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26 people apply for Zambia Railways CEO post

Economy 26 people apply for Zambia Railways CEO post

Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga (right) shakes hands with new Zambia Railways Board Chairperson Davies Chama at his office in Lusaka
Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga (right) shakes hands with new Zambia Railways Board Chairperson Davies Chama at his office in Lusaka

Twenty six people have applied for the vacant position of Chief Executive Officer at Zambia Railways, Board Chairman Davies Chama has revealed.

Mr Chama who is also PF Secretary General said in an interview that a Committee set up to scrutinise the applications will today meet to come up with shortlisted candidates.

Mr Chama said he is hopeful that the Board will finalise the appointment of a new CEO for the state railway firm soon.

‘We want to conclude this process very soon. Infact, the Board mandated a Committee to go through all the applications, we received 26 applications for this post so we have to shortlist a few and see where we take the process further,’ Mr Chama said.

He said the new CEO will be appointed purely on merit.

‘You know, Zambia Railways is a strategic asset for this country, so we need to entrust it in the right pair of hands,’ he said.

On June 1 2015, the Managing Director Professor Muyenga Atanga tendered a 90-day notice of resignation.


    • Professor Chirwa has no competition here. Just call him and discuss terms of the contract. We all know that he had the best plans for ZRL, but you guys chased him away for stupid reasons. Just call the guy and see how the Railway System will be transformed. The man has engineering skills that are respected in the UK and USA.

      I still remember those electric trains designs that he made and the future plans for the rail system. Please, call the man and let him transform ZRL for the better.

    • No one can reach this level of intelligent among those who have applied for the CEO posion. Give the position to Professor Chirwa, please.

    • No one can reach this level of intelligent among those who have applied for the CEO posion. Give the position to Professor Chirwa, please.
      (www.zambian-economist.com/2013/02/a-new-vision-for-zambia-railways-clive) Search on Google and select the first link.

    • This is really not being serious a company has a Davis Chama as Board Chairperson. To show how much tight the job market is even real people apply to be CEO for that company where one has to report to Davis Chama. PF is introducing new lows, even in cooperative governance. Recall how a father Bwalya destroyed ZESCO….

  1. How do you have a person of Chama caliber to be a board chairman of such an important government firm really. Mr Chama must not have anything to do with govt run firms and must only stick to his PF business. This is why we never progress in Zambia because we have pure cadres running government institutions at the expense of well qualified non partisan professionals. Zambia Railways is doomed and will never work under PF. Let us wait see another cadre taking over as CEO. PF has this habit of mixing party ad government business which is extremely retrogressive.

  2. It will be interesting to find the right candidate with the right mix of being a PF Cadre and meriteous at the same time! And yes, for a real professional to work well with DC may be a very big nightmare. Let’s wait and see, but good luck to ZR!

  3. Why not hire Miyanda Maimbo or Namushi Namuchana to look for a proper ZR CEO? Boko Haram Chama’s committee will just end up with another panga wielding useless id!ot.

  4. HH can do a better job there. By the time you wake up, you find ZR privatised to the lowest bidder and Chief Mazabuka has 50% shares in the company.

  5. Zambian is a cursed Country because we trust people who should NEVER be trusted. When you voted Sata, I knew you were cursed and am sure you regret it. He was a rubbish President and the consequences of his stupidity is now showing all over the place. The man spent Zambian money like he was drunk and initiated projects for things that were not budgeted for and the consequences of such actions are the depletion of the coffers and forex reserves which are now non-existent. So, ZRL CEO – give Chirwa and fire Chama from the board and get Jorry Mwenechanya or some sensible Engineer to head the board. Have you heard!

  6. You pro. Chirwa is stupid to go back there after the way he was treated by those thugs? He is better off here in Europe were the respect him.

  7. And you wondered why the country’s economy is in a state of total disorder… how and why in the world would this Mr Davis Chama be a board chairman of such a strategic company.

    Will this country ever move forward an inch if people just join politics to share strategic positions… politicians are not only running political affairs, they are also in charge of government and state affairs. Oh dear!

  8. All the 26 Zambian professors are completely non performers. I am told even failures such as Prof. Simukanga ex CBU VC and Dr. Aka Akashambatwa have all applied for the job.

    We all know this Job has already been given to an Ar2e- licking Vuvuzela cadre who sings “his masters voice”, but most likely will lack the qualification, therefore making this another failed P.F, doomed project
    State house, Chama, & Kambwili already know who the chosen cadre for this job is.


  11. @itizi turu, You propose Miyanda Maimbo or Namushi Namuchana to look for a proper CEO for ZRL. We don’t have to go through the motions of selecting and interviewing candidates you know. Be transparent so that we save time and money, what tonga bull do you have in mind so that we take the name to Edgar for swearing in on Monday?

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