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Inonge Wina defends First Lady’s works

General News Inonge Wina defends First Lady’s works

Vice President Inonge Wina (c) after the official opening of a 1x 2 class room block worth k160,000 at Kataba Primary School in Nalolo District
Vice President Inonge Wina (c) after the official opening of a 1x 2
class room block worth k160,000 at Kataba Primary School in Nalolo

Vice President Inonge Wina says it is unfortunate that some opposition political parties are condemning First Lady Esther Lungu for her noble gesture of helping the under privileged in society.

Mrs Wina says instead of condemning Mrs Lungu, she should be praised for remembering the people in the remotest parts of the country.

She said it is inspiring that the President’s wife has a heart for the poor .

Mrs Wina was speaking at Shang’ombo grounds.

She thanked the residents for the hospitality rendered to the First Lady during her tour of Western Province.

The Vice President is inspecting government projects in Western Province.

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  1. Old lady, we all applaud the effort, but at what cost and where is the money coming from for those helicopter rides with a that large entourage, that what we are asking

  2. …There is a reason why most bloggers have not dared to post comments….we have so much respect for VP…that motherly kind of respect….just to borrow Nawakwi’s phrase….madam VP please keep to your lane….there is no one who would be so cruel not appreciate someone reaching out to the poor…..the concerns are that, the first lady’s errands are just political ‘manoeuvres’ disguised in helping the poor….her predecessors formed NGO like Vera Chiluba Foundation……Maurine Mwanawasa initiative chakuti….where donors can deposit something to help….unlike the secretive source of funding the first lady is using to go round the country……when doctors and lecturers have not received their dues……

  3. Even the VP is showing traits of being dull (agreeable with late Sata’s observations) for she can not simply address the question raised of the source of funding for the First Lady’s works! From Ms Nawakwi to the many bloggers who have made a comment on the First Lady’s charitable works I have not come across anyone condemning her for doing her outreach to the marginalized in society but rather people want to know where funds for all these good works are coming from?

  4. Inonge says Esther has a heart for the poor. In the daily mail someone was saying ECL is selfless. Where does this thinking come from?
    We don’t need kind or good hearted leaders, we need hard working leaders who uphold the country’s constitution and respect governance institutions.
    Esther was not in shang’ombo for the poor but for her & her husband’s survival in statehouse. That’s not selfless, its selfish.

  5. some people leave their own relatives suffering and busy posting insults statements to the people who are helping the poor. Good work pays.

  6. Stealing money from the government, I.e. the masses to give to the masses and saying this is charity is not right. We have authorised persons who are paid by government to use that money for the same activities she is doing. It is just campaigning for the husband using stollen money.

  7. It is the job of the head of state and his government to ensure that the poor get the help that is required. That is the reason why people of Zambia elected them

    The PF and it’s Government were not elected into Office with the purpose of delegating their duties to their wives and children. If this is the case, then the guys must resign and let their relatives contest for those positions
    The big question regarding this matter has been the source of funds, that Esther Lungu is using for her charity?? Is the money from her own pocket or is it taxpayers money. If it is taxpayers money then it is the taxpayers that are helping the poor, and anyone defending this is not on the same page as those fighting corruption, theft and abuse of Office Authority

    Another question is that; Why did…

  8. Why did Esther not do the same charity for the poor when she was fourth lady, if she really has a heart for the poor? Why did she wait until getting into state house? Zambians have a right to know all this. For your information Zambia is a democratic state and 90 % of Zambians are aware of this fact. The 10 % which is Government are either not aware or are pretending. We will never accept dictatorship again, never ever as long as Zambians live

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