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Police removes UPND Campaign Posters; We are not in Campaign Season

Headlines Police removes UPND Campaign Posters; We are not in Campaign Season

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga
Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga

Police in Lusaka have pulled down at least 87 Chitenge materials, UPND party regalia, which were displayed on some sections of the Great East Road.

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner, Charity Katanga has confirmed this to ZNBC news in a telephone interview.

Ms Katanga says police are since investigating the case, to establish why the campaign materials were displayed.

She has explained that the police decision is meant to restore order, because the country is not in campaign period, adding that the campaign materials have potential to breach public peace.

Ms Katanga says the police have also summoned the UPND administration tomorrow, to establish why the Chitenge materials were displayed on several sections of the Great east Road.

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  1. I thought it’s the mandate of the Council, not the police. Where do Police find resources (fuel, cars, manpower) to embark on such task? Leave that to Lusaka City Council.

    • Katanga, send your men to remove PF flags from Longacres gas station, Woodlands Police, Break point…I could go on an on and on. What is it with this pretty woman?

    • Panic mode has hit the police again. HH’s coming is causing these b*tches in the police service to lose sleep. Like it or not he’s unstoppable.

  2. There is PF regalia littered all over the country including right outside Woodlands police station. So this PF cadre called Katanga is blind and can’t see the PF regalia all over the country? We hope UPND members can also remove the PF regalia since Katanga is too blind to see.

  3. Why don’t you just say PF cadres dressed as police officers. We see PF flags all over why hasn’t she removed them. I am sick of this animal farm mentality. PF has become exactly like MMD.

  4. Good move madam Katanga. Ensure you remove all campaign materials regardless of political party. The only flag to remain is our National Flag. Show patriotism to all the Zambian people and do not openly show that you are biased towards PF. If PF are allowed to put their Flags everywhere, why is it illegal for other parties to do the same. What is there to investigate?

  5. of all police officers, this Katanga chap makes me want to puke. i feel for her. such people you dont demote if you win, you actually tell them to continue working and see if their friends can help them. Madam Katanga you claim you have a degree in Law but from my side, you are supposed to be PF legal affairs person not wearing that uniform. you have never hidden the fact that you hate UPND with all your bile. so spare us the nonsense about peace and order because youre the one instigating the very thing youre purpoting to be fighting

  6. she looks like some one wanting to go the toilet. that posture u know. or a big bomb is about to come. why dont you do your job fairly iwe chi katanga.we mbushi wee

  7. Chino chalo nichatu bonse kulibe va animal farm elo lesa malotola. Katanga your day is approaching very fast you will miss putting on your beautiful No. 1 uniform with that bunga bunga head dress, the opposition have really endured pain under your brutal and biased command.

  8. @ Suntwe wa Suntwe
    I doubt if at all you know politics, anyway we forgive you. If you are basing your HH’s hopes on the dollar issue, then you better start looking for something else because only one percent (1%) of Zambians know anything about the dollar.
    Moreover, it is a given fact that its your HH and the cartel that have trying so hard to unjustifiably increase some commodity prices.
    The landscape of Zambia with Lusaka leading has totally changed and people are very happy. You can bank on the dollar issue but people don’t care about it as long as they can afford mealie meal which is now at K45 in Northern, Muching and North Western Provinces. If I were you, I would start preparing for 2026, president Lungu will trounce your HH badly this time around, just wait.

  9. Mango yobe nga yapya, ninshi naipya…..HH is surely unstoppable come 2016. U know how foolish PF is, they are doing all sorts of thisngs that are annoying most of us en u know what that means? HH is the option.

  10. Surely this is a police state.Lusaka and every town is littered with PF chitemge materials and to cadre cops like katanga this is okay.Only when UPND regalia is mounted it then becomes a breach of peace! Charity katanga’s days of harassing the opposition are indeed numbered

  11. Comment:its laws that all campaign be removed when the election period is over but you say she is politicking read electorial act iwmwe basuntwe

  12. It’s like UPND members are suffering from schizophrenia resulting from their repeated defeats. Please let our police officers do their work quietly. I am not going to be surprised if UPND claims elections have been rigged after their defeat in 2016. Forward? Where are you going?

  13. @Suntwe wa Suntwe, Aisha keep dreaming that your HH is forming GRZ next year. Dont think people re too shallow not to see how Zambia nd Lusaka in particular has immensely improved infrastructure wise during the PF’s tenure. Dollar,loadshedding nd rise in cost of living can not catapult HH to state house because people understand that it is a global thing and NOT PF’s making.

  14. @Suntwe wa Suntwe, Badala that ‘NEGA NEGA’ ambush you unleashed in January during presidential elections has backfired big time. Do you know what PF people re telling electorates in many PF strongholds especially Eastern province? They are distributing copies of results from Southern Province,while telling people to vote for ECL in that manner. Its now Eastern Province against Southern Province,so see how your HH will tumble lamentably next year!

  15. ababemba balasapota nefyo tabaishiba pantu lungu ni mbuyawabo so nangu tabakwanisha ukushita saka lya bunga,
    those gallas praising lungu cannot afford a mealy meal bag olo ma voter’card tabajisi bayanga aba ba ncelelebula alimwi mbaamuseka akkuta balalikuta that is why ncebatalimini swebo kwesu taisotokwaacula lyoonse

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