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Bowman Lusambo mobilising voters for PF in in Solwezi West ahead of by election

Headlines Bowman Lusambo mobilising voters for PF in in Solwezi West ahead...

A jubilant MMD Die Hard National Youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo dancing at Mongu airport
FILE: A jubilant MMD Die Hard National Youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo dancing at Mongu airport

MMD Vice Presidential aspirant Bowman Lusambo was over the weekend spotted in Solwezi West constituency mobilising MMD structures to vote for PF Candidate Martin Mbaya in the forthcoming parliamentary by election.

According to UPND District official Michael Makai, Mr Lusambo who is currently National Youth Secretary was seen around Musele, Mumena and Mukumbi villages addressing MMD ward and constituency officials.

The MMD is not participating in the September 24th by election.

Mr Makai told Journalists in Solwezi that there is heavy suspicion that Mr Lusambo is working with PF structures to deliver victory to the ruling PF.

‘We are seriously suspecting that his man is in the area to weaken the MMD party structures and take them to the PF as a way of disadvantaging the UPND. This is the same man who was in the area last year during the Local Government Association elections and he came and mobilised MMD Councillors to vote for Mulenga Sata and ensure that Councillor Sata became LGAZ President,’ Mr Makai revealed.

Mr Makai further disclosed that Mr Lusambo on Sunday addressed MMD Councillors at Kisasa and Manyama areas.
‘We are following his activities in Solwezi since he arrived, we believe he is working with the PF and he has to be exposed,’ he said.

And some MMD Councillors who sought to remain anonymous confirmed in separate that they have been having meeting with Mr Lusambo since Friday last week.

‘Yes he has been to see us, he is our brother and we respect so much in politics. He is one of the very few NEC members we can listen to. So we were just meeting to strategise as a party,’ one of the Councillors said.

But when reached by phone, Mr Lusambo refused to comment.

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  1. This all too confusing.

    Considering what PF did to the MMD aspiring candidate, one may ask:
    1. Is bowman in Solwezi with MMD leadership blessings? If it is, then this is a great political hypocrisy. Just a couple of days ago, Nevers was still shouting at PF over their “wicked acts”

    if not, then whose interest is bowman representing? And what example is Bowman setting? Would one be wrong to suspect that Bowman was involved in bribing their (MMD) aspirant to withdraw?

    Is there credible leadership in MMD? Or better still, is there hope for MMD in the future of Zambia’s politics?

    • There are two MMD factions, one led by RB and the other by Nevers… The RB faction, to which Bowman belongs, is an appendage of PF. So it should not surprise anyone that Bowman is working for the PF…. Nga nali Nevers nga nalifileka kale!

    • GBM is an elected MP who is supposed to represent the people that voted for him to go to parliament while Lusambo is a free citizen.

  2. @munjalu that’s a good one. Imagine gbm is busy campaigning for updn and no one is talking about it but lusambo does exactly the same thing they go about complaining and insulting him. What a party you pee and dee is.

  3. Let him wast his time campaigning for pf becoz solwezi pipo they dt want lungu & his goverment he z adding himself to the group of failiers.zambian pipo they jst want change

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