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State seeks donations to construct the House of Prayer for all Nations Tabernacle

Headlines State seeks donations to construct the House of Prayer for all Nations...

Proposed New National Place of Prayer
Proposed New National Place of Prayer

Government has announced that it has opened an Account with ZANACO where members of the public can contribute towards the construction of an Interdenominational church to be known as the House of Prayer for all Nations Tabernacle.

In a statement, Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Ronald Msiska said in Lusaka that the Account will be domiciled in Lusaka and that those willing to contribute towards the construction of the Tabernacle can deposit the money in Account Number 1996712300387.

Dr Msiska said the opening of the Account follows the laying of the Foundation Stone and Groundbreaking Ceremony of the House of Prayer for All Nations Tabernacle by President Edgar Lungu.

He has since appealed to the public, the private sector and other stakeholders to support Government in constructing the Interdenominational Tabernacle by contributing towards the cause.

Dr Msiska said the construction of the Interdenominational Tabernacle reaffirms Government’s commitment to upholding the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation as enshrined in the Republican Constitution.

House of Prayer for all Nations Tabernacle will be situated in the Woodlands Forest Reserve land along Burma Road in Lusaka.


  1. Dr. Msiska is wasting his time releasing this statement. That money can better serve health institutions to enable them procure and expand

    • Well said Kabova. There are already enough churches for people to worship at.

      At a time when the economy has been plunged into the depths of hoplessness, we need to be saving money as much as we can and invest wisely and not waste money like this.

    • God doesn’t want a fancy house of prayers. Build that temple in your hearts and treat the people of Zambia right! Jesus didn’t preside over any church, he lived and worked among people in the community.

    • Another Zamtrop account in the making. Who is going to attend a government church when all Christians have their churches? What a way to steal from the gullible, naive and desperate public who think that manna can still fall from heaven without them breaking a sweat!

    • James 1:26v Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

      Government is showing bad religion by wasting money on a building instead of looking after the many Zambians suffering.I urge Zambians to instead find a poor child and help pay for school fees.Zambia’s hope is in the children

    • PF typical of they governance style. How do you start something and believing someone else will finance the project. It seems PF is not aware about the suffering of the people who they are asking to contribute they little coins for this useless call. The effects of inflation at 14.2% (reports) with the actual well above 15% is real, therefore, PF should be sensitive to people’s suffering. Just handover that project to Bishop Chomba, PS Energy, for him to use his members to complete the building.

    • Drug money from DEC, stolen Eurobond from State house etc. will find its way there and they will say God has moved the hearts of Zambians and provided.

    • I hope I don’t get another stoopid SMS from his office on this one. Msiska is abusing info from the simcard registration exercise to bombard citizens with PFoolish spam messages.

    • Nonsense – I pray no one donates even one ngwee to this misconceived idea. Bring the nation together to end poverty. Call the nation to take care of street kids. Let’s put medicine in UTH and make sure every child can attend school not this nonsense.

    • @Nostradamus
      Nostra,, you are of very few people I know in the world who is regular attendee Ku church,,,, sunshine or rain, hangover or not, I know you go Ku church,,, you should be the first one to donate Ku church ya kwa ka lungu

    • Just give Lungu and his PF the boot and whoever takes over leadership to abolish this project or make it an extension of UTH! Interdenominational chakuti chakuti my foot! I foresee a Ministry of Religious Affairs to be housed on the premises! @ Nostra you’re on point!

    • This is ONLY ONE of a LONG, LONG list of bad PF jokes! In fact, Sata, Lungu and their PF is themselves one of the BIGGEST JOKES of a Government ever seen in the world!

      Which other Government on earth goes begging for money to build a church when the job they are supposed to be doing is totally neglected?

      If it was meant as a JOKE maybe we could still laugh. But the problem is that these people are SERIOUS!

      If Nero fiddled while Rome burned, these clowns have even done better. They are having a PARTY while our economy COLLAPSES.

  2. Why donate our hard earned money when we know the money will be misused and contracts corruptly awarded to the Chipata Mafia Families.

    PF government you have already tarnished your name and created a bad reputation for yourselves for misuse of resources

    We work too hard for our money. No ways

  3. who is president lungu fooling, we know he has already taken govt money to build the church but after the outcry from big churchs he wants to cheat that its donations. What a lazy and clueless man who has no solutions to solve country problems.

  4. You may work hard and earn that money of yours but remember GOD is the one responsible over your life continue opposing him and you may not enjoy that money of yours the best you can do is not to oppose keep quite and enjoy your hardly earned money and let those who have heard from God make contributions.You alive today not because of your intelligence but GOD’S GRACE UPON YOUR LIFE. MAY GOD REACHLY BLESS EVERYONE OF YOUR

    • Imwe baba we are not short of churches. Why did some one make a pronouncement without backup resources? Why should I donate when I know its for political popularity. Why are Zambians so stu.pid when religion is used to blind them. Even ba bululu ba Yesu ku Israel are not as gullible as Zambians when it comes to religion. Wake up.

    • So now unless you attend Government prayers, donate to Government church, attend Government church you are not a real Christian? its like we have had no real churches until now when this structure is built? So God doesn’t care how long I have been attending my church that I will be disowned until I show I am faithful by donating to the Government church? well….

    • that’s why we keep saying |Government should not involve itself in matters of religion. the church exists apart and regardless of Government. God is not one to be mocked.

  5. But zoona. ….PF is finished Lungu is finished…just what’s up with all these donations. …just the other day someone was soliciting funds to bail out the Post and today it Chagwa and his minions..i can’t wait for HH to take over Zambia

    • They can’t give figures.

      They do not know what a BUDGET is! Just look at our National budget presented by the fossil dinosaur Chikwanda that was total rubbish and just WISHFUL THINKING!

      The reality is that Zambia has a gang of economically functional illiterates that only know how to grab per diems, charter jets and go and party in New York at Taxpayers expense. With the excuse it was for a speech by Lungu — that nobody bothered to attend!

  6. I would rather contribute my cash to my already existing church to expand infrastructure at my church, than willingly and knowingly waste my money on a vague project.

  7. Is there a Zambian who doesnt have a church to go to? If you are there, then let me know. I know of a number of churches that dont fill to capacity. A good example is Dunamis of Dan Pule. Go there and not waste money on donating to the construction of a white elephant. Its a government project. Let them fund it. As for me I am already donating to the PF lavish lifestyles through the taxes that i am compelled to pay

  8. I thought governments past and present have been warning churches to stay out of politics!? Now what is this non.sense of politics meddling in church matters and championing collection? This appears to be a bipolar episode on the side of this particular government…

  9. The nearer the church,the further from God.Why would poor GRZ be going the religious way while the most richest nations tend to be the “faithless” types?

  10. Why start a project that you don’t have resources for, firstly is was somebody asking us to donate and bail out one newspaper, today its government asking for money for them to build a synagogue. A fancy building that will only be used during “special” occasions and will remain unused all along but will incur maintenance costs. Perhaps there will be some crazy bishop who will hire the facility for his church service and run it down and yet all of us have contributed towards it. Its crazy.
    I would rather they build a conference center that can be run like mulungushi conference center. For prayers, we have have our own churches.

  11. Noble course!

    One of the best edifice in Lusaka, now housing the Ministry of Mines near the Zambia State Insurance Corp (SZIC), was build through individual donations.

  12. Seriously. I have never in my entire life! How about an account to help the hundreds of starving Zambians out there? How about an account to buy computers for the Grade 9 pupils who had to write exams at 2 AM? How about an account to build a drop-in centre for homeless children in each town in Zambia(which will be probably cost less than this monstrosity?)…the list is endless of what you can ask Zambians to help with. Faith without works (doubtful faith at that!) Come on…catch a clue. You want to use Zambians to support you in your use of religion as a campaign strategy? The party and its government…leave us alone!

  13. Its global bane for the governments to be stealing from its people through fake donations. Are u telling me that Edgar Lungu is the first president to cheat his electorates that he wants to build a church when infact he wants to steal that money? its happening everywhere. Corrupt Presidents like our Edgar Lungu do swindle their citizens by asking them to contribute. Its not only Edgar Lungu, other presidents in the world do it also; Its global baneeee. Just deposit your money in that account and we will be there to steal from you as PF Government, Its globaaal.


  14. This is how dull and how useless one Lazy Lungu is…surely how is such a silly building going to add value to anything…when are we going to wake up from this mental slavery? If you want to build something construct a library. The caliber of these leaders today is utterly disgraceful….when we tell you that religion is one of the many things holding us back some people think its an insult.
    You happy to spend money on a building that will only be used once a week, who is going to maintain this rubbish in the long term…how can we let one dull LAZY idi.ot wake up in the morningin State House and conjure up all these stu.pid ideas from solar hammer mills to this monstrosity.

    Zambians wake up from your DOCILITY AND FOLLY!!

  15. these guys must be serious so,honestly there are thinking that god will send jesus from heaven to come and teach them how to run the gorverment coz its like now they have completly run out of ideas. i bet they know exactly the problem but they dont wanna fix it coz it will take them to jail.

  16. This government is foollish like the Galatians were referred to in the Bible!

    Who has bewitched then that they can’t think properly?

  17. Immediately there is a change of government this church will be grabbed the way the new government grabbed the new government complex from UNIP, which was also build using public funds.

  18. I am donating my money. I want to be the first and will continue donating the money until this church is completed. Hallelujah.

  19. This is very sad indeed. Who will be maintaining this building and paying staff? What type of faith will be practiced in this church? But this is the real Zambia at nonsense. I doubt very much if the supporters of PF are normal.


  21. @Kabova ur a disaster in making. A house of prayer can help deliver pipo like u who are possessed with hatred. All peace loving Zambians including HH must really support this cause. I love EL!

  22. What?????????????????? Even in Muslim countries government does not involve itself in building mosques, What type of stupidity is this, Just concentrate on governing the country and its people.

  23. Haha what is happening to the USD it’s now K12. £ is K18.28
    Alot of people commenting are not aware that once you have a service at the Cathedral you have to pay upfront. Not surprising as the church has costs to meet in maintaining the premises and structures. The construcrion of the Catholic Church’s Cathedral of Child Jesus which was Championed by that greatest Bishop of Zambia Cardinal Mazombwe was built from largely donations. In contrast there is no building which the current Archbishop has organised funding for..zero. The GRZ is asking for donations so that we build a church big enough to host Government and other functions like the Catholics have done. What is wrong for GRZ to do that? What is good for the goose is good for the gander. They are not forcing for…

  24. PF cadres can afford to build their building of worship! DO not start projects if you have no money or budget in place. Where are the priorities with this govt? You are busy misusing the tax payers money and you have the balls to ask them for donations for some kinder church building in these extremely hard times. Isn’t this mockery to the people really! For your own information EL nino on coming, you better start planning and stop this rhetoric!

  25. @Madetsa Woyela. Is K12 to $1 an improvement to write home about? Do you know why it has shown that marginal gain? How long will it last? How much money has BOZ dumped on the market to achieve that marginal gain? Be assured, the Kwacha will begin its downward spiral as soon as the little money dumped by BOZ is mopped up. There is nothing to sustain the kwacha up. The PF is clueless.
    You ask what is wrong with GRZ to ask for donations to build a church?? Are we having this conversation? Why do you think ECL is calling on the Church to stay out of politics? Why doesn’t the same argument apply to Govt staying out of religion?

  26. Dr Musiska, please don’t be used in useless things. There are alot of questions you need to answer, one who is in charge of this church, a pastor or bishop chomba, and so on, who is the signatory on this account, when you were openning the account documents did you use? There are just some many questions you need to answer please lets not play with God. In as much as it is important to honor God don’t mislead the country into foolishness.
    Tell Edgar this is rubbish and it can not work. Now that President is leaving office in a few months time, is he is going to the Pastor in charge?Or they will be exchanging with foolish Chomba?Please

  27. please Dr Musiska don’t be used in foolish things which your conscious tells you are wrong. There are so many questions that need to be answered, one who is going to be in-charge of this church? Wre will the offering be going to? Who is going to be the pastor in charge? Now that President is leaving office in a few months time is he going to be in charge of this church or they will share the responsibility with a foolish chomba?

    Can the you read the message on the wall Dr and make rite decisions. Sorry i had forgotten please make me the sore signatory of the account, iam the accountant, the signatory, the finance manager, everything is me and the auditor too

    Total madness in the making well the message is loud and clear

  28. This very silly who in there rightful mind would donate money into an account knowing that it will be stolen when PF leaves power people will be arrested over that bank account.

  29. Schools, Hospitals, Training Centres, Roads, etc. If the govt. had a vision and a set of policies, then they could focus on more tangibles things like the examples given, and im sure if they did so, God would lend a helping hand!

  30. It is like Zambia has turned back the hands of time. Do you remember such calls during the Kaunda regime when people were literally forced to “donate” towards the construction of the UNIP Headquarters? It is now the current Government Complex.
    Our universities such as UNZA and CBU have no proper multi-purpose halls and the GRZ is preoccupied with building a temple. This is shocking to say the least. Many schools and hospitals in rural Zambia are in deplorable conditions and they need urgent attention. Sadly, some smart alec thinks otherwise. Shame.

  31. I’m confused at first I thought it was something like National prayer thing but now it’s an all nations prayer thing.Anyway this will take one or two ministers and the account is full since they travel alot abroad making allowances.

  32. At my church I have contributing church building fund for 10 yrs. No church no site..my bishop drive a merc

    I will donate K100 to Government church for the change. .


  34. nafwebene, the kind of leaders we choose sure! hmmmm somthing must be wrong somewhere. the christian nation non senceness wil ever be a hiding place. when ever they fail to deliver, they be like “let us pray” bunch of fool pretending to be sane.

  35. Ladies and gentlemen, Let us be serious for once! Doctor Msiska sir, did you also attend that cabinet meeting where such a Misplaced decision was passed? Am not a politician but this is too much joking at the expense of pipos lives!! Leaders still believe that Zambians can be cheated and abused even after prayers? God is not a Pastor/ or Bishop who you can tell what to do! He may answer your prayer by dropping you and promote your neighbour! May be He has already started that process,! How can one explain this building of church when Central Hospitals has no Consultants?

  36. I regret 100% voting for PF. No better than MMD after all. How could Data do this? Appoint a fullish nephew to two ministries, make him party SG, and leave him acting President! Let’s root out nepotism and tribalism.

    • @Musumba, why would you want anyone to do that to you? Believe it or not, you are a ray of hope. Your offspring might just lead us out of this jungle.

  37. Please go about this hoodwink in project this way only. Don’t allocate any of our tax money to this church unless you want a legal fight that won’t end

  38. Please go about this hoodwinking project this way only. Don’t allocate any of our tax money to this church unless you want a legal fight that won’t end

  39. You cannot arrest people for being stupid. But they should not be elected to leadership positions because they tend to spread their stupidity. This is a typical case of stupidity and and being ill informed. Ill-informed comes from not learning or experiencing how the rest of the world is. The world has moved past these emotional monument building projects for a long time. And yet Lungu is proposing one. With all of the work churches are struggling with feeding HIV orphans and street children he want to spend money on religion, which is personal. I suggest he spends money feeding or teaching the homeless. People want jobs not more places to pray. They have enough churches and they can go on Sundays or any other days to worship.

  40. I clicked on this article with the expectation of reading something that was meant to be a big fat joke. I was wrong. I wish the construction of this big damn thing was someone’s idea of a lame joke. I’m really sorry to see that some ídiot is actually toying with this idea in a serious fashion.

  41. So there is no money for this white elephant? Let lungu and the churches donate. This man ECL is getting scarrier by the day. Next he will be having visions and talking to God. Any psychologists out there to describe our presidents state of mind and psychosis? When people are starving and you have no medicines in your hospitals, you divert focus to fundraising for a VERY, VERY UGLY building. I will contribute to the shooting of the designer of this building (No, I will not call him an architect)

  42. please can some one tell these fools frist to sort out the UTH than go for such stupid things y are they stealing fron the poor they can use the other halls in lusaka pls stop this noneasens they still want to steal from the poor like KK use to tell us tighten tighten u r belts we tighten so much in the end it broke and now we are still suffring because of him and his friends

  43. Before I could even read other comments , what came into my mind was” our hospitals need money, our schools need money, our orphans and widows need money. There are many churches” why this projects. Who are these people in power who surely don’t see were the money should be raised and be invested….Yes our country needs to go back to ” one Zambia , one Nation” no corrupt government and society and no using the church. Like my grandma would say ” God is holy, we should fear him and do what is truly right, and no take him like his is a joke…”. ..I will contribute toward raising money for the low cost at UHT, anyone interested?,,,,

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