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Stella Libongani was an authentic, humble and wise leader-Kanganja

General News Stella Libongani was an authentic, humble and wise leader-Kanganja

Inspector General of Police, Stella Libongani
Former Inspector General of Police, Stella Libongani

Inspector General of Police (IG) Kakoma Kanganja has described the former Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani as an authentic, humble and wise leader that Zambia has ever had in the police service, reports pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

Speaking during a retreat parade for the former IG Stella Libongani, IG kanganja states that as Inspector General, Ms. Libongani exhibited high levels of dedication, diligence, loyalty and commitment to duty in the Zambia police service.

He says the service will always cherish Ms. Libongani’s good deeds, integrity and massive contribution to the nation as a whole.

The newly appointed Zambia police service chief adds that his predecessor will go down in the history of the Zambia police service stating that the law enforcement agency’s history will never be complete without her name.

“One I know for sure is that it will be incomplete when the story of the Zambia police is rewritten without mentioning of this gallant woman Ms. Stella Libongani, in conclusion I will always think of Ms. Libongani as an authentic, humble and wise leader Zambia has ever had in the police service,” IG kakoma said

Meanwhile the former Inspector general of police Stella Libongani implored all men and women in uniform to remain loyal to the Government of the day and committed to duty in the spirit of unity, peace and hard work.

She has however pledged her unflinching support to the office of the inspector General of police in all its endeavors.

“I would like to take this opportunity to urge all police officers to remain loyal to the Government of the day and committed to duty in unity and peace, Inspector General of police, I would like to assure you of my continuity support to your office and I also wish all members of the Zambia police a success in all their endeavors, Libongani said”

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  1. She was in at the most challenging times in Zambia. Tough, hardworking and very balanced. What’s more she represented the Female. Standing Ovation.

    • All police chiefs under PF will go down in history as the most useless and compromised police leaders in the history of Zambia.

    • Another over zealous police chief in the name of Charity Katanga has been charged with drug related offences for shielding Nigerian drug dealers in exchange for an undisclosed sum of money.

      Charity katanga thought she was untoucheable when taunted UPND and paid a blinder when PF cadres killed a fellow cadre in Livinstone.

      The purge I predicted has started and very soon all the stupid police chiefs who thought they were invincible will be jobless. Under the current PF economic conditions some will die of stress very soon. Their only survival is to testify against PF at the hague for how PF threatened them to abuse power and ignore crimes committed by PF cadres.

      Wapya munzi.

  2. Humility again. Follow the leader. These days, if you want to get a high profile public portfolio, sell yourself as the “humble one”. Integrity, discipline and other good leadership traits don’t matter any more.

  3. KK is just being nice & a gentleman. Stella is the worst police chief zambia has ever had. She was weak. Politicians abused her. Her own commissioners undermined her. One time former CB commissioner Mary told her off in her face & she did nothing. MCS,when swearing in Jere, had to come in public to defend her.

  4. Yes she was the most hardworking including police brutality, impartiality and dishonesty. She sat on many cases of injustice which she should have pursued. Innocent opposition party members were shot and killed and she chose to sit on all those cases. Chama is free today after shooting and killing pipo. Good riddance. I wont miss her. After all she only got that job because her aunt was Sata’s girlfriend, u know who i m talking about.

  5. Police as a piece of state machinery can only be as good as the state itself and the laws of the land.
    The Public Order Act, can only be deliberately interpreted as it has been in Zambia if the government of the day says so. So Stella Libongani was only toeing the government line. The Kaonde policeman, Mateo turned out to be the best top policeman that Zambia eve had because the government of the day under late Mwanawasa preached rule of law rather than men.

  6. Stella Libongani is the niece to Inutu Suba who was being lapped by Sata.
    A lot of senior officers were skipped to give her the position of IG.
    Her failure to perform diligently in that position can be attributed to inexperience and lack of an independent appointing authority leading to favouring the people in power.
    Dr Martin Malama in my opinion has been the best IG Zambia has produced so far despite the political pressures.
    Why do we reward failures with diplomatic postings?

  7. @ Donqueen you are spot on “WHY” this is the same story in the Defense Forces nepotism has demoralized hard working and deserving officers and men, leaving them with no choice but to become bootlickers””Muzungu anikonde” blood eyed boys for the them gain promotion.

  8. Hellooo! More like what is common speech at burials only that the dead don’t have a turn to say something. Libongani accelerated the negative view the public have of the police on impartiality and providing protection to citizens

  9. KK’ comments on Stella Libongani are spot on. He is only one of the few voices who saw Stella’s positive contribution to the Police force and Zambia in general. some comments she has received have been very callous, unfortunately she is under oath not to reply. It is so easy to demonize others. People should learn to be objective and level headed when making comments about other people, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, unfortunately when we criticize others, the tendency is to project another person’s bad side while we uphold our good side and forget our bad side. I don’t know Stella,but I will always respect this lady for her diligence,steadfastness even when she was under extreme pressure.

  10. In my opinion, it is only former I.G. Francis Xavier Musonda(FX) who never feared Presidency. The rest are just a bunch of PANZEES. They are “BLICs”.
    The reason why they are “BLICs” is because they are chosen either on nepotistic or tribalistic benchmarks and without constitutional parliamentary ratifications. Subsequently, biting a finger that feeds I.G.ship becomes as difficult as seeing one’s sense organs such as eyes or ears.

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