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UPND deliberately holding illegal public gatherings to attract Police Attention-Fr Bwalya

General News UPND deliberately holding illegal public gatherings to attract Police Attention-Fr Bwalya

Father Frank Bwalya
Father Frank Bwalya

The ruling Patriotic Front has accused the UPND of devising a strategy to demonize the PF government and the Police by deliberately holding illegal public gatherings in order to attract the attention of the Police.

PF Central Committee Chairperson for Information Frank Bwalya said that the UPND is using this as a strategy ahead of 2016 in order to attract public sympathy whenever Police disrupt their illegal gatherings.

Father Bwalya told Qfm News by telephone that such schemes to demonize the government and the Police will not work.

Father Bwalya said that this was because it was also a fact that the Police are not stopping any political party from holding public gatherings or mobilizing ahead of next year’s general election.

Father Bwalya noted that the Police were merely encouraging all political parties to follow the law, wondering why the UPND cannot follow the law when the party in power has been following the law.

Asked why it has been so easy for the ruling PF to mobilize as compared to other political parties, Father Bwalya said that it was a mere perception to assume that it has been easy for the ruling party to conduct party mobilization activities.


    • When did holding a political meeting become illegal in Zambia? Last time I checked the constitution still upjolds the freedom of assembly and the POA allows anyone to hold a meeting by merely informing the police without the need for a police permit.

      Zambians need to rise up and challenge the archaic interpretation of the POA. Otherwise these politicians will continue to abuse powers with impunity.

      I urge all Zambians to defy the POA prepare to fight the police. and PF thugs to submission.

    • What is Mr Frank Bwalya saying? Didn’t Nevers Mumba follow what the police demand yet he and his party members ended up being tear gassed? Anyway, going by what Brig. General Miyanda said, which puts paid to the misunderstanding as he personally handled it as Vice President, any party or group of citizens wanting to hold a meeting had to only notify the police no more and no less, ONLY NOTIFY! My understanding is once the notification is delivered the concerned do not even require any sort of response from the police and they can go ahead with their scheduled meeting! Now the police want to take advantage of the POA to intimidate citizens in favor of PF! Zambians are brainy don’t underrate them!

  1. Only in Zambia would you find such hyenas like Bwalya holding influencialpositions in a ruling party! This idi.ot is such a dunderhead, childish and low life. I wonder how the Catholioc Church could ordain such devil…. ECL is rather too decent to be migling with such devil.

  2. Bongo…Bcoz you have a job you think you can support wrong things blindly….indeed only in Zambia can you find charlatans like this fellow even commenting and holding influential positions….this guy is only fit to be an acolyte….the likes of the Chandas,hapundas,Mumbi phiris,chamas etc,the list of Pf mediocrity is too long,is not even supposed to be anywhere near the leadership of this country.Whos this Frank Bwalya….just Booz he sacrificed a few chickens he thinks he’s somebody..

  3. Comment:
    Im a man of God but im tempted to insult. Father Walya ndiwe opusa …………. cursed is the womb that conceived u. The Catholic church must be very ashamed of you.Cant u see that the police is working under orders.

  4. Gary Nkombo says “Southern Province is ready to change Government in 2016”. HH doesn’t reprimand him and keeps quiet, Munkombwe the old lion says “it’s time for a tonga to rule Zambia”, HH keeps quiet, now the master mind of tribalism HH, comes out and attacks some chiefs that they ate not supposed to welcome Bembas and more so speak to Bembas in Bembas, people, please what more do you want to hear from these UPND tribalist, seperists, Satanists? These are clear and serious warnings! In the unlikely event that you make a mistake and you are not Tonga, forget it, you will never be considered as a human being, your jobs will go and if you remain in employment no promotion and worst still on interviews, if you aren’t Tonga you kiss the ground. This is the reality and if you think we…

  5. Kachemas,keep insulting everyone opposing you and come next year August we will teach you and your Tribal HH the usual lesson.This time we re thumping you guys heavily without any mercy.The nega nega ambush will not work this time around.We re well ready for it.Our people will equally turn up in huge numbers plus a bit of rigging to widely increase the gap,so that we get over 50% votes first round and finish your valgar noise completely.2016,ECL nafuchi nafuchi nafuchi!!!!

    • I think the upnd guys really needed a good beating in garden compound . These guys usually start a fight to attract public sympathy. They followed pf guys deliberately to start a fight. I wish I were there to help beat these foolish guys. All kachemas can I have a negative vote please.

    • the HH is what?we are dirctly involved on the ground am able to tell where hh will get votes from chibombo he will win some parts in kabwe and kapiri,but go to mukushi mpika serenje

  6. No need for the catholics to be ashamed of this man as he is no longer one of them, pf should be since he is one of them deep inside their working team.

  7. Mr Bwalya find out from Gen. Miyanda who has stated they outlawed the obtaining of police permits during MMD era. Those wishing o assemble ONLY need to inform the police. This was backed up by the High Court ruling in the 1990’s. Don’t bring your own laws who are you? Viva HH 2016

  8. NO tribal talk will reverse the peoples mindset as HH is destined to be the next president even in my own village Isoka/Nakonde area, people have resolved for change.

    • stop cheating yourself my man he is not even known there,all they are saying is icintu cintu umwene,i run a clearing and fowarding firm there stp cheating yourself my man

    • SATA was different from HH Sata inspired everyone with a good truck record even though he had some flaws here and there,where did he not touch around zambia?Hh has a dented privatisation saga with mmd go to to the copperbelt they all talk about that ,to make matters worse he spoke about anglo america who abandoned us and elsewhere they are laying off 85000 workers so think in those lines

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