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Woman aged 40 jailed for 20 years for defiling a 14 year old boy

General News Woman aged 40 jailed for 20 years for defiling a 14...

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A FORTY –YEAR-OLD woman has been sent to prison for 20 years with hard labour for defiling a 14-year –old boy in Chipata District.

Before High Court Judge Chalwe Mchenga was Malita Banda of Chiwayu Village who was convicted with one count of defilement Contrary to Section 138(1) Cap 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence were that on 15th April this year, the convict called the boy around 13:00 hours as she was inside her house, she then pulled him on the ground and she mounted on top of the boy.

She undressed the boy and removed her skirt which she was wearing and only remained with her blouse.

The accused got the private part of the boy and inserted on her birth canal.

The court further heard that the boy started crying and the woman never moved out of him and even when the boy cried heavily.

The woman only moved out after seeing that the private part of the boy had swollen.

The boy then later told her mother what had happened and the woman was later arrested by the police because the private part of the boy had been bruised.

However, Mr Justice Mchenga sent the woman to jail for 20 years with the offence of defilement.

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  1. Lusakatimes, Birth canal? eh!….. Well, hope the boy was not infected,. why are we having a rush in defilement, crime, accidents and all that. We need to put up community facilities such as parks, playgrounds, and more activities for people to find better things to do, the woman must’ve been bored to her mind!, Also we shouldn’t let children sit idle, that’s the best time for sex predators to attack.

  2. In this ITC era our criminal justice system seems to be from the 14th century.
    If this story tells it all the judge relied on the boy’s story and the swollen private parts. A good lawyer would have torn this apart.
    Men are also being convicted just because a girl screamed “lion”.
    One of the best ways we will protect our children against these predators is to invest in new technologies.

  3. ….such stories bring out more qstns than answers….it much easier for a man to rape a woman than the other way round….for the woman to reach such a situation to an extent of ‘pulling’ a young boy, her pants could have been wet….for the boy to penetrate his ‘toy’ must have reacted…stiffened…now if it did stiffen and da woman wet how would the boy’s toy get swollen…I don’t think there could have been any ‘tight fit’ for da boy to get bruised…..unless the boys toy did not react and the woman just sat on it and made rough movements to satisfy herself without any penetration……
    …where were all the men from the village..??…that’s how female genital mutilation was introduced for the fear of the same acts when all da men go for hunting at times as long as one month

  4. 14 year old is big enough to keep secrets. Boys of nowadays are so stupid they can even have guts to have their pudenda examined by their mothers. At 14 I was strong and in Grade 9. This boy must be given a case of not acting like a man.

  5. This story has too many gaps it makes little sense. Whether it is on account of LT’s usual substandard reporting or something else, I really cannot tell. Anyway, I will not comment much.

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