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Luapula should join in the revolution to usher in UPND-GBM

Headlines Luapula should join in the revolution to usher in UPND-GBM

GBM's tour in Luapula
GBM’s tour in Luapula

The people of Luapula Province should never be left behind, but must be part of the ongoing revolution in the country of ushering in a new UPND leadership in 2016 as they have done in the past, says UPND Vice-President for Administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

Speaking when he addressed scores of residents who have been meeting him in various areas during his continued tour of Luapula Province, Mwamba, popularly known as GBM, says Luapula Province has great economic potential that must be realised but it has become clear that this will only be harnessed through the visionary and caring leadership of the UPND.

“We are one united and peaceful people in Zambia, contrary to the lies by the PF leadership that UPND will divide the country. I was in PF myself but that party has now been hijacked and sold to the highest bidders. The same people we fought and voted out in 2011 alongside our late President Michael Sata have again regrouped under President Edgar Lungu and they are the same ones enjoying the cake while you remain in poverty here” he told the cheering residents.

“Let’s not accept to be used by these selfish liars who have no idea about running a country except telling lies that UPND will divide the country because they have nothing sensible to say when it comes to important matters such as jobs and food prices. UPND President Hakainde Hichilema knows how to create wealth and jobs for our country,” GBM continued.

He said the poverty and hunger inflicted on the country under Lungu was unacceptable and Luapula people must never listen to PF politicians bent on dividing the country for their selfish reasons.

GBM, who also paid a courtesy call on Chief Mwata Kazembe and other traditional leaders in the area, told the residents to accept handouts from PF corrupt politicians if they wish, such as free bicycles, chitenges, mealie meal, and even money, but warned they must realise that those were just temporary things that would not sustain their livelihoods without vibrant economic activities that can only be achieved under the UPND leadership and President Hakainde Hichilema.

Mwamba said he was overwhelmed with the massive support the UPND is receiving in the province.

And Senior Chief Mwata Kazembe of the Lunda speaking people has encouraged the UPND team to continue spreading the message despite the harassment they were going through.

They have also called on the UPND leadership to identify good quality candidates as councillors and MPs who will work well with the people.

And Chief Mununga of the Shila speaking people in Chiengi District of Luapula Province was cheered with the visit by the UPND team in the area.

“I am so grateful that you are here. Please feel free and meet your people. Zambia is a democratic nation and both ruling and opposition parties should be free to meet its supporters.

And in response Vice-President Mwamba said he was so far impressed with the overwhelming support recieved in the area.

“Youths, women and the people in general have resolved to change government and vote for President Hakainde Hichilema”, GBM said.

GBM and team were today in Mwansabombwe, Mununga, and Kashikishi areas.

GBM's tour in Luapula

GBM's tour in Luapula
GBM’s tour in Luapula

GBM's tour in Luapula
GBM’s tour in Luapula

GBM's tour in Luapula
GBM’s tour in Luapula


  1. “I was in PF myself but that party has now been hijacked and sold to the highest bidders.”………….kikikiki, the same can be said about you in UPND ba GBM, yaba.

  2. Which “ongoing revolution” is gbm talking about mwebantu kanshi? someone please help me.This guy makes the worst political calculations ever,anyways,he might take the upnd leadership after 2016.

  3. GBM is the game. I never thought he can be popular and liked by people like that. Anyway it could just mean people are no longer happy of what is happenning in PF. I dont think PF stands any chance in the elections.

  4. HH. Knows how to create wealth and jobs… Kikiki. No parastal is under privatisation and Anglo has downsized it business. Gbm you should read current affairs.

  5. “…The same people we fought and voted out in 2011 alongside our late President Michael Sata have again regrouped under President Edgar Lungu and they are the same ones enjoying the cake while you remain in poverty here” he told the cheering residents.” IF ONE LOOKS AT THE THREE, WHO IS ACTUALLY ENYOYING THE CAKE?


  7. GBM is just a frustrated politician and us in Luapula province are solidly behind PF.No amount of lies will deter us from losing focus.GBM and Kabimba wanted to inherit Sata but the late blessed Lungu.Our Chiefs and all of us will accept the money UPND is splashing around but the vote is for PF come 2016.

    • Jos, …” No amount of lies will deter you from losing focus ” !!!!

      So you are determined to lose focus?

      Some news for you. PF never had any focus. So you are there already!

  8. Come 2016 all provinces will have to use the nega nega formula used in 2015 in Southern Province. That will certainly bury the UPND politically. It will be a revolution in ending the political hopes of UPND.

  9. If GBM won the elections last year at Mulungushi,was he going to say PF was a bad party ? The good roads he was driving on in Luapula are done by PF…..farming inputs delivered in good time and FRA did their best in the history of this country…….frustrated politicians are quite amazing with the hypocrisy and amount of lies they can fabricate.

  10. He can start the revolution in Kasama by re-contesting his seat on the UPND ticket. Whatever he says against PF is mere hogwash when he is actually a PF sitting MP. Why cling to a party that you claim to detest so much? The same can be said about Masebo. In fact some of us are now wary of supporting UPND because they seem to be so desperate for power that they lose all principles. GBM when defence minister concocted a story about Tongas wanting to take over the government illegally for which he never apologised and yet UPND see nothing wrong in him being party Vice President.

  11. The problem is that GBM cannot realize that he is being used and will be dumped like a diaper if the unthinkable happened.

  12. If this crowd in Mwansabombwe which is quite a populous village can be used to judge one’s popularity then UPND are in trouble if they are put hopes on such gatherings. I am non partisan but truth be told,these are no crowds worth writing home about and further scrutiny shows that there were more children than real voters! It is better to face reality during party mobilization stage than to come and start accusing others of rigging after losing even when things were clear from the start!

  13. Guys I’m in Luapula, GBM told us youths to form clubs which we did and last week when he came back he gave each club ZMW 3000.
    But I tell you we are 17 in our club and all are registered voters and non of us will vote for UPND kikikikikikikikikikikikkiki
    So he will be coming again in April next year to empower us again.
    He doesn’t know us but he will see!!!!!!!!

  14. Time for HH & GBM has gone, no matter what they will do they will never rule Zambia. HH this time could have been the president of Zambia if he had accepted to work with great MC Sata MHSRIP, every Zambia could have supported him but, due to pride he missed it. Lack of spiritual eyes costed him, he was in a hurry and couldn’t wait for 5 year term. God said this man MC won’t stay for a term but for 3 years only, but the man HH due to his carnality he could not see through. GBM was going to get the presidency after the demise of MC Sata, because according to God’s plan, anyone on the position of Defence Minister was going to be picked, but this child of Mwamba Lukashi who is always short tempered left that position like kakachema katumpa who used to fool people always, this time MC said…

  15. The real show will start when the running mate for Hh is chosen. If its GBM canisius banda and co will cry foul. It will mean automatic loss of votes from eastern province. If canisius banda is chosen Hh should say bye to bemba votes. its a tough ball to play. Lets wait and see

    • Whilst you are waiting “to see”, it would be an idea to read an article on Zambian eye entitled “Presidential running mate: A problem for PF not UPND”. Check it out if you haven’t…

  16. Even ECL has issues for a running mate. If he drops Inonge Wina then there will be issues with the little votes they have been getting from western Province. Remember the young man Miles is vying for it and so is Kalaba and Mutati. kikikikikikiki

  17. PF will lose next year’s election. Roads alone without food on the table is meaningless. Zambians let us put someone who will keep our money safe. HH is already rich and chances of stealing are not there unlike the case where even Esther Lungu amonapo sangwapo.

  18. Luke if you think rich pipo dont steal then you will be shocked. putting so much trust in man is dangerous. Mobutu was rich. Dos Santos is rich. ECL has no issues with running mate. Mama inonge is just fine. Mutati is not PF so he is not an issue in running mate.

  19. @ Mpendula Kayaula, Yes lets get back to basics, lets get back to the question which has never been answered: According to the party constitution of UPMD, can GBM be Vice President to HH when he has not joined UPMD but still a PF member and MP? Does the UPMD constitution allow dual party membership?

    When they answer these questions truthfully we will see the hypocrisy and danger in UPMD, they have no integrity or principles: if ever they got into power they would abrogate all their promises, they would change the constitution to suit themselves, they would strengthen the Public Order Act to ensure continued stay in power, they will do literally anything you can think of to stay in power. But the most important thing they would do is, yes hear it from me: GBM would be made vice…

  20. GBM would be made vice President by virtue of running mate at the elections, but only ceremonial as UPMD would simply sideline GBM and appoint one of their own to actually carry out the duties of vice President….we can’t stop that because after all, the Vice President’s duties are delegated by the boss….yes and that is why they say that they are comfortable about the running mate clause.

  21. The problem would come if anything happened to HH, of course that would be end of UPMD plus the chaos that such leadership chnage would bring in the UPMD and the nation. But UPMD are confident that nothing can happen to HH because he is young and seemingly healthy.
    But what the heck, they want a president from…….that is what mattered in 2005 and that is what matters today and tomorrow.

  22. Just put your sill comment GBM is a man and reach either Vice prsido or not hill continue getting food its up to you HH is the only hope forthis country forward chabe

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