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Western Diplomats meet Nevers Mumba over Teargas incident in Lundazi

Headlines Western Diplomats meet Nevers Mumba over Teargas incident in Lundazi

Discussions underway at Dr Mumba's residence with western envoys
Discussions underway at Dr Mumba’s residence with western envoys

Some western diplomats today met MMD President Dr Nevers Mumba and some MMD officials to discuss an incident in which he was teargassed by police in Eastern Province.

The meeting held at Dr Mumba’s residence in Kabulonga in Lusaka was attended by U.S. Chargé d’Affaires to Zambia David Young who was joined by German Ambassador Bernd Finke and Bruce Lawson-McDowall of UKAID.

They envoys wanted to discuss freedom of assembly and the recent disruption of an MMD party meeting in Lundazi, Eastern Province.

The diplomats wanted to get details of the incident in Eastern Province as a way of establishing the facts surrounding the incident.

They also raised concern over the rising levels of political violence in Zambia.

Dr Mumba has indicated that he may seek legal redress over the incident.

Dr Mumba meeting with western diplomats
Dr Mumba meeting with western diplomats

Meanwhile, Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has urged police officers to apply the Public Order Act fairly but firmly to all regardless of their party affiliations.

The Police chief has directed all provincial police commissioners to engage politicians and civil society organizations to explain the provisions of the Public Order Act.

Mr Kanganja said he was directed by President Edgar Lungu to ensure that the Public Order Act was applied fairly but firmly.
Mr Kanganja said this yesterday at the Police headquarters in Lusaka when he addressed officers.

“The Zambia Police has scaled up preparations for policing the forthcoming general elections in 2016,” he said.

Mr Kanganja said the command had noted the numerous concerns raised by the general public about the partisan position taken by some officers during their discharge of their duties.

“To this effect, all officers have been warned to desist from such behaviour and I wish to assure the Government that any officers found wanting will be shown the exit door,” he said.

He reminded police officers that discipline was the cornerstone of the police service and they must ensure that they adhered to the Police code of conduct at all times.

“Complaints of officers being seen to compromise with cadres involved in breaching the law have sometimes taken centre stage in the press. This is a matter of concern to us which is seriously being addressed because it has the potential to ruin the legitimacy and integrity of the police,” Mr Kanganja said.

He directed police officers to be professional and ethical in their performance.

Speaking at the same occasion, Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila called for professionalism among police officers ahead of the 2016 general elections.

“Complaints of officers being seen to compromise with cadres involved in breaching the law have sometimes taken centre stage in the press. This is a matter of concern to us which is seriously being addressed because it has the potential to ruin the legitimacy and integrity of the police,” Mr Kanganja said.

He said if police officers choose to be selective when carrying out their duties then electoral violence would continue.

Mr Mwila said no police officer should receive directives from any politician in the line of duty, adding that Government had allowed the police to operate independently.

But Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president George Chisanga feels there is need for an urgent consultative meeting of stakeholders and the Police to discuss the way forward on the implementation of the Public Order Act.

Mr Chisanga bemoaned the continuous political violence in the country.

He said an immediate consultative meeting was the way the country could reduce incidents of political violence.

“I think the political violence in the country is getting a little bit serious and it calls for urgent action, because if this is not addressed as soon as possible, we will not be able to enjoy the peace that we have enjoyed as a nation over the years,” Mr Chisanga said.

He reiterated the need to review the Public Order Act as soon as possible, saying that it would bring order and sanity in the country.

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  1. PF now de-marketing itself on the international level. Had so match hope in this party in 2011 but they have just shown themselves to be thugs. You throw a teargas canister in a room full of people seated listening to their leader and you have the audacity to defend such an outrageous act ati we are following the POA act, used by colonialists to oppress our people. How do you use violence to break up a meeting of unarmed peaceful citizens.

    • We all know that Zambian police do not have the common sense God gave a cockroach! However, these western diplomats also have rules and laws in their countries which are followed to the T. You can’t even play loud music without the police knocking at your door! All that’s needed is to apply the POA fairly!

      I am tired of these political parties always running to their muzungu masters to cry. Such inferiority complex is still what makes Africa a dark continent to this day; expecting the white or yellow man to solve your problems! When are you going to have the balls to solve your own problems?

    • When ordinary Zambians complain about police harassment PF cadres taunt us and tell us the victims are to blame..as soon as the white massa’s appear PF cadres are zeeeeeeee.Why do we respect the white man more than ourselves.Even when they voice the exact same concerns we raised last week…Anyway they are behind the scenes rulers of Zambia.We kid ourselves that we rule ourselves.

    • The Real Olivia, there are different ways of pressuring governments to change behaviour and calling on international partners is one of them. Places where people don’t exhaust every peaceful option just resort to organising a rebel army and causing misery to everybody. So if a Muzungu can help solve these problems peacefully by pressuring government to change so be it. Unless you have some ideas on how the police brutality currently being unleashed on the opposition can be resolved.

    • Real O Pope

      you want these muzunguz to bring their money into Zambia and allow you to behave like kabotolo putting their money at risk? it will not happen that way. any one who has earned his or her money and know the value of it will protect it. if it means putting a bullet in your head to keep it safe, they will. what you need is to be consistent. ask them to bring their money and ask your kabotolo to act like a president and not a cadre.

      stop flashing a pf symbol, he is president for all Zambians now.

  2. The favourite creature of ‘rulers’ is the ostrich, famously known for burying its head in the sand leaving it unable to see what is going on around itself. Stop ruling and start leading PF. It’s not going to get better on it’s own. You ‘won’ the mandate to lead. So lead. Even if it means doing a 180 on those who fervently carry out your darkest desires. You have time to exit the unnecessary battlefield with a little bit of pride but it involves firing people not tear has canisters…

  3. IG talk is cheap, we want to see cadres who have identified already being arrested then I will believe you otherwise you’re a sounding gong and so far you’ve proved to be one. It’s not too late for you to do the right thing. Maybe you should start by placing in all papers the notice made by all parties so that we know who you’re serving

  4. Nevers is irrelevant as they come…surely what can a former televangelist honestly bring to the table apart from crookery!!

  5. Is Dr Nevers MUMBA trying to admit that there was unfainess in that francas for him to state that he would consider a legal redress? Is he confirming to FOREIGNERS that he was intimidated and unfairly treated? Nevers Mumba reproduced his speech which he made in RSA some time back just to indicate to us that HH was not patriotic by reviewing ills of Zambia. He painted a picture that no matter what we must be patriotic to Zambia and treat Zambian matters as bedroom issues to foreigners – this was his (Mumba’s) interpretation for patriotism but why is he failing to swallow the bitter pill in the name of patriotism? HH should treat unfairnes as bedroom issues but Nevers shouldnt? I JUDGE PEOPLE BY THEIR OWN PRINCIPLES – that is I justify HE ECL when he dances because those who follow our…

    • @kano Nibena

      This is in Zed Dr Mumba did not travel outside the country to disparage his own nation.These diplomats came to him he did not invite them. Just like in a home if you are fighting with your wife you do not go and stand on a hill and pour out your business for everyone with an ear to listen but if your elderly neighbors come to your home to to see if they can assist with your issues you can explain the problem.

      Coming to HH the even in UK was an investment summit which this unpatriotic man should have used to market Zed’s investment potential instead of going there to talk ill of the government SO BENEFIT did the Zambians get from his speech tell us?

    • Umublacks
      It does not matter weather you tell your problems to a forigner in your bedroom or in your sitting room. What makes you think those foreigners won’t let the outside world know PF brutality??? Ati it is ok to tell forigners about brutality in your house but not ok to tell the same pipo outside your of your house, what kind of thinking is that….

  6. When Nevers recently praised PF for the constitution it was headline in the government owned and controlled media and PF cadres. But juts read what the PF bloggers will attack him over this.

  7. They bark applying POA. in the day and act opposite. The same mouth tells the same policemen to fix the opposition.

  8. DG ( Deadend BC) dont cover this! Instead get Chilufya tayali to condemn Nevers for allowing foreigners at his residence.

    Also allow a truckload of our youths from chainda to come and denonce Nevers on air. Put on 19 hours news.

    Honry Chipuba kabilibili
    Minister Neckless Loan

  9. Diplomates Shud Know That Meeting One Part Without The Other Involved Will Be Like U Already Know Police Where Wrong. Did U Know That Holding Meetings Without Police Notification Indoor Or Outdoor Is At Owners Risk And Against Zed Laws? If Eg Nevers Was Attacked And Killed Wud MMD Blame Police Or Pf. Lets Be Realistic Before Blaming Police.Teargasing Them Was The Best Option To Dispace Pipo Not To Harm Them. But If U Feel Freedom Of Assembly Means One Just Wakes Up Goes To The Market And Just Starts Addressing Pipo Without Police Notice Remember Anywhere One Goes U Ll Meet Pipo From Other Parties Who May Not Want Any Attack On There Party. In Fair Terms Let Parties Wait For Campaign Period But If They Want To Be Challenging The Police Then Police Act On Them Before These Chaps Cause…

    • arresting them all would have been the best option to the nonsensical application that ought not have been done. you through teargas to disperse an unruly crowd, one you cannot control. that was a captive audience. even as the policy made entry into the hall, people were urged to sit down and be calm. they obliged.

      you have to a total numbskull to throw a pepper canister at such a group of people.

  10. lungu has been put on notice, travel ban sanctions on you and your hoodlums fast approaching. no more New York for you!

  11. Africans will always remain slaves. surely do we need the west to sort out our issues. How come i ve never heard the west come to Africans any time they have ggovernance issues

    • because the Assets of Africans are safe in the the countries they have invested. you cannot say the same. what was Kashimba Chimbwili saying about the mines? “…we will take over the mines…” Ever heard such a statement made in the west over African investments?

  12. @Umublack: Get my judgment of Dr Nevers very clear; It is based on his own principle and NOT mine NOT yours neither. His own. A foreigner doesnt cease to be a foreigner whether you meet him in Kabulonga, Cairo Rd, Nakonde or Manchester. I judge him based on his principles. Thats why I dont condemn HE ECL when dances because when he was Justice Minister on one of the interviews he mentionef it that he was a person who enjoys social outing and mixing such that he didnt have ambitions of being the President as he saw it to be a boring office. Thereby if today you see him socialing even by dancing it is according to his principles and for that is fine. But to say something and do the opposite for me thats immoral.

  13. The following are my observations: 1) Under section 6 of the POA, anyone who contravenes the act shall be guilt of an offence and may be arrested without warrant: No where does the POA provide for teargasing people for unlawful assembly. 2) The IG has finally heard the cries of the majority Zambians – we all want to see a non-partisan ZP which will maintain law and order in the country. We are all Zambians regardless of political affiliations, why should we kill/ fight each other? Who is the beneficiary in this violence? 3) All political parties must tame their cadres to ensure violence is wiped out of our mother Zambia. There is no better place like home.

  14. Police officers most likely are trained to be professional and not politically biased but in my view I think the fear of losing their jobs is undoubtful given the poverty levels due to poor conditions of service. These Kanganjas are so poor that matters of principles and obligations do not apply. How many poor persons are principled? If a poor man writes or behaves as if s/he is principled, it must be known that it is cosmetic. It isnt real. Ask Fr Bwalya, Brian Hapunda, Sunday Chanda, Chanda Chimba III, Chilufya Tayali and ZNBC editors, ZP and many more.

  15. I told you, that the incident shall propel Dr. Nervous Mumba. This is a good thing. Better Nervous than some shady person.


  17. Diplomats Please Under The Law First Or U Will Also Be Teargased And U Will Cry Foul. Mumba Did This To See How Police Will React. Next Time Target Mumba Not Innocent Pipo. Mumba,hh,nawakwi Are Drunk With 50+1 Sata Told U Lets Not Worst Time And Money Lets Amend The Old One U Called Him Names. These 3 Know Its 1000% Imposible To Win Under New Constitution. Its Early Defeat Now They Want Confusion. Upnd Cant Win With Its Cadres Calling Bembas Monkeys. Gbm The Only Monky In Upnd Being Used Ti Recruit Other Monkeys. Banda Koswe Looks After Hh ‘S Children And Wife,molin Second Wife.Mumba Shud Just Be Humble And Work With Ecl Or Blame Pf For Self Induced Problem Or Dullness And Selfishness Will Kick U Off The Pitch.

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