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Nawakwi Calls on Communities to Unite and ensure Community Projects are Completed

General News Nawakwi Calls on Communities to Unite and ensure Community Projects are...

FDD President Edith Nawakwi
FDD President Edith Nawakwi

FDD President Edith Nawakwi was on Thursday in Monze District to inspect the progress on the Bana Kaila maternity wing which the FDD is building.

Ms. Nawakwi called on communities in the country to unite and ensure that community projects being implemented are completed whenever materials are provided.

She said it was imperative that communities take charge of their own projects as doing so would give confidence to Government to consider giving them future projects as opposed to importing the Chinese to do the work that locals can do.

“We must unite and ensure that we finish our projects when materials are there. This lack of unity gives the Government no option but to bring the Chinese to do the work that we can do. If you don’t finish your project properly people will say in Bana Kaila they don’t know how to work when there is a big project to build a secondary school they will bring the Chinese.

This is a small job which we should complete before the rains commence but if you don’t do your job properly it goes on your record that you are not united, you are fighting amongst yourselves and worse still you are not focused as a people.” She said.

Meanwhile Tujatane Women’s Group of Bwengwa Constituency in Monze has commended FDD President Edith Nawakwi on her commitment to helping women come out of poverty.

Speaking when the FDD President donated 120 x25 bags of soya beans seed and 20 goats including 4 hybrid he-goats.

Mavis Zimba who spoke on behalf of the Women’s Group said the opposition leader continues to set examples of what women can do if they united and work hard together.
Ms. Zimba explained that in her entire life the only thing she had received from politicians was Chitenges but that Ms. Nawakwi had not only empowered the group economically but left them with valuable lessons on how they can benefit from resources around them.

“I have never seen any President in this country who has done what President Nawakwi has done today. What all the politicians that we know do is that they promise you and never fulfil what they promise but you have fulfilled what you promised us,” explained Ms. Zimba who could not hide her joy.

She further said ” A good person is a person who wants you to move from poverty by teaching you and empowering you and today we are receiving assistance which will help the community because with the knowledge we have received and the Soya Beans seed and goats we will help our villages move from the monotonous Agriculture system of growing maize.”

And FDD President Edith Nawakwi says crop diversification was the only way that small scale farmers would make money from Agriculture.

She said growing high value cash crops would ensure that families did not only grow crops for food but that they would remain with some money for improving their lives.

She added that a caring Government should be the one helping people diversify their crops. She bemoaned that the current crop of politicians in charge of the country did not have a clue on how to move the country forward.

In photos President Nawakwi with Bana Kaila clinic nurse in charge Stephen Musana and Ministry of Health Environment officer Emmanuel Meleki and Ms. Nawakwi presents seeds and goats to Tujatane Women’s Group.

FDD President Edith Nawakwi
FDD President Edith Nawakwi


  1. I like this woman Nawakwi. She can truly unify this country and above all she is our (Tonga) wife who sees no tribe in a person! God bless her and hope she beats the boys and rule our country!!

    • The lady is becoming focused every single day. Don’t you see that she is mow doing what Zambia expects a leader to be doing? Let us try to support this woman. I think she has something to offer.

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