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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Andrew Banda goes to jail

General News Andrew Banda goes to jail

Andrew Banda after sentencing
Andrew Banda after sentencing

The Lusaka High Court has upheld a two years jail sentence imposed on Former Republican President Rupiah Banda’s Son, Andrew.

Judge Mwila Chitabo dismissed all the grounds of appeal and sent Andrew to prison at exactly 12:40.

Andrew, 54, was found guilty by the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court of soliciting and receiving over K171, 000 as reward for assisting Fratelli Locci SRI, a company owned by Italian businessman Antenello Locci, with Government contracts.

He was charged with one count of receiving gratification for giving assistance on contracts, contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

Banda is accused of allegedly soliciting and agreeing to receive two percent of all the money paid to Fratelli Locci SRI from contracts awarded through the Road Development Agency.


  1. I hope this all cabinet will be arrested for corruption and leading dull party cards into violence . first and foremost were did the money come form lungu to camping the last by elections ? full of corruption. useless kwacha and lack of vision from head bandit acol lungu himself . 5 more years in 2016 with this corrupt ,dull, foolish,fake government Zambians will be on boats to Europe on economic refugees.

  2. Andrew Banda once said his father (RB) has lost it when RB started supporting EL. Now RB has found a way of punishing is prodigal son; send to jail to learn a lesson. Besides Andrew was a UNDP strong man for eastern province. By the time he comes out of jail, the PF will be firmly in control of Eastern province if not the entire country.

  3. Too bad for Andy. It just shows that if you go against the flow of power you get swept away. African politics, you have to really know how to lick them boots of the leader, lick them good and clean and he will keep you away from prison or get you out of it, unless you really belong there like foolish Kanene.

  4. he confessed his crime,got convicted and now he is going to jail. now wonder why the UPND dogs wants to politicise this.

  5. Mulenga Sata is the worst corrupt child of any president, even Lungu said that the security wings have asked him to fire him.
    Him and joe mwewe and ngandu are biggest crooks.

  6. selective justice indeed. whats more, someone called the anti corruption commission as “monkeys” and seems to have gotten away with this unbecoming behavior, WHY? Zambia is watching ! The anti corruption commission is a statutory body under the head of state and someone had the audacity to call them names like that. Whats happening to our country? who is in charge kanshi?
    Reminds of the novel by George Orwell “ANIMAL FARM” where some animals were more equal than others.

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