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Kambwili distances himself from his Running Mate Posters in Circulation

Headlines Kambwili distances himself from his Running Mate Posters in Circulation

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has distanced himself from posters circulating in some Copperbelt towns purporting him to be positioning himself to be adopted as a running mate in the forthcoming general elections.

Speaking at media briefing in Lunshya today Mr. Kambwili said he was not behind the posters saying he will support whoever is going to be chosen to be the running mate by the party.

He said the question of who will be a running mate will be decided by the party and not him.

Asked if he would like to be picked as a running Mr. Kambwili said the question was neither here nor there because if he said no and the President choose him, he would be called a liar if he said yes.

Posters of Mr. Kambwili have emerged on Copperbelt suggesting that the Roan Parliamentarian is campaigning for him to be picked as a running mate on the PF ticket.



    • Now the battle is just starting. We knew it now there we go face it PF. There we deep confusion in PF especially when Lungu dissolves parley.

    • Hoooo bi kafwafwa manje! Edgar must be regretting signing that constitution. Now he understands why Sata told Kabimba to hide it.
      That the most short-detailed poster ever seen:
      1. Ba Edgar balwele, Kambwili is more healthy? We demand both tested
      2. Choose pa maka, because Kambwili is strong? Just because Kambwili is wrongly build doesn’t mean can beat up Edgar
      3. Don’t choose bakachema, Tongas & Lozis… Now we know which party is tribal.

    • Those are ZWD antics. If you have had the “pleasure” of reading their web publication and enough common sense, you would agree with me! Always salacious with garish insinuations and tribal to the core!

    • Word of advice for ruling and opposition party facebook pages, try not to post unverified news about other political parties, but concentrate on being issue based selling your parties as to why Zambians should vote for you. If people want to post unverified news about other political parties they should do it in their individual capacities that way you are not decampaiging your parties .


    • Kashimba Chimbwi should be sacked. This advert is very distasteful! I wish Edgar had balls to take action. The likes of this frog will cost him the August 11th election.

    • Copperstone University “graduate” wanted to promote himself AGAIN!

      And now he has woken up to the fact that it was another of his stup.id mistakes he is backtracking on it!

      I agree, arrest the person that made these. We will find our Minister in JAIL!

  1. Very tribal poster. We true Zambians should not tolerate such divisionists. We are a peaceful country and that is because we have learnt to live with each other peacefully. If I were Kambwili I would request the police to arrest those behind the poster

    • Writing a poster in Bemba or any language at all is not being tribal. It’s accutually stopping one from doing so which is downright tribal

    • Why expressing self in mother-language or language you enjoy most is tribal? Muli baluya mwebao taa. This is why they are demanding for grade 12 certificates

    • “The Zed,” and “Nostrudemus,” if you can’t see tribalism in that poster, then you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. It’s not the languages (Bemba and English) they are using in writing the poster that are in question, rather It’s the appeal to tribal lines. Remember they are not using PARTY LINES but TRIBAL LINES. There’s a difference.
      Mwisala Ingombe: Abalozi naba Tonga: Abena Lubemba Tiyeni Twikatane: That’s tribalism, unless you’re too dumb to get it. They can always campaign on Party lines, but not on tribal lines. Every time you use tribal identification as a tool for campaigning you are being a tribalist.
      Maybe that worked in the past but we should go beyond that today as a nation, and regard everyone as equal, regardless of what tribe they come from: WE ARE ALL…

    • The poster is typical Chimbwili and his tribal nonsense. What do Tongas and Lozis got to do with his political ambitions? Are they stopping him from taking over PF? I think new laws against hate speech and tribal defamation are urgently required.

  2. Looks like the work of GBM, remember what he did to Mulenga Sata at the Airport when Mulenga Sata’s body was still fresh in the coffin. This Poster has GBM’s finger prints all over it and I doubt if Kambwili would be so plainly tribal if really wanted to go for the running mate position. I think UPND is just hitting back at their running mate hard choice they have to make.

    No doubt Lungu will go with Inonge , mark my words

    • Chanda, wilatusebanya..Kambwili has always been tribal. His hatred and envy for HH and Tongas is only matched by Davies Chama, Mumbi Phiri and Sunday Chanda

  3. I never thought i would ever come to the defence of Chishimba Kambwili. But i find myself rising to his defence on this one. This poster should remind us of that poster of PARAMOUNT CHIEF CHITIMUKULU which some unscruplous people had erected in Mongu inorder to infuriate the Lozi speaking people. Lucky enough not a single person in western province took it serious and the episode passed like waters under the bridge. This is how we must treat this Kambwili saga.

  4. If Fat bwili becomes running mate then my vote will go to opposition. Bwili is not even ministerial material and besides a big corward remember before presi by election.

  5. Lungu has no need to worry. He n Aunty Inonge shall be elected. Kambwili has already talked himself out of even minister of traditional affairs.

    Viva President Nawakwi.

  6. Kambwili will feel the pain of having stories fabricated against him by unscrupulous elements just like HH did.The playing field is now levelled.

    A country with a vice leader, or led by this Man Vimbwili, would be A Sodom & Gomorrah type disaster.
    I would have Edgar any day, as bad as hes proving, over Mister Disaster Himself. What a joke!!!

  8. People can easily tell whose work this is. We are seeing more and more of such malice which include articles written purporting they are authored by Chitimukulu, photo shopping showing ECL in a compromising position with a smoking woman and the list is endless. Just a word of caution: Chanda Chimba tried similar tactics on SATA but they backfired on Lupiya.

  9. Upmd is definitely behind this scam because the poster has a Tonga taste.We know that this dirty scheme is meant to unsettle PF.Upmd was thumped by a weakened PF,hence dead scared of facing a solid,formidable and focused PF.Whatever upmd will do to distabilise PF,will definitely fail lamentably because they know that they re headed for another heavy defeat come August,2016.
    Its ECL nafuti nafuti nafuti nafuti.

  10. The problem with some pipo is that its ok for all of them to vote their relative but wrong for other tribe to say we shall vote like them. Kambwili should not worry kuvks of a horse losing its life.

  11. This very childish and it can only come from the under 5 clinic. I will not waste too much time on it if I were Kambwili.

  12. Zambians, let us abash all forms of tribal sentiments. The more we ridicule ourselves on basis of tribe, the more we evoke curses on our nation. This country can and will be ruled by any Zambian irrespective of tribe. If we stand in the way of the LORD God Almighty, we injure ourselves. Such a poster demeaning other tribes should not even be published even if they are the work of some psychopath.

  13. I don’t think kamwili can sink so low. May be it is frank bwalya doing this. This could be an internal fight within of ranks. By the way, first time I am on ck s side.

  14. This poster is very *****ic and disgusting, in that there are still people in our country who still see things in terms of tribal identification. It’s this type of thinking that has led Africa to unspeakable misery, divisions, hatred, wars, and bloodshed. We are all Zambians, first and foremost, and tribal identification comes second. It doesn’t matter what tribe you belong to, you’re just as important as any other person from any tribe.. We should vote for people, not because they belong to the same tribe as us, but because they are qualified to do the job of a president. Stay away from candidates who don’t seem to have any clear vision of what they want to see happen in the country, in terms of development and progress, even if they belong to the same tribe as you. And also…

  15. This running mate business – its a good idea, but being perceived dangerously in Zambia. People will kill each other because they view it as another conduit to having a chance to be President, in case of …..

  16. Honestly, even wen i am blind or even if Kambwili is Bemba, i can’t vote for him. It means the party has gone to brainless scampers.

  17. Dont worry Kambwili we believe you. UPND are so dull they think people cannot see through the campaign to fabricate stories, including Chitimukulu’s letter.

  18. That purported poster is very disturbing and is a very source of concern. The writing on the poster are not of progressive ideas but that of selfish intentions. It is a pity that people always want to bring in tribe in every situation. We should be encouraging unit and not divisions amongst our leaders and the nation at large. That said, Kambwili must not be brought near the highest office of the country please!

  19. Suntwe wa Suntwe you must be very dull. Can’t you see that the poster is just a fabrication by some unscrupulous people to make dull people like you condemn CK.

  20. This message of tribal shiit at the bottom is what is in PF, the most tribally stuppid government to ever rule. dimple as it appears this will crumble our country very soon in a matter of few years. Edgars government has legitimised tribalism among Zambians thereby undoing all that Kaunda made, my guess is maybe even what KK did, no blame here; was probably cosmetic as people especially from the North and South had this matter in their hearts, Bemba people and Tongas will ignite this country into flames. What Tongas are doing though is reactionary to the Bemba hegemony and utter tribalistic machination sponsored or supported by Easterners. We are watching!

  21. Did you read today`s editorial message.We all came from congo. We are all related stop getting trapped by the devil`s tricks and think some tribe is superior or inferior. There is no such a thing’
    If we can not live together then lets amicably agree to separate peacefully and avoid the impending bloodshed.

    I guess the Tongas,Lenjes,Ilas, Solis and saalas can be on their on, that is part of central province,lusaka province and southern province.Then Western and N/Western on their own also and then the Bemba Group and Easterners on their own. We will live peacefully there after

  22. @ Agrey, you have got it all wrong. In 2005 when uPMD said only a tonga president can lead uPMD they meant just that, a pure tonga president as in Hakainde, not an affiliate tribe to tongas like soli or lenje.

  23. The poster is the work of desperate cadres whose party cannot win an election in any other way but tribe and lies. I did not know that a party of the only educated and successful businessman in Zambia, the “economic manager” HH no less, can sink that low or be that desperate. They must have seen what the rest of us have not seen, most likely that HH will come a trailing fourth in the next elections. I say so because this level of desperation has only come after Edgar assented the 50% +1 constitution……expect more from a desperate party.

  24. CK is distancing himself from this advert but most likely the source is his PF supporters on the Copperbelt. The tribal remarks are sickening, and then the whole PF claims UPND (HH) is tribal!

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