Zambia Army Soldiers on parade
Zambia Army Soldiers on parade

The Ministry of Defence has thanked the French government for providing training and support to the Zambian military personnel who are earmarked for United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions.

Ministry of Defence Permanent Secretary Rose Sakulanda said the training which the Zambian battalion underwent will add value to the troops in the field.

Ms. Sakulanda said this during the closing ceremony for the ZAMBATT II/French field training at Nanking battalion training area in Chongwe district today.

She said the ZAMBATT II contingent was part of the battalion scheduled to relieve the ZAMBATT I contingent in Central African Republic (CAR) in 2016.

Meanwhile, Zambia Army Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff Major General Topply Lubaya said the training has equipped the troops for the task ahead of them in peacekeeping missions.

And Commander of the French forces in the Indian Ocean (FAZCOI) Brigadier General Frank Reinier said his government was aware that peacekeeping in the Central African Republic was a demanding undertaking.

General Reinier said it was for this reason that the French government decided to work together with the Zambian government in training the troops that will be stationed in that country.

He said the exercise has been fulfilled adding that the participants have learnt a lot from the combined exercise.

The field training exercise was aimed at preparing part of the ZAMBATT II troops that are earmarked for United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic.

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  1. PLEASE let the soldiers be deployed in zambia for elections , they learnt nothing from france cos. they cant speak french, the examples are many look at HR he failed to take zambia to the world cup cos.players like mbesuma who cant speak english or french, couldnt understand what the french man was saying



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