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Tourism council praises Government plan to reintroduce the national airline

Economy Tourism council praises Government plan to reintroduce the national airline

Zambia Airways Boeing 737-200
Zambia Airways Boeing 737-200

THE Tourism Council of Zambia (TCZ) has saluted the plans by the Government to reintroduce the national airline next year.

TCZ chairperson Alexander Mutali said the reintroduction of the national airline was a bright idea as it would boost both domestic and foreign tourism activities.

Mr Mutali was speaking in an interview at Royal Livingstone Hotel on Wednesday during a wine tasting ceremony.

He however urged the Government to seek ways of introducing planes which would be able to carry many local and international guests to sustain the airline.

“The biggest challenge which we must examine is on what type of an airline are we thinking of.

“If it is the luxury type of an airline, then it is not good for the country. If it is that type of an airline which will move great numbers like the Ethiopian Airline and even go to Dubai where most Zambians go to do their shopping, then that will be a better airline,” Mr Mutali said.

Mr Mutali, who is Livingstone Tourism Association (LTA) chairperson, also said there was need to ensure that the national airline promoted domestic tourism by introducing domestic flights.

“You can imagine that it takes close to two days for one to drive to the Coppebelt Province from here in Livingstone.

“But if you have an airline which will be cheaper, may you only spend K50 to travel from Livingstone to Copperbelt , many Zambians and other tourists will be travelling by plane and in turn this will sustain the profitability of the airline,” Mr Mutali said.

He said the tourism industry was looking for an airline that would move greater number of tourists like the case was in other countries which had national airlines.

“We don’t want prestigious planes which are very expensive. These planes must move many numbers from one point to another.

“We want an airline which will also promote domestic tourism because such an airline is missing in Zambia currently,” Mr Mutali said.

The Zambian Government has announced plans to reintroduce the national airline during the course of next year.

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  1. PF PLANS.
    Even that minister Sata called uluchipuba, I can’t just remember his name, anyway, he even set a date for Zambian Airline back in 2013. It was supposed to be a Jubilee present to Zambians.

  2. Sheer waste of time and money.The PF mor.ons will have free ‘rides’ on this airline.The mor.ons should have made an enabling environment for the private sector to thrive in, than venturing into something they have no idea about.

  3. Mr. Mutali,
    Why you do not put YOUR money where your big mouth stands?
    By the way, why are you NOT represented in current tourism fare in London? To small or to 5tupid to participate?

  4. As you reintroduce the national airline bear in mind, as you were reminded before liquidating the first one, that profit margins in the airline industry are razor thin (usually not more than 4% at any time) as well as a slow-growth venture. Do not – I repeat – DO NOT expect super profit, and please spare the staff from blame that is needless and often politically driven to score points. When we know the fundamentals of anything politics stays in its corner.

  5. What an id!ot ! His dumb comments just prove how clueless these clowns are!

    If money could be made from a national airline, do you not think private businesses would have started one by now?

    So he is proposing to set up a huge loss making company that will have to borrow more money to run.

    Then him and his PF friends can have “free” flights to Dubai “WHERE MOST ZAMBIANS DO THEIR SHOPPING” !!!!!!!

    And our children will have to pay back the money after the airline goes bankrupt !

  6. How much wine had this guy tasted before bleating this nonsense? He reckons that the airline should be able to offer a ticket from Livingstone to CB for ZMW50?!?!?! No wonder we failed to capitalise on tourist arrivals when Zimbabwe was on its knees if this is the caliber of person in position.

  7. Transport infrastructure in tourism is very much needed – main roads, rail, sea and air links. Even if the destination has quality attractions and accommodation, visitors will be deterred from visiting if good transport links do not exist. Other resources – conference facilities which will be important in attracting business visitors and what the ministry of tourism should focus on. In terms of human resource , we need skills, qualifications, experience, good work ethics and training systems and schemes. The people managing this sectors are all failures.

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