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Tourism can save Zambia’s economy-Kapata

Economy Tourism can save Zambia’s economy-Kapata

Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata (middle) joins a cultural dancer as former deputy minister in the MMD Government Grace Njapau (right) looks on during the Insaka International Arts Exhibition at the Livingstone Art Gallery.
Tourism Minister Jean Kapata says tourism is among the alternative sectors that can save Zambia’s economy in light of the current decline in copper prices.

Ms. Kapata said tourism was one of the world’s leading employment sectors as it alleviates poverty and drive inclusive development.

“As a nation, we need to work together to maximize the immense potential of tourism to drive inclusive economic growth, protect the environment, promote sustainable development and a life of dignity for all our citizens and humankind,” she said.

Ms. Kapata said this in Livingstone today during the commemoration of World Tourism Day held under the theme, ‘One billion tourists, one billion opportunities’.

She said Zambia has seen a steady increase in tourist arrivals from 812, 000 in 2008 to 920,000 in 2011.

“By 2016, Zambia’s tourist arrivals are forecasted to reach the one million mark,” she said.

Ms. Kapata further said the steady increase of tourist arrivals has seen a proliferation of hotel establishments for the hospitality industry, which increased from 1,000 in 2010 to 1,120 in 2012.

“The holding capacity of the hotel establishments has also increased from 19, 000 bed spaces in 2010 to 22, 000 in 2012,” she said.

Meanwhile, the tourism sector employed 44, 292 people in 2012 from 20, 000 in 2011. The sector is forecast to create 300, 000 more jobs by 2016.

Earlier, Southern Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu called for the promotion of domestic tourism.


  1. This is truly laughable coming from this dull woman with a ridiculous wig…surely how can it be an alternative when you are allowing hunting of big cats for sport even when the numbers of cats is low

  2. @ Jay Jay, exactly my question. Where does Edgar get all these dull people, Kaizer Zulu, Davies Chama, Mumbi Phiri and now jean Kapata? I am not surprised the country is in such economic distress if theses are among the senior advisors to Edgar

  3. Am despairing of the maths that comes into these things…

    Tourists slowly nearing the 1 million mark so the slogan is “one billion tourists”??? 1000x more?? How??? Even if every available hotel bed is full every night (which is impossible) the number would be about 8 million. Where are the other 992 million tourists?

    Then the number of those employed in tourism becomes:

    2011: 20,000
    2012: 44,292 (difference + 24,292)
    2016: 344,292 (difference + 324,292)???

    It’s just insulting to the intelligence

    • these are 2011/2012 figures, when the mines were booming, the total bed nights is tourism and business travel. in 2015 livingstone lodges are at about 14% full, just ask any operator there the tourists are all in vic falls zim thanks to the kaza visa, lower vat and wages . pf has done nothing for tourism in Zambia, just talk thats why she is quoting figures from 2011/12

  4. Everything she is saying is copied from a young Zambian abroad who has studied tourism and has her degree in that sector. If you go on her Twitter page, is where they get the smart things they say. Shame on them as this is plagiarism. Jean Kapata knows who the young girl is and probably afraid of the education and knowledge she has. Tourism has declined because of Trophy Hunting. Jean is killing the very animals that bring in revenue. People with disposable income who prefer eco-tourism will not visit a destination that supports such a cruel sport.

  5. I lost interest in her when she lifted the ban of hunting the big cats.I support PF but this woman can’t head the ministry of Tourism.Zambia can’t face these economic challenges if we invested in power,tourism and agriculture.We have just killed our country coz of laziness and lack of power institution and monitoring systems in place.

  6. Tourism is a viable income generating sector. It is a good employment creator. It attracts investment for all sectors because seeing is believing. Tourism is more lucrative than agriculture.

  7. 1. Invest in more infrastructure, eliminate litter in L/Stone etc.
    2. Advertise- Expos, movies. Morocco became a tourist destination because of the movie “Casablanca”. Kenya became a tourist hub after Princess Elizabeth was holidaying there when word arrived of the death of the King & she became the new Queen.
    3. Remove Visa restrictions especially on Britons. They are the best tourists & their currency is strong. (Even though they’ve imposed visa on Zambians)

  8. The young girl abroad with a degree sends them findings on what needs to be corrected. She has proposed things from Cross Product Marketing, to how they can raise money without Trophy Hunting. They have criticized her especially ZAWA when she pinpoints errors. It is not a matter of taking their jobs but collaboration she says. Lady Liuwa in Liuwa National Park is a lion National Geography did a documentary on. Did we generating revenue from it because it was a hit for lion lovers all over the world. Find people willing to listen, people educated in this sector and only then will this industry flourish. Get rid of Jean Kapata!!

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