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The Siamese twins at UTH have died


UTH Managing Director Luckson Kasonka
UTH Managing Director Luckson Kasonka
The Siamese twins who were undergoing medical investigations at the University Teaching Hospital, have died.

UTH Managing Director, Lackson Kasonka, confirmed the death of the twins to ZNBC News in Lusaka .

Dr Kasonka said the twins died in the early hours of this morning but did NOT disclose the cause of death.

The twins were born on the 13th of October 2015 at Batoka hospital and were evacuated to UTH on Tuesday this week.

The Doctors were assessing the babies before a decision to operate them could be made.


    • Very sad. Fact is UTH has no capacity to deal with such a condition. In fact the poor lady should not even have been allowed to deliver in Zambia, but my guess is not connected to the political elite.

  1. This is so sad for the family. But what do we expect with the state of mind of the government, there is no way that Hospital can manage the surgery for those twins. ZAMBIA is five hundred years behind for such issues. The hospital does not even have malarial medications how can they manage that. People are dying of a headache in that hospital because of the condition in there. This situation is far away from UTH to handle it. And if it was the minister’s children, they would have rushed them to sunning hill hospital in South Africa. Shame

  2. May the little angels’ souls rest in eternal peace. The government has their blood on it’s hands. Those angels were supposed to have been evacuated immediately after they were born. Even the birds know that a common cold cannot be treated at UTH because this govt simply does not care. Then it is certain it will be forgiven after prayers tomorrow. I am sad, angry and feel helpless. However, you are not getting my vote, not now not ever! There will always be one less…….

  3. These are the little guys who should have flown abroad for expert treatment and not the fat cat politicians who seek medical treatment abroad for maladies they brought upon themselves.

  4. Comment: It is with a deep sense of sadness that I read this piece of information. God will strengthen the bereaved family in His own mercies.

  5. Eternal and Everlasting God, Our Father, grant eternal rest to these angels and grant peace to the bereaved family that at the time of the Resurrection we shall meet again in the fullness of Jesus Christ, Our Lord!

  6. Waiting for that great morning when the dead shall rise to meet Jesus in the air. We know they will be there when he makes everything new. RIP Babies. May their family be comforted in Jesus’ name amen.

  7. These kids should have been put on ventilators or oxygen. They should have evacuated them to RSA. Very tru that people are dying of headaches at UTH. Maybe after prayers things will change at UTH. Hope UTH is included in the prayers.

  8. @political insults, UTH had handled Siamese twins before at the time when UTH was a bit better than the current UTH. Condolences to the family

  9. They should have been evacuated just like they do with ministers with AIDS. What do you expect between loadshading VS Major surgery.

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