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President Lungu is being lied to-UPND

Headlines President Lungu is being lied to-UPND

UPND Cadres at a Rally in Kabwe
UPND Cadres at a Rally in Kabwe



President Edgar Lungu’s reported statement that our peaceful UPND party is planning to cause violence and chaos next year again shows how petty and trivial he is when addressing national issues.

In fact it is really a waste of time to react to President Lungu whenever he says something because nobody takes him seriously anymore like Zambians did to any of his predecessors.

It is very clear that his statements which are merely hallucinations are always uttered under the influence of whatever strong stuff he takes.

Even if he is basically a caretaker president, Zambians are expecting a little bit more from him than merely going out at night partying and dancing at cocktails where the Lusaka Mayor would have officiated.

As UPND, we are more focused on economic issues currently affecting our people, especially those losing jobs in many sectors and youths without jobs.

We are more worried about poverty, extravagant PF expenditures, corruption at all levels, high cost of living, PF reckless borrowing and other issues affecting our people.

His wild and baseless statement on violence shows clearly why he had ordered his security wings to limit freedoms for other political parties, especially ours, from going out to mobilise our people around the country while him and his wife are busy gallivanting all over busy campaigning.

We really pity the intelligence wings of our country who can be accused of feeding President Lungu what amounts to alarming information.

Every Zambian now knows which political party is the most violent in the country as Lungu himself is a product of pangas and machetes from Kabwe and no one now expects him to champion peace.

Everyone knows the PF has been brutalising citizens including journalists around the country and Lungu has not come out to condemn any of the behaviours of his cadres.

Lungu really thinks our supporters can be that stupid to attack their own party President Hakainde Hichilema in Kitwe and destroy their own secretariat for which PF leaders came out to apologise.

So Lungu has already forgotten that not long ago he even banned PF regalia in buses and markets on being embarrassed that his thugs were causing mayhem to poor marketeers, bus drivers, and innocent citizens in the streets.

And Lungu was not even aware that even as he was issuing alarming statement in Kasama, poor women were being dehumanised and stripped naked for wearing UPND party regalia when the residents were expecting to hear and be shown the cheaper mealie meal and farming inputs in the area?

Lungu and PF Leaders know they are on their way out as no Zambian can give them any votes anytime to continue mutilating the economy and brutalising citizens.

We wish we can say more but perhaps we should also find and take the strong stuff he takes before he utters such alarming statements which we are happy nobody takes him seriously.

Hon. Stephen Katuka
UPND Party Secretary General


    • UPND has serious identity and maturity crisis. Katuta is steadily sabotaging the little confidence Mazoka left. UPND chaps are increasingly sound more like effing nuts than alternative leaders. Instead of talking ways to foster maturity, national cohesion built on peace; they showcase like runts of the Mussolini’s litter age and yelp about ways that would only bring us more of insults. It’s about time UPND looked for mature leaders and let bitter heads exit the stage.They look and sound like a bewildered and frustrated kids. Zambians have a duty to continue rejecting bitter heads that propagate insults on the Presidency with their irrational and inhuman conduct. OOFFFF! effing nuts venting sounds too bitter and fanatical.


    • Fellow contributors,
      please read carefully both statements and then pass judgement after considering implication of the contents of President Lungu allegations and above response.
      The stage of “us” against “them” and partisan “instinctive” or “defensive response” should be put behind.
      The time has come to asses, analyse and judge without bias why, how and because of our current economical, monetary and human rights situation.
      The time has come to look beyond tribe, friendship, personal benefits or “under five” or “permanent failure”.
      Well, time has come to decide future of Zambia for the years to come.
      Shall this experiment of democratic values been abandoned as it has failed our aspiration due to our own failure? And if so, what next?

    • The President does receive Intelligent report about crime and Security, who does not know the schemes UPND implores, such as the Mapatizya formula. They always called Micheal Sata a dictator because he never tolerated any nonsense from UPND. These guys can do anything to to ascend to power.

    • UPND is losing the initial good image and if this continues : UPND will be very far from PF in 2016 elections. Mr Katuta you are behaving as though you are Mr Kataya!

    • @ Fighter,

      Which planet are you living on, am very certain you have no slightest clue of the development PF and President Lungu have delivered across the country. If you are that type, then I pity you. Just take a drive in Lusaka but dont collapse with tarred and black all wheather roads that will greet you. The same is happening on Copperbelt with the C400 just in case you are behind.

  1. Talk about being trivial,is this the so called party of intellectuals? Am beginning to wonder what upnd stands for,these guys are very self contradictory.First ati EL chakolwa,but their blue eyed mp Garry confesses in parliament that he is drunk,then they condemn Kambili for attending Youngson’s funeral,and their god hh praises the Jerabos.These guys are the worst hypocrites ever.

  2. For every action; there is an equal opposite reaction. But for this one ; the action and reaction are in the same direction. Wasting time to alarm and respond.

  3. i agree with what has been written. I am amazed that PF cadres in the diaspora are happy to defend violence in their party. Who does not know that PF is synonymous with violence?

  4. This is really a trash of an article, don’t people have better things to do? UPND must realise that they are just like a tin with holes in it. No matter the amount of water one puts in, that tin will never be full.
    UPND must be worrying of where on earth in the next 20 years will they ever amass votes to beat the 50%+1 winning threshold.
    Their so called financial giants have been paying and buying fuel for people to deceive themselves that they have supporters. People only need sustained incomes and not one offs and HH and GBM must know this if at all they have brains.
    What plans for instance has HH and UPND have for the miners, nil. On one hand he says lets diversify without being specific, but when H.E. ECL comes up with a policy and solution like providing land to our miners, the…

  5. Fighter, this is what you said prior to 2015 elections. And what happened????
    Grow up!!!
    Or else you remain behind forever

    • Where is FlightHH2015? He crashed heavily beyond recognition. The few that made a mistake to support the Under 5 have realised the mistake they made. It is a given and hard truth that if aint T0nga, you mean nothing to associate yourself with UPND, ask GBM, he understands this very well and thats why you see the man looking very confused today. He should have asked why UPND previous alliances with others failed lamentably. UPND is HH and HH is UPND and Southern Province chapwa, any other you are just a mole to them!

  6. contd

    What plans for instance has HH and UPND have for the miners, nil. On one hand he says lets diversify without being specific, but when H.E. ECL comes up with a policy and solution like providing land to our miners, the same HH who claims his a successful farmer says miners cant do farming. The man is not fit to even head a club and no wonder his party has ever diminished from the time Mazoka died.

    • Flight2015 was only delayed by ireen Mambilima,priscila Isaacs,Lombe Chibesa kunda,Inonge wina and RB. we are now about to land successfully.Most Zambians now know that Lungu and PF have failed and if they continue things will even be worse and the only alternative government is UPND and HH as its pilot.come 2016 HH will get 70%votes just in first round.

  7. Let us all stand up and teach this under 5 party a lesson they will never forget!
    My appeal to all zambians is that pliz allow HH to stand as a counselor, and after that let him try to stand as MP in neganega….
    Maybe we can try him on presidency in 2047 as for now, he is still a baby with Matebela in politics….
    Ni ECL till wamuyayaya……

    • We in UPND are ready to defend ourselves from this thieves and murderous .Most people in Zambia are leaving under constant fear from PF panga family.These same mafias who voted using Pangas in Kabwe want to accuse UPND as being violent party so that they continue attacking us.Iam sorry PF mwaloba ilya uma. UPND is strong and big than you think. Even that Sawazi in Kitwe tell him we are on tail.

    • @Sido Mark, calm down and take a breather! If you control that rush of adrenaline and blood to your head (all because of a small club), you would avoid silly mistakes like; defend from (defend AGAINST), this thieves (THESE thieves), murderous (everybody knows…), constant fear from (constant fear OF), accuse **** as being violent (accuse **** OF being violent), strong and big than you think (strongER and bigGER THAN you think).

      What the hell is ‘we are on tail’!?

      Stop using English if you want to use the ‘not my mother tongue’ nonsense, because this is too much. It hurts!

  8. Mr. Katuta or whatever do not cheat yourselves that you will win the general elections next year. You failed to win in January when PF had internal wrangles. Ba PF keeper tabakwete mu January, referee amupela penalty ba UPND mwauma akashululu. But i think mu UPND the leadership is brainless because the best time for them to have ever won the presidency in Zambia was in January.Ba Pf before tabalacita resolve issue ya candidate ninshi Halitampa akale campaign, in fact he started just a day after Sata’s burial. Edgar only campaigned for three weeks but still managed to win.

  9. @Shadreck Biemba,Zamcab,Peter,Nshili mubemba,Moscow are just PF hired morons.Who cares of what you are ranting on LT.Your violence is just de campaigning you.Know one likes violence ask William Banda what happened to him.those that kill by the sword they die by the sword.

    • @ SIDO MARK

      When we say you are all lunatics in UPND you cry foul, isnt William Banda your chief violence architect? You see because he is not T0nga, you dont even know that he is in your ka party, sad indeed.

  10. Ba sido,mulichipumbu sana imwe,you will die a loser like your hh,where is William Banda now,have asked yourself that question,mumbwe iwe.

  11. Comment: During the January 2015 elections, HH campaigned for 90 solid days, and Chagwa only campaigned for only 21 days. What happened? Ask HH.Even with all the insults from the cartel ask Fred Mmembe
    what happed.Even with opposition from PF itself ask Guy Scot and Samoa what happened

  12. Yes if all the talk was about advancements in science, business , education etc this country would have been great, and if politics was a space ship the country would have been having many, as the writer notes, perhaps ignoring the statements including from the head of state might be the best, or beta still lets all go jameson

  13. The issue of wether ECL is losing or wining 2016 polls is nandther here nor there .
    Both PF and UPND are violent, what the Zambians expect is the political atmosphere to improve and civility to be implored.
    Name calling and insulting the president does not end at ECL but the presidency and who we are as nation culturally. We can show our disapproval of the president through the ballot and not insults .

  14. The heat is on, UPND minions are feeling it, hence resorting to to being a ”cry baby” this katuka chap does not even know what he is writting about!

    2016 my vote is still with PF and ECL.

  15. Katuka, I thought you could utter something more sensible that can differentiate nonsense from sense. There is no smoke without fire, UPND you are always trouble shooters! You recall what happened in North-western at the time of MMD rule how you caused fracas and claimed that it was MMD who did that? Any way there are a number of similar incidences where your party has caused confusion.

  16. Upnd supporters bakwata itole limo ilikulu ilyafota. You can’t have a party which insults the presidency like a traditional ceremony. All the cunts from their leader to mere cadres are full of bad language.

  17. in my opinion, ECL was supposed to leave such pronouncements to his juniors like home affairs minister or Davis Chama and the likes…..PF cadres can even take advantage of ECL pronouncement to provoke the other camp just prove what ECL has said……..and this response is a bit immature…Katuta could have done better….or was he trying to portray the real meaning of politics..??
    …we are aware that there are UPND moles in PF camp and PF moles in UPND camp….nothing that can be planned/discussed in one camp without the other camp having knowledge of it…

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