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Lusaka father denies paternity



THE Matero Local Court heard how a 22-year-old woman sued her ex-husband for failure to support their child.
Agness Manda of George township sued Joseph Mwewa, 25, of the same neighbourhood for child maintenance.
Manda told senior court magistrates Lewis Mumba and Pauline Newa that when Mwewa divorced her on May 4, 2015 she had no idea that she was pregnant.
“I was having my monthly periods and I believed that when we were divorcing all was well with me but when I got sick and went to the clinic, I was told that I was seven months pregnant. In our two years of marriage, I had only one child with Mwewa,” she said.
Manda told the court that when she informed Mwewa about her condition, he denied responsibility.
“My family even summoned him for a meeting but Mwewa refused to attend, saying he had nothing to do with the pregnancy. I stayed without any support from him until I gave birth, I want him to support his son,”she said.
“I know that Mwewa is the father,” she said.
Manda told the court that even when they were on separation due to marital disputes, the two would sometimes have sex.
But Mwewa denied being the father of the child, alleging that it was Manda’s boyfriend who was responsible.
“Manda wants to claim the child is mine because after we divorced her extra-marital relationship failed, the child is not mine,” he insisted.
Passing judgment, the court ordered Mwewa to pay K300 as child maintenance.
The court also ordered that a DNA be done to ascertain the father.




  1. Interesting how extra marital affairs suddenly lose excitement once the cheating woman is divorced. Kukonda yakuba bamambala

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