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Australia based Zambian Rapper Crisis Mr. Swagger releases new video

Headlines Australia based Zambian Rapper Crisis Mr. Swagger releases new video


Australia based Zambian Rap pioneer , Crisis Mr. Swagger , releases the video for his song Rough Scandalous


    • this is another ***** coon lost in a delusional world caused by his america inferiority complex and hence the need to always try to relive that life which he feel he didnt have while growing up. i mean what the F man, all i hear are american names in your ryhmes and yet you is in australia. thats why balemichitila deport, cant even be thankful to your australians to let you live there by singing and promoting them. imwe fyonse ni america. thats the inferirority complex you have. go and take a bath chi.kala!!!

    • y’all can keep hatting! Mr Swagger is on a whole new level, keeping it a 100. sing or rap, is the reason why music has many defferent genres, pick wachu like and stop hatting. how many of your Zambian music artist trapped local haver ever worked with Dr Dre and done an album with J cole?

      it takes pure talent and mad skills to shoot international. and for ya infor Crisis is not your avarage emcee.
      born and bred my foot, Crisis is multi award winner not only in zambia but also international.

  1. Disgusting. this is crap, i dnt understand this niggro why produce such a cheap video. total loser… get a job Chisenga or chisanga what ever u call your self. ala malabish

  2. His music is exactly like cow manure. I mean that in a very nice way. It may be useless to some but very useful to others.

  3. Comment:I cant figure out such big disaster coming from Crisis.What shit of crisis…Let him come back home and listen to home bred sounds,I guess it might be good advice to him to quit his childish en premature…….what does he call it..? Rap? Oh mi God…heaven help our lost child.

  4. I think its nonsense, Would rather listen to generic you man like ???? I cant remember the young mans name but he has sang the song Nikamisiya

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