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FAZ Super Division misses out on elite global forum membership

Sports FAZ Super Division misses out on elite global forum membership

The Football Association of Zambia’s long-held resistance to an autonomous Super Division will see the top-flight miss out on joining a global elite top-flight forum.

While FAZ clings on to the cash cow that is the Super Division for its preliminary revenue base and a measure of welding power, the South African, Kenyan and Nigerian Soccer League have been invited to become Africa’s founding members of the World Association of Leagues (WAL) following a meeting in Paris on December 1.

The 20-team forum includes the English, French and Spanish top flights who intend to work alongside beleaguered FIFA.

“Africans cannot afford to simply sit back but play a significant role in world football. We are all happy with the steps taken and the doors this gathering will open for football on the continent,”Kenya Premier League chief executive officer, Jack Oguda told the BBC.

The WAL will come into operation in January.


  1. Galu will not let go of the that as that’s his gravy train. ..the best leagues in the world are ran by a subsidiary company headed by a team of experienced business managers no wonder they are successful.

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