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TIZ advises stakeholders not to waste time crying over new constitution bill

General News TIZ advises stakeholders not to waste time crying over new constitution...

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has advised stakeholders not to waste time to continue crying over spilt milk but soldier on as some progress has been made in the Constitutional making process that the country has been failing for many years.

The organization has also called on stakeholders to now focus on ensuring that they have a campaign that will ensure that the 2016 national referendum adopts the remaining clauses and articles that were left out.

In a statement made available to QFM News today, TIZ Acting Chapter President Joseph Sampa Kalungu notes that many progressive articles have been given to the Zambian people which for a long time they have been longing for.

On the dual citizenship, Mr. Sampa says this is progressive in that it gives chance to Zambians abroad to participate in decision making processes that were in the past not open to them by virtue of being citizens of other countries.

Mr. Sampa says it is also gratifying that under the electoral system, elections to the office of President shall be conducted directly, under a majoritarian electoral system, where the winning candidate must receive more than fifty percent of the valid votes cast, and in accordance with Article 101.

He believes that the clause will do away with the much despised regional politics that has slowly taken centre stage of this country and to a large extent; this clause will help to promote oneness in Zambia by producing a popular President elected by majority Zambians.

He says as an organization that promotes good governance, they can now confirm that once assented to, the 2016 General elections will be held on the 11th of August 2016 which will accord both ruling and opposition political parties time to plan their campaigns unlike in the past when it was dependent on the president to decide the election date, a situation which was heavily criticized by the opposition political parties.

Mr. Sampa feels that through the constitution court and specified time given, issue of petitions shall lessen the processes and time taken to have these electoral issues sorted and will accord the nation chance to get back to other important national issues.

Mr. Sampa feels his organization is vindicated on the point that they had raised that the Parliamentary route would still leave out some progressive clauses such as the definition of a public officer, having Cabinet from outside Parliament to enhance checks and balances between the Executive and Parliament as what was maintained means there is no actual separation of powers as Parliament and the Executive are largely the same people.

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  1. Transparency Zambia seem to have woken up to what those boys from YALI were telling the nation not many months ago and we all demonised those young guys but today it seems realisation is creeping in that those boys are on the winning side if history; this is something that has never been done even with intellectuals from Oasis Forum. Now Grand Collision is praying the Bill must not be assented so they can make money from donors and go back to Siavonga for another retreat to give us Plan C.

  2. That is a more reasonable analysis of what Parliament has done, unlike the unreasonable Coalition. You have spoken well, TIZ.

  3. Well spoken especially the advise to stop crying over spilt milk. I am sure that was directed at UPMD. I am surprised that with your funny name of Joseph Sampa Kalungu they have not rewarded you with big insults. But then UPMD must be in a deep state of turmoil at the moment. Their election strategy is now in shambles, their dreams are shattered, and they are now staring into the face of another defeat to Edgar Chagwa Lungu.
    Even the Past News are deflated,their Kabimba cannot even get the 1 vote, let alone the 50%. Mmembe is now writing rubbish about filling the Kariba dam with urine, sick mind but what do you expect from a defeated man like Mmembe.

  4. In the first place we should not allow politicianians to be liars and ascend to post ion through lies.
    I will cry over spilled milk because there was a cost attached to it that cost would have done many things including building schools.
    Tranparacy means being accountable to your words but PF lied that we shall have referendum and today they are going to the same bed with MMD the party they called names where is transparecy here.This is no sense

    • A constitution doesn’t come free of charge Sudan. If in spite of the cost, at the end of the day you get what you wanted, what is your cry?

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