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House of prayer essential part of Zambia’s Christian growth- Pukuta Mwanza

General News House of prayer essential part of Zambia's Christian growth- Pukuta Mwanza

ICOZ Bishop Masupa , Catholic Diocese of Ndola Bishop Banda during  the Interdenominational Thanks giving requiem church service of President Sata at Parliament in Lusaka  on November 10,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
ICOZ Bishop Masupa , Catholic Diocese of Ndola Bishop Banda during the Interdenominational Thanks giving requiem church service of President Sata at Parliament in Lusaka on November 10,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

EVANGELICAL Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) executive director Pukuta Mwanza says the construction of the national house of prayer is an essential part of the country’s Christian growth.

Reverend Mwanza said it is important for all people to support the construction of the tabernacle as it will give people from different denominations an opportunity to proclaim Christainity in a manner that brings people together in prayer.

Rev Mwanza said this during the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Sunday Interview.

“At the moment, there is no central place where people can go for worship; other places are designed specifically for certain churches’ way of doing things. But in an interdenominational setting, there is a common way of worship,” he said.

He said the country’s population has grown significantly, thus creating demand for a place dedicated to prayer. Rev Mwanza said President Lungu’s decision to build a national house of prayer is commendable and deserves support.

And Rev Mwanza said politicians that missed the October 18th national day of prayer and fasting missed a great opportunity to reconcile and make peace in the presence of many people.

“The prayer and fasting day was a great opportunity for political leaders to confess, and reconcile with one another; it was not so for some [selected people]. The Bible says God can restore whatever is lost,” he said.

He urged political leaders that should there be another opportunity to seek God’s face, they must participate, saying it is one way of showing that one is worth their salt.

And Rev Mwanza warned the people to be wary of the increasing number of false pastors and fake doctrinal teachings in the country.

“The problem we are having is that we do not have a regulatory mechanism that allows us to withdraw credentials from people who are not teaching the right things,” he said.

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    • Just another tabernacle FOR THE POOR to ENRICH, their RICH PASTORS!!
      Last time I checked, I think Jesus said, THEY WILL BE MANY PRETENDERS COMING IN MY NAME!!

  1. I was a Christian for 28 years and believed every word of the bible from the 6 day creation myth to revelations. After I fact checked the bull sh!t I was feed I realized I was deceived by men with a political agenda.?

    • God have mercy on you for insulting His revelation intended to bring salvation to mankind. Do not confuse your blinkered understanding of the Word of God with the integrity of the Word of God. Poor fellow

  2. Not only strengthening and growing the Christianity but solidifying and cementing the covenant we made with our God almlight when we declared Zambia as a Christian nation the declaration which God has respected and it will stand for many generations to come.
    Those opposing demons should go and cast themselves in the lake of fire because we will still triumph with our God no Mata what will emerge victorious.so you can insult as many times as you want it will not help you after all you are just demons not human fresh.

    • NO, we must continue the good fight against the ignorance and lies which all religion stands for. It is a cancer to society and must be eradicated?.

    • Zambia is not a Christian Nation naimwe….. a christian nation can not have HIV AIDs prevalence rate of 20%. There are NO (sorry) very few virgins in Zambia. Polygamy is Law in Zambia. Adultery and fornication are rampant in Zambia. We are number one in the world in Corruption, bribery and such vices. The list is endless. Do u think Jesus Christ is happy to be named after such a corrupt country??? You dunderheads must be MAD!!

  3. A Greek translation from a 50-year oral hand-down of Aramaic and everybody thinks it is literal. Wake up and smell the coffee people! Even the English style of writing has changed so much things are lost in translation. This Tabernacle is just another kick in the jock of the enlightened.

    • I do not know what rubbish you are talking about. And I write as a biblical scholar who holds three postgraduate degrees, including a PhD in the literature of the Bible. Check your facts before you parrot what you hear and do not understand

    • It needed years for me to completely overcome this belief in imaginary friends. It needs courage to accept reality. When you were brought up without religious teachings it’s not a big deal, but for me it was not so easy. My enlightenment occured before the Internet era. With the Internet and all it’s informations I think I could have achieved my deconversion within minutes.?

  4. In your own backwards thinking things have changed but our God never change, he is the same yesterday,today and forever
    @kalok I’m not cheap like you who can be blown in which direction the wind is coming from I have a strong foundation not just because some foolish things have changed then I also have to change no.you got to be principled with what you believing in.
    I don’t blame others for the suffering we are experiencing because I

  5. Jomo Kenyatta once said:- “When the Missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the Missionaries had the Bible. They taught us how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible.”

    My advice to Zambians: Please pray but pray with your eyes open.

    – KK used Christianity for 27years whilst being a Dictator whose mentor was North Korean Leader Kim Il Sung.

    – FTJ used the Born-agains for 10years, yet he was sleeping with other pipos wives (Regina) while his Wife (Vera) was smuggling food from State House to eat with a married Tonga-Coloured man Mactribouy.

    – MCS used the name of Catholics for 3 years.

  6. House of prayer essential part of Zambia’s Christian growth- Pukuta Mwanza – I really enjoyed your Sunday interviews. I saw a lot sense and Godliness in your answers. Keep it up man of God.

  7. We surely need this structure. there are indeed people possessed by the devil who keep on opposing every good thing. We need a war room to fight (pray room) for them. Keep it up man of God Mr. Pilula Mwanza we are behind you.

  8. God receives prayers wherever you are.

    He does not need huge buildings.

    This is just a huge scam by FAKE PASTORS to grab Taxpayers money for their own use!

    If Jesus was here, he would throw these hypocrites out as he did with the money lenders in the Temple.

    This money can be used to improve peoples lives and should not be used to advance lying politicians agendas

    • The more you study religion, the more you realize it is bullsh!t — It is also strongly related to your IQ…?

  9. Kansi the man i saw speaking on TV is a Reverend or so called man of God? He appeared & spoke like a politician or Government mouth piece.

  10. I sincerely believe in the existence of God and I am fundamentally a christian, though I am not right with God right now.

    But my words are these; God blessed us with intellectualism. When he created us in his own image, it means we should be able to do similar things that he does.

    1. God created things, humans must create things-cars, computers, tvs, phones, trains, planes etc. What do you want God to do for you apart from the creativity he gave you? That is what I understand to be “in his image”
    2. God is almighty, omnipotent. That is why we praise, worship and thank him for the great gift he gave us and also for saving us even after we got lost, (for whosoever believes in Jesus).

    My point is, we have not used our intellectualism to sort out our problems. we behave like…

    • Religion is the absolute scourge of humanity. Who the hell do these fantasy spinners think they are, expecting us to swallow the monumental, manipulative fairy tales associated with almost ALL religions.?!
      We should feel obliged to challenge religion the minute it begins to impinge on our own liberties … and it’s very adept at that.?

  11. Useless reasoning, using that same useless argument, why don’t we have one political party so that we all agree and have one secretariat and president and live happily ever after, maybe one company as well, one football team, oh we have the chipolopolo, but maybe we can combine Zesco United, Power, Nkana etc have one club house. As long as you have people you will have different beliefs its not the place of the government to create a church. The government also represents muslims, atheists, animists (most of our ancestors followed this) etc, so are they also welcome at this building. All countries that attempt to mix religion and the state have serious problems and Mr. Mwanza should know this.

  12. These Bishops just agree on anything as long as there is monetory gain. How will cathalocs, pente, Jehova witness, new apostlic churches etc who pray in different doctrine mix in a such grouping? This may only be used by ECL and govt and the utilisation will be of insignificant compared to if the money went to create an industry for the youths where job creation would suffice. What a president we have in state house!

  13. The many so-called holy books were ever anything but manufactured propaganda for political purposes or for power and money.

  14. Mr. Pukuta Mwanza, I find it odd that you want a church where ‘all agree”. The reason we have denominations is that we do not all agree!
    The money being wasted on that synagogue can be put to better use. You know how you are benefitting from that pyramid scheme. God will sort you out. Do not pretend to speak in his name, when it is your own pocket you are interested in!

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