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Zambezi Portland Cement introduces cheaper cement

Economy Zambezi Portland Cement introduces cheaper cement

WITH the rising competition in the cement industry, Zambezi Portland Cement (ZPC) has taken steps to reposition itself on the market by introducing a new brand that is comparatively cheaper.

The price of cement has since fallen to K51 from over K70 early this year before the multi-million Dangote Industries started offloading its commodity on the market from its Masaiti-based plant.

The ZPC launch gives consumers a competitive brand of cement, specifically tailored for block making, road construction and light construction. The commodity is pegged at K51.

Speaking during the launch of Eagle Cement in Ndola on Saturday, ZPC marketing director Valerio Ventriglia said the new product is highly sought by block makers, bricklayers and the entire construction industry.

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  1. Zambians Abash and boycott these criminals and just keep supporting Dangote. Good on them for showing these bandits that they fall

    • Let’s teach the cartels a lesson by buying Dangote, surely subjecting Zambian to cement prices of K100 before Dangote but no your are claiming that you can provide one at k51 when even the dollar is at K10, seriously? Their cement was even the most expensive! Viva Dangote, abash price fixing.

      Common sesnse baba, common sense!

  2. These Portland crooks’ days of ripping off the very poor masses are numbered..it was bonanza for them in the last decade. I hope another network provider is introduced in Telecomms sector as what is happening at the moment is shameless day light robbery, all in the presence of a toothless regulator.

  3. Zambia is just fascinating. So what is the economic explanation from these crooks about the lowered price? The reality is that even at K30 they will still make a profit. It is the useless behavior of Zambian consumers to pretend they can afford any price that results in exploitation and the businessman’s belief that they can justify anything without explaining it but simply by pegging a price. Pathetic.

  4. Dangote all the way. What have they done now to reduce the prices. Obviously it’s poor quality. Zambians should punish the thieves. Let them use the cheap cement to build their houses. Dangote thank you. …..m

  5. Was in Solwezi last August buying cement from a hardware shot. I had 3 choices: Zambezi, Larfarge (Chilanga) and Dangote. This sales person was at pains to explain and justify why I should buy Larfarge brand and by the way it was 1 kwacha more than Dangote. I calmly said even if it Dangote was 4Kwacha more than Larfarge, I would still support Dangote. Just to hit back at these stupid people that have exploited us for years and years. Lets support Dangote, lets support each other Africans. Everyone does that around the world.

  6. With Dangote looking to go into sugar production, Zamsugar monopoloy is in death grip. Dangote is means business. His phylosophy: make profits through exports but give back to the locals. But why don’t our local tycoons have the Dangote foresight and investment knack? I mean that cement soil has always been in Ndola since Eden, calling out to Zambian tycoons to dig it out. But alas, it took a Dangote to cross the equator and respond to the call of the soil. Ba Mambala, either you merely pretend to be rich yet you’re heavily in debt, or your money is from ZAFICO roots, or your wallets are fatter than your Jerabo mindsets. Whichever the case, Lesa apela utusakulo aba mapala mu Zambia. Mwilayumfwa no ku yumfwa. Let’s leave the floor to Dangote.

  7. these chaps will be crying when Dangote second plant is complete outside lusaka…..the Dangote group means business no just invest a 1$ Billion dollars into a country to play…….Lusaka is one of the most expensive cities to build in, even blantyre and kigali are cheaper if you look at the statistics 2013/2014

    • Wake Up Zambians. Pretty soon Dangote will own Zambia. All the profits are benefiting Nigeria. Zambia is getting the raw end of the deal and will continue remaining a poor country. Do the math

  8. It’s very odd that the majority of the profiles of those commenting here have flags that are NOT even Zambian. Could it be you must be Mahtani bitter supporters. The Ventriglia’s are Zambian, more then Dangote will ever be. Don;t think for a second that just because Dangote is a Black African that he has Zambian’s best interest at heart. His loyalty will always be first to his fellow Nigerians and to his country. Even Dangote’s hiring practice they’re known to take care of their own first. Some commenting here even have the audacity to call on “Zambian’s to punish” the owners of ZPC. Why?? Now I’m going to assume its because of their colour of the their skin. What else can it be? Valerio Ventriglia and his brother were both born in Luanshya Zambia. They lived their entire…

  9. Editor where is my earlier posting???? You know which one I’m talking about. What I said was the honest truth and can be backed up in any court of law. Most of the posting you’ve allow through are spewing lies, discrediting another person (deformation of character) which they cannot back-up in the courts of law. I thought you were better then the Zambia Watchdog, but I guess there’s no difference.

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