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Four armed robbers to hang

Headlines Four armed robbers to hang


The Kabwe High Court has sentenced four men of Kabwe to death by hanging after they were found guilty of aggravated robbery.
In this case, Moses Mwape, 27, Davies Chisenga, 30, Thomas Kasuba, 32 and Charles Saulos 29, appeared before Kabwe High Court Judge-in-charge Dominic Sichinga when the matter came up for judgement.
Mr Justice Sichinga also sentenced Mwape to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour in another case in which he is jointly charged with five others for aggravated robbery.
Mr Justice Sichinga told Mwape that the sentences will run consecutively.
Mr Justice Sichinga said the prosecution had proved its case against the four accused persons and imposed the death penalty on them last Wednesday after he found them guilty of aggravated robbery.
“Having found you guilty of this charge, I sentence you to death by hanging and may God have mercy on your souls,” Mr Justice Sichinga said.
Particulars of the offence are that, the four on November 19, 2014 in Mkushi district jointly and whilst acting together, and being armed with two fire arms namely pistols, did steal from Mulenga Farm.
The four men allegedly stole money amounting to K2,152, a radio cassette, one blanket, one battery-charging machine and assorted groceries all valued at K9, 686 and that at the time of stealing, they used actual violence to obtain the said properties
During trial, Catherine Musonda aged 26 years narrated to the court that on November 19, 2014 around 21:00 hours, four men entered the farm house where she and four other people were working and threatened them with a gun.
Musonda told the court that one of the men dragged her to a shop within the farm premises and tore her chitenge wrapper and raped her.
She said afterwards, the other men brought her colleagues into the shop and tied them before locking them up in the shop.



    • Kaizer was and still armed, and ….. nothing.
      Poor villagers will be hanged, is for being armed or for rape?

    • No judge as wrong as it is, you don’t hang them for that

      *****ic judge that is for sure, i hope their lawyers appeal


  1. I’m in favor of a lot of cruel and unusual punishment for these kinds of crimes but I still think capital punishment is wrong. The State should not be in the business of killing anyone, even murderers. And if I was at that farm and killed one or all of those boys while they were committing that crime, I’d expect the State to let me off the hook, without any charges.

  2. I think aggravated robbery should not have the some punishment as murder. why do i saw this ..? this encourages criminals to kill cos even if you don’t kill and the persons lives to be witnesses they will still hung you.
    better option is to kill the witness

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