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UPND Veep Canisius Banda petitions for refugee status for six displaced families

General News UPND Veep Canisius Banda petitions for refugee status for six displaced families

Canisius Banda
Canisius Banda

Six families in Lusaka’s Villa Elizabetha residential area are now homeless after barriffs bailiffs ambushed them on Thursday the 3rd December, 2015 at an awkward hour; Reports Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

United Party for National Development (UPND) vice President for political affairs Canisius Banda who visited the six displaced families yesterday expressed sadness regarding the matter.

Dr. Banda said that it was disheartening seeing citizens living in anguish on their motherland. He therefore decided to take the affected families to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) which is the office of the Vice President to petition for refugee status on behalf of the six displaced families.

Dr. Banda commended the office of the vice president for receiving them well when they petitioned regarding the demolition of the houses.

He said the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) National Coordinator Patrick Kangwa conducted himself in a manner expected of a public worker.

Dr. Banda noted that DMMU has assured safety of the affected persons and will provide tents for them as they find a lasting solution.

“He conducted himself in the manner expected of the public worker, he must be commended! So we have been told that yes! The matter is in court, but what is urgent now is that families are homeless, so we have been assured that they will erect tents as they find a lasting solution,” Dr. Banda said

And during a whistle-blowing visit by the UPND vice President for Political Affairs Dr. Canisius Banda, Mrs. Catherine Tembo whose husband retired without terminal benefits from Contract Haulage complained bitterly regarding the eviction and demolition of their residential houses.

She states that during the exercises colossal sums of money was lost, hence she demands for compensation from the barriffs and the person purported to have bought the houses.

“ anibwezale ndalama nifuna, nizifuna pilizi Mr. Tembo said”


  1. Is it “barriffs” or “BAILIFFS”? The poor quality of Zambian education is showing its ugly head in Journalism.

    • @maloza: What an Arse you are! You are not an Englishman and English is not your mother language! The point is that English is just a medium of communication to most of our people and you have at least got the story in your UGLY head! So why worry about spellings? Have you heard an Englishman even attempting to speak Tonga, Chewa, Bemba, etc? Indeed you are a strange creature – you prik!

  2. My good compatriot maloza, not only is our poor quality education showing its ugly head in journalism but in all spheres of our human development. Yesterday I had the opportunity to listen to parliament radio, I couldn’t believe the level of mediocrity that exists in our parley. I shudder to think what those !diots will do to the draft constitution. Surely cheap is expensive.

  3. watch dog is the worst! it’s not a fair online newspaper only has one good thing to say and that is upnd. shameful

    • Walubita, who reads watchdog apart from self righteous and arse scratching UPND cadres? They even win elections just on watchdog and get completely confused when they lose on the ground where real people live. Real people don’t base their presidential vote on a single factor, no! They base their voting for a president on infrastructure development in their area, economic environment, social and psychological factors, etc.
      To win an election amounts to hope, whoever offers the people realistic, whole rounded, trust worthy hope is the one people will elect. Let’s wait for June 2016, by this time we will surely know who will win the elections between ECL and HH. Right now it is blaired!

  4. @itizi turu, You are right about the Zambian parliament. I think it is one of the worst parliaments in the world. The MPs ‘debate’ like programmed robots. Ministers lie through their teeth and are allowed to get away with murder. May be the only thing the empty-headed Zambian MPs are good at is wearing suits and ties. It is no hidden secret that standards of Zambian education have nose-dived.

  5. Canisius Banda belongs to the UTH theatre. He does not understand who you grant refugee status to. Am sure when he was living at the filthy Mumana Pleasure Resort he was a refugee in his own country and his narrow understanding of who is a refugee.

  6. This is the caliber of Zambian politicians. And to believe that this boy is supposed to be a doctor, one wonders what is happening in Zambia. As a leader, the ignoramus banda was just supposed to raise the issue with the relevant authorities, and he did by taking the family to be assisted by the VP’s office. But to ask for refugee status is totally nonsensical. Why does he not ask for the same status for the many many Zambians that have no shelter? Good works should be performed all the time, not just when there is political mileage to be gained or just playing to the gallery.

  7. Comment: Whatever comes from him doesn’t politically make sense. I can agree with some bloggers, this is not his field.

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