimes anger and hatred can drive people nuts if left unchecked.

  2. At State House, he has been eating like someone who had been lost in the forests and just seen food for the first time after one month thus his sudden pot belly. Or like a poor man from the village who visits relatives in town and finds that food is abundant. Aba ba President vinabwela mochedwa mwe. Olo kukwela ndeke sibaziba!!!still experimenting!!!

  3. Since the day the Post spent a day in custody they have resorted to fishing for any negative story about the President instead of talking to people who matter in society, the electorates. Banda’s son even forgot to go to court because he was preparing for the Post ‘interviews’.

    Today, they are talking about ECL suits.
    Tomorrow, its about his tummy.

    • LP you are so right! I used to buy a copy for the office and I have decided that it is not worthy it as The Post has become “The Presidential gossip post”. It is always talking about ECLs’ belly and suits. What kind of journalism is this Kanshi.
      Please Post Newspaper start writting informative and educative articles. Interview serious critiques such as BOZ governor who will discuss issues such as the exchange rate & monetary policies or ZESCO managing director who should tell us how he intends to claw us out of the power deficit we are experiencing through load shedding. Instead The Post interviews riff raffs and expect Zambians to believe every junk they chun out of their paper. Absolutely rubbish!

  4. It’s social mobility dear friends. His body, and indeed sartorial appearance, is just adjusting to his new status. A few individuals’ bodies and appearance, though, will defy any kind of upward social change, e.g. Fred M’membe and Andrew Banda…

  5. Lazy Lungu was barred by LAZ as a lawyer a long time one merely has to look at his untidy suits as Defence Minister…why doesn’t he host a press conference answer questions directly especially about the economy!!

  6. Look at Obama has he changed his looks while in white house?the answer a big no. Why?because he went in white already accomplished only to work to bring out USA from the Economic recession. Lungu is a complete let down he went in state house poor and hungry to eat,hence the pot belly. Andrew’s statement may look petty but has a lot of sense to those who think critically. The countries problems are as a result of Lungu’s leadership style. Even during campaigns HH was had working while Lungu was lazy if it was for RB Lungu was history.Zambians lets be serious presidency should not be lowered to such levels.

    • Nonsense is what you have scribled Sido Mark! If the president was looking unfit and skinny, you hypocrites would be the first taunting him and wishing him death. I am so glad he is looking fit and this time, he will have as many days to campaign as “your hard working” HH.
      The villagers have vehicles accessing them buying their farm produce and delivering them goods for their everyday needs because of PF roads and you the opposition are blind to these facts. When PF wins by getting majority votes from rural Zambia don’t cry foul, you sons and daughters of the deceiver!
      ZESCO power is only enjoyed by a few afluent Zambians compared to the people who have no access to power but require a road. It depends which spectacles you are putting on.

  7. Lusaka times reporter got the story wrong, the president did not say he was not that badly dressed, he said he has always been smartly dressed. those are two different statements!!!

  8. Iwe Andrew, did you ever hear your father giving any policy statements while he was in office, did you question him? The whole country knows that you are thief, what is it that you can give Zambians? Just keep quite and enjoy what you stole….

  9. It is a pity that we are so petty in my country. Who really want cares how the president used to dress before they became head of state and why should that bother anyone. Do we really want EL to look scruffy and staff like that. For as long as he has not gone the FTJ way in acquiring his suits let him be. We have more important issues to discuss not the petty attires. I even wonder why the whole lot of the president is even wasting time responding to rhetoric. Anybody wonders why we are still lagging behind in everything 😀

  10. We can produce photos of you Mr presidents in very funny suits best to just keep quiet than answer because we all know how a bad dresser you were.

  11. Luapula premier! Uli cikopo nga Lungu! You are a blind cadre! Look at issues critically! So to you the economy has improved?

  12. Exactly the point Sido mark. To lose the point Andrew & Eric Chanda are bringing out is what’s petty.
    ECL has been minister since 2011. Wasn’t he eating enough to have a pot belly only when he’s in state house.
    Late MCS raised this issue when remarked that all his ministers were suddenly fat.
    It just goes to show that these guys don’t work. Not even in the gym. They are all just a bunch of lazy bums & thieves.
    Its not about status, its about service.

  13. Its good to learn that kanshi nabamwana president bambi fipuba, any right thinking person can agree with me that some of these isues are fake stories not to be brought into public sentiments. Not all things are political. Do you want the president to be looking like wiso shima farm kanshi ukete wiso Mulyokela uumoneka ngeshilu… Mulekeni abe umwine busaka bwakwe.

  14. himself went to Rome, Italy with only two suits when he was posted as a diplomat. He later bought several suits using tax payer’s money before he moved to India. Due to his greed and large appetite for money, while in Italy, its on record that he engaged himself in corrupt practices with Fratelli Locci, an Italian road contractor. Andrew was even jailed for two years for the same offence. So please stop throwing stones if you leave in a glass house.

  15. For most brainwashed Africans the man on the left of the picture above wont be seen as smartly dressed. The one they will see as smartly dressed is the one wearing European styled clothes. Lawyers are especially more brainwashed than most of us because their profession forces them to wear European clothes, white people’s hair wigs etc. Africa kuti twaelelela lelo teti tulabe

  16. I don’t know why the president is wasting time responding to people like Andrew Banda who is not even a factor in Zambian politics.The office of the president is respected and it can not waste time and energies to be answering foolish comments from useless citizens like Andrew Banda

  17. umusungu wa musonko most of the kids here wont understand what you are talking about because they have never read these wonderful publications you quote. Two Freedom fighters wrote “Umusungu wa musonko” by Kapasa Makasa and “Africa kuti twaelelea lelo teti tulabe” was written by Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe. These are freedom fighters who believed that the African mind needed to be liberated for us to go forward. Most Africans at present are still enslaved in the mind and their dress reflects the enslavement

  18. Andrew thought that the relationship between Lungu and Rupiah would dissolve his corruption charges with Fratelli Locci.

    If I was Rupiah Bwezani by now I would be chasing DNA results to prove the paternity of Andrew. There is no physical resemblance between Bwezani and Andrew. Neither are their actions in tandem but always in opposite directions.

    I hope the DNA results will not frustrate Rupiah but bury this antagonism for good.

  19. But Ba Edgar,

    Why even bother to respond to such drivel from Andrew? Obama was hit by the press a few months ago for wearing a “Tan” suit (That is Khaki for you) at an official engagement. Try to keep to conservative navy blues, charcoal and darkish suits. Even the suit in the picture looks like it was bought from Pimp Row. Keep it simple and plain. Wearing a suit does not necessarily make one smart. The suit must sit comfortably on you.

    As for Andrew just ignore him. He is campaigning for a job with team HH and he will mouth off with anything to get their attention. Si mwana wa nyoko

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