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Fuel transporters’s work stoppage could cause fuel shortage in Lusaka-Zulu

Economy Fuel transporters's work stoppage could cause fuel shortage in Lusaka-Zulu

Over 200 fuel tankers which were marrooned at Tunduma in Tanzania have started moving into Zambia as seen in the picture
DEPUTY Minister of Energy and Water Development Charles Zulu has called on fuel tanker drivers at Tanzania Zambia Mafuta (TAZAMA) to resume work to avoid a fuel shortage in Lusaka as a result of the work stoppage following the killing of their colleague on Tuesday.

Mr Zulu said in an interview yesterday at the TAZAMA pipeline depot in Lusaka that he went there to address the drivers so that he could hear their concerns but they refused to meet him.

“We are trying to negotiate with the drivers to go back to work. I met them in the morning but they insisted that they want to see the ministers of Labour and Home Affairs, but unfortunately they are not with me,” he said.

Mr Zulu, who was flanked by Lusaka Province commissioner of police Charity Katanga, expressed concern that failure by the drivers to transport fuel could result in filling stations around the city running out of fuel.

“My worry is that all these filling stations may dry up and that is unac-ceptable when we have fuel stock for 17 to 18 days,” he said

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    • The PF minister is telling us another lie. The fuel shortages are a result of PF not paying the oil suppliers on time.

      Its just a matter of days before the real truth comes out . These fuel shortages are just but the start of worse times ahead due to the collapse of the Kwacha. PF has run out of money to continue subsidising fuel to keep it artificially low for its political expediency.

      Only UPND will rule Zambia according to the dictates of the constitution and democratic tenets.

      Viva HH, Viva GBM

  1. lets have a low to stop to stop unnecessary work stopages. killing is bad but drivers kill more than shooting and they will kill more when ambulances will run our of fuel

  2. This article is incomplete like a constipated po.op! WHY are the drivers on a work stoppage? How long have they been clamoring for attention? This will help us comment intelligently otherwise as usual the implication is that the politician is right and the driver is wrong. Disgusting.

  3. The fact that all news outlets I have listened to have given zero details about who was shot, by whom and where tells me that it is a BS story by the government and am inclined to agree with my brother Wanzelu that PF owe these companies money. Now that sounds like the PF I know. Incompetent.

  4. This is ridiculous!! Ba PF. We will be told ati its global a driver was also killed in South Africa so Joburg has run out of stock. This is what we call incompetence but PF supporters will say its global.

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