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President Lungu Launches E-Government Division

Headlines President Lungu Launches E-Government Division

Zambian President Mr Edgar Lungu at the Dr David Livingstone Safari in Livingstone The Summit of the African Union Committee of Ten Heads of State on the Reform of the Security Council on Saturday 10th May2015 . Pictures By EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATEHOUSE.
Zambian President Edgar Lungu

Republican President Edgar Lungu has today launched the e-government division which he said will contribute to reducing transaction costs and improve productivity.

Mr Lungu has since moved the functions of e-government and information and technology to his office.

Speaking during the launch of the e-government division in Lusaka today, President Lungu said that the move was aimed at improving coordination, implementation of information and communication technologies projects as well as ensuring that services required by citizens and other stakeholders from government are automated.

He noted that once the changes are embraced and implemented, there will be minimal human contact thereby reducing corrupt activities associated with human contact.

He noted that there is enormous potential that technological developments can bring to transform the country in a manner that will bring significant gains to businesses and consumers, adding that as a country, there is need to exploit the opportunities that arise from the technological developments.

President Lungu further stated that the first task the e-government division must undertake is to implement the e-Cabinet in order to show leadership and commitment to reforming the rest of the public service towards a smart Zambia.

President Lungu said that mere deployment of information and communication technologies in the public sector will not necessarily translate into improvements in service delivery, but that there is need for appropriate institutional reforms to address the challenges that could hinder or undermine the process of effective implementation of information and communication technologies.

The Head of State has since directed ministers and the Secretary to the Cabinet to prioritize e-government if the country has to accelerate sustainable development.

And speaking earlier, Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda said that the country’s aim must be to leverage on e-government to increase productivity and reduce the cost of doing business by way of having a centralized and standardized government ICTs infrastructure.

And Microsoft General Manager for Middle East and Africa Sayed Hashish has pledged his company’s support to the government in the successful implementation of e-government.

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  1. This can only be effective if everyone in Zambia can access the internet otherwise how will the general public use E-Government if internet access is unaffordable?

    • It will not completely replace the old system. This is just a step forward in modernization and should be applauded. Even in developed nations (UK, USA, Germany) where everyone has access to Internet, not all people choose to connect… in which case people are given a different option. Using the internet model will greatly increase efficiency and reduce waiting in long lines, etc.

  2. Well you have a Government full of people who don’t even know how to use the INTERNET except read ZWD and leak docs ..good luck , but we got to start from somewhere

  3. It is one of the Greatest step that his excellency has made towards Development. I am in full support of it, the only problem is with us lazy Zambians who don’t like to read.

  4. Wow, an E-government to expedite the PF administration’s rigging of votes,fasten corruption and order kachasu or Chubuku.

  5. This is a step ahead for the Zambian people and government,how ever if efforts are focused on ripping the good out of this then what we will get are good results.A digitized government platform offers efficiency and effective controls.People want the latest smartphone and tablets ,this is a sign that people want to go digital.While ISP’s are getting more innovative and providing competitive and affordable internet packages is another indication that there the digital revolution is lucrative and worth indulging in Zambia.Tech giants are investing hefty sums into digitization…even the national broadcaster has taken interest in this by implementing the digital migration. Before we know it more people than we can account for will be on board this digital revolution.The E Governance…

  6. GOOD direction Boma implement this system quickly please to fight high levels of corruption e.g traffic offence loose money going into the cops pocket when boma is broke and urgently need all coins to meet the budget deficits


    Poor governance, corruption and mal-practises have entered CCMG in 104 Districts known as Caritas-Zambia of Zambia. CCMG Secretariat which is a non-governmental organisation under Catholic Church is hosting three (3) mother churches plus JCTR of Fr. Chiti in Zambia are running PVT, Voter Registration and Election observation exercise for 2015/2016. CCMG have been trained by a CIA linked NDI organisation and funded by USAid for the job implementation. CCMG sign a ToR with District Monitors in all 104 District in Zambia to observe and monitor voter registration and 2015 elections using LTO and Check List tools; and are forcing these District Monitors/volunteers to get…

  8. E-government? Exciting buzz words to make one sound like they belong. It can only be a good thing but has PF made sure that the infrastructure is ready in all govt depts from Lusaka to the remotest office they have in the country or will this only apply to Lusaka.
    Where can one get details on what sort of transactions will go into real Release 1? Knowing fully that some far flung offices will not be connected how will the gap be addressed. I do realise HEEL couldn’t address all these aspects but this information should be in public domain but issue is where can one access it

  9. A commendable idea and good foresight. Even if internet might be expensive now, it is likely to be cheaper as usage increases. Let us not expend a disproportionate amount of time and energy on reasons why it should not work but on how to make it work because there are a number of places where this has worked. Hopefully organisations such as the Nursing Council of Zambia will take advantage of this development and make it easy for their members to pay annual subscription fees online. It is indeed amazing how a change in how we do things in one area may have a positive knock-on effect on the economy.

  10. It a good development. Although I don’t think they should go with Microsoft. The software licences will be unsustainable for our fragile economy.

    Government should start using open source based products and use their dollars for other developmental projects.

  11. I hope Chikwanda is not just getting some deal with Microsoft. How is Microsoft being engaged on this project???

  12. Lands Department are supposed to use their computer system to administer land registration. However, their computers have not been used for years. Instead, they continue taking bribes and are still unaccountable. Zambians are good at by-passing anything they feel will take away their money spinning corrupt tricks. I hope to be proven wrong, but this could turn out to be a waste of time and money. Of course in developed countries e-government has transformed the way citizens access services – applying for and obtaining passports, paying fines, obtaining car tax discs, paying income tax. The potential is endless.

  13. this is actually good because its easier to track corruption …..i think its time we get wiki leaks zambia
    ps has anyone seen the mess at filing in NRC dept. just hope young zambias are up skilled in this

  14. I am in full support, the attempt to improve is a great on and the first step is usually the hardest, but now that it has been taken I’m sure that we can attain a whole lot more.

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