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Choma’s Chief Singani calls upon his subjects to participate in the day of prayer

Rural News Choma's Chief Singani calls upon his subjects to participate in the day...

President Lungu greets Chiefs Singani of Choma
President Lungu greets Chiefs Singani of Choma

Chief Singani of the Tonga speaking people of Choma district in southern province has called on his subjects to turn up in numbers and participate fully in the national day of prayers declared by President Edgar Lungu.

Chief Singani said he is keen to lead his subjects in prayers on October 18th 2015 at a church that the chiefdom has agreed to hold prayers together.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Choma today, Chief Singani said the President’s declaration of October 18 as the day of national prayers clearly demonstrates his commitment to lead the country in love which is a Christian virtue.

He said he and his subjects will support the prayer arrangement relentlessly regardless of political affiliations.

“I have called on all my subjects to take the day of national prayers seriously and participate fully by putting their political affiliations aside”, he said.

Chief Singani said prayer is an important aspect of a leader because leadership comes from God.

He has however praised President Lungu for displaying Godly qualities which have moved him to declare October 18 as a day of national prayer a situation he described as uniting.

Chief Singani said varying political affiliations will not hinder his subjects from heeding the President’s call for national prayers because it is an act of God meant to unite all Zambians.

Meanwhile, Choma Ministers Fellowship Executive committee member Pastor Chilufya Mulesu said the day of prayer has come at the time when the country really needed it.

Pastor Mulesu said prayer is what the country needs to succeed in various developments being undertaken by government.

He said the call for a national day of prayer is a communication from God that Zambians need to uphold the values of a Christian nation.

Pastor Mulesu has however invited all Choma residents to attend the district prayers to be held at the Choma Pentecost assemblies of God in Riverside where Southern province Permanent Secretary Sibanze Simuchoba is expected to grace.

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  1. This habit of giving public/notable people “gunpoint” questions during interviews so that the so called govt media can use it for its propaganda should stop.

    What do you expect Chief Singani to say when govt media puts him in on the spot?

  2. Way to go Chief. Choma must not be blinded because tribalism doesn’t pay. Say NO to HH’S arrogance and support President Lungu and see God’s blessing on China.

  3. Way to go Chief. Choma must not be blinded because tribalism doesn’t pay. Say NO to HH’S arrogance and support President Lungu and see God’s blessings on Choma.

  4. Satan and his people will be bombarded on 18 th october. The UPND will have no where to hide coz all 4 coners of Zambia shall raise their voices in chasing satanic people.

  5. Who was that clever chap who said he was not sure about the infinity of the Universe but he was quite sure about the infinity of stúpidity? I bet if he was in Choma that day he would have said, I told you so!

  6. No comment, I am just watching the reactions of UPND cadres, predictable as I always say, they are predictable as they are always on the opposite side of normal human reasoning.

  7. As I always say, UPND will always shoot themselves in the foot when it matters most. They may say a few good things, a few good points, and just when you think that they have pinned their opponents (PF of course) down, next they are shooting down every thing that they have gained. Its one step forward and two steps backwards, someone calcukate for me at that rate how long it would take them to reach their ambition of state house. My twelve old son has just told me that according to his maths you stay at position one.

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