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Kabimba’s Post bailout plan absurd – ex-minister

General News Kabimba’s Post bailout plan absurd – ex-minister

Wynter Kabimba
Wynter Kabimba

IT IS not the duty of Zambians to bail out the Post newspaper and it is absurd for Rainbow Party presidential candidate Wynter Kabimba to ask Zambians to contribute towards the settlement of its debts to the Zambia Revenue Authority, former Transport and Communications deputy minister Alfred Njobvu has charged.

Reacting to Mr. Kabimba’s remarks that Zambians must bail out the Post newspaper by helping it pay its debt because it allegedly stood for the interest of ordinary people by exposing the shortcomings of successive Governments to make them accountable for their actions, Mr. Njobvu wondered why Mr. Kabimba himself who allegedly ‘‘has a lot of money’’ cannot bail out his ally’s company.

He said Zambians had no obligation whatsoever to pay for the debt that was accrued by the newspaper which was allegedly making huge profits and that if the paper had gone into insolvency, then the ultimate decision should be to liquidate the company.

“If Mr. Kabimba feels that the Post newspaper needs to be helped out of its debt, then why has he failed to pay that amount of money? We know that he has money which he got from the PF and his funders and so let him bail out his friends rather than asking Zambians to sympathise with tax defaulters because they do not have any obligation to do so.

“If the paper has failed to raise the amount it owes ZRA, let them open up bids so that it can be sold to the highest bidder so that those who have money and are willing to pay debts can take over the running of the paper,” Mr. Njobvu said.

He accused management at the Post of failing to run the paper competently and said there was need for an administrative overhaul if the paper was to thrive.

“The paper has doubled its cover price compared to other papers which means they are making a lot of money and so let them pay their debts because this is a citizen’s obligation since all of us even at individual level we are paying taxes. So let each one of us pay; whether at individual or corporate level because that is our obligation,” he said.

He said there was no need to sympathise with the Post newspaper because the paper was ‘‘stealing from Zambians’’ through tax evasion.

On Monday, Mr. Kabimba said there was need for Zambians to bail out the Post newspaper from its financial quagmire by mobilising resources to pay off the debts the company owed ZRA.

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  1. Alfred we are not getting money from your pockets, the post is the only private newspaper that gives true info, why are you worried? We are more than ready to help them.

    • This past news paper labeled HH a tribalist and that he became rich through privatization. Last year it even went as far as publishing HH`s bank accounts so that people can believe its propaganda against
      UPND`s top man. They were busy writing Hakayi votela Heka under 5!

      Well, Kopala and Hilder Malama help the past news paper because birds of same feathers fly together.
      As for us many Zambians we have made up our minds, we will not help the past news paper but our poor brothers and sisters. Now they are using diplomacy on HH just because they know that in Zambia it is PF and UPND chabe,chapwa, kwamana,finish! The rest are baby political parties.

    • My friend if you don’t read the post it means you are not informed and if you read it you get misinformed. So what’s the benefit of reading or not reading it. Zero.

  2. Very true sir. Why should a normal zambian waste money on the post. How special is the post. Let it just pay the tax just as every zambian does.

  3. Ba LT where have you picked this Alfred from? Understand the principle Wynter was expounding. If you don’t agree with the Post, please, don’t misrepresent what Wynter said. Some of us old enough know that the Post has always stood with the people (until they chose to bed MCS). We are willing to forgive them & stand with them at their hour of need.

  4. The Cartel members are the ones with an obligation to bail out the Post and not the ordinary Zambians.Mr Kabimba can you apologize and withdraw that statement Sir.

  5. INDEED THAT IS INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE,HOW CAN YOU HELP A COMPANY STEALING FROM YOU PAY BACK THE MONEY TO YOU???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. This poverty prevents people from thinking straight. Mmembe has been depriving the same people of Zambia of the public money due to the coffers of the nation. Now he turns around and asks the same people you have robed by not paying what is due to them to bail him out. Of course this is very high concept for dull lawyers like Kabimba to understand but his craft colleague Mmembe understands it perfectly well but his heavy goggles of selfishness and craftness do not allow him to see beyond his nose. Kabimba with his Socialist stance apparently to hoodwink the blind goes blindly to announce such absurd option. Kabimba is a hard core capitalist his sociolist front is there only to deceive those who entatain this ubsurd ideology which has failed lamentably.

  7. Zambian , you have seen or heard fro yourself, if KABIMBA become president with the post, you think zambia will be spared from stealing? Wanderer FTJ SAID ZAMBIAN ARE DOCILE.

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