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Miles Sampa claims Police have cancelled his press conference

General News Miles Sampa claims Police have cancelled his press conference

Commerce, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Miles Sampa
Miles Sampa

Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa has disclosed that the Zambia Police Service on the Copperbelt has cancelled his scheduled press conference in Kitwe today.

The former Commerce, Trade and Industries Deputy Minister was supposed to have a press conference at Moba Hotel in Kitwe at 14:30hrs but later announced that it has been called off by the police.

The Matero Lawmaker resigned from the ruling party on Thursday saying the decision was as a result of intolerance, hate, vengeance and violent conduct towards party members; including those who supported him at the Kabwe convention in 2014.

But Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has however denied the claims by Mr. Sampa saying the police have not cancelled any event organized by him.

Ms Katanga tells QFM News via telephone that as a Police Commissioner, she is not aware that Mr. Sampa’s event was called off.

She says she has not directed any officer to cancel the briefing for Mr. Sampa.


    • Beginning of the end to Mile’s political life! Te fyabayama……power lies with the people, without who Sata would not have been president. We voted for Sata because he stood for the ideals which a lot of electorates stand for…….and those ideals are enshrined in the party manifesto which ECL is executing exceptionaly well. I wish you all the best Honourable Sampa.

    • Lungu and his police will pay dearly for their injustice and using God’s name in vain. Zambia police and public media under Chagwa are worse than under RB. Come August 11, come quickly.

    • The cadres that flocked to Ndola airport to prevent Sampa from landing in his plane are controlled by outgoing PF president Jameson Kadansa Lungu

      He did not attempt to stop them through his police and yet he talks about peace and non violence

      IG and his police commissioners are all out of the job once HH comes to power in August 2016

    • One thing our politicians in the ruling party fail to understand is that the selfsame instruments the use against opposition are the same instruments that them…very soon Sampa will be complaining about the POA.

    • Kosa mwaiche not ifi manje fi cry cry baby yells. Put on a thick skin and confess you are ready for anything. Remember you said you will “destroy” a serving President, party and country in 6 months time.

      Walilamvula, walila matope.

    • Jay Jay
      Ubutonga will not make Zambia prosperous. Your hate for Lungu sucks.
      Miles is a nobody who wanted to be president simply because he was a nephew of stupid Sata may his balls rest in pieces.
      GBM, Miles etc are power hungry snakes who will eat hh pubic hair no kunyenga his wife Kwapwa
      Miles is just like GBM finished and are bad history

    • One resigns from a constituency in Lusaka and wants to hold a press conference in Kitwe! Why not make such an important announcement before the people who elected you MP. I really don’t understand this boy. We have wrong people in politics in Zambia and no wonder there is such mess and corruption in the country.

  1. A good move Mr Sampa be assured that after HH’s rule it will be yoself, am ready to join u soon if u fail to dialogue with any grouping the best is leave them,whilst finished politicians like Frank Bwalya are busy saying Sampa isnt a factor in pf, wait and see hw heavy miles is during campaigns and voting day

  2. Ba Miles, just like HH, u will soon learn that power tabapela pambale. u ve chosen yo own path, just know its a long way to state house. If Sata was alive, he wld ve told u. u will remember how under Sata (yo uncle) rallies were banned. u were there. u didn’t say a thing. so lelo, its yo turn. don’t cry. just soldier on. Fikonka abaume. osalila, uzachiona. u will soon learn that State house is not yo uncle’s!

  3. Wonder what the truth is. In the picture, Miiles Sampa and his team behind him look terribly dis appointed.

    Is this all wise? Just causing bother for your Party every election because you have failed to get support to run as President.

    Where does the money come from for all these Private Political Jaunts? Is it the best way to spend own or NGO sponsored money?

    • Read Mwebantu media they have the full details of what transpired at Ndola airport

      Lungu sent his cadres to block Sampa

    • @Chils,the pictures of those PF cadres in trucks were taken in Kitwe where they were celebrating ECL’s one year in office. Ask anyone who knows Kitwe too well and they’ll tell you that the area where the puctures were taken is between Starlight building and the Council dump site which is a few meters away from the sixteen feet railway bridge……..as for the story at the airport,I don’t know how authentic it is.

    • That picture is from the archives. I was at Ndola Ndola airport yesterday and watched the whole drama unfold as PF cadres stormed the apron as two armed policemen watched helplessly. A step used to assist passenger disembark was thrown at the plane as the pilot disparately taxed away to the end of the runaway. Miles and his entourage returned to Lusaka on the same plane.

  4. Mwasebana ba PF,this shows how scared you are of Sampa. This young man will cause you sleepless nights.for you information he has massive support amongst the youth who have registered in large numbers.whatever happens,Sampa has caused a big dent in PF.In PF you have allowed too much hooliganism and mediocrity,time has come to save Zambia from the likes of tu Frank Bwalya natu Mumbi Phiri.
    Sampa we support you all the way

    • But what are you supporting really? What is Miles Sampa bringing to the table for Zambians to consider. What optional ways has he? Are you just siding with him because of his personality, or maybe you feel for him as the under dog?

      Realistically, for Miles this is Political suicide.

  5. Why is the police force arresting UPND members in kalomo after a warm welcome as earlier reported by pf, just want to find out if flashing the UPND symbol is now a crime, according to the amendments of the amended amendments to the Constitution? I have seen the video, actually it’s the president who was a danger to the public, especially if look at the way he was coming out of that roof of his vehicle and flashing a fist to people, people responded by showing him a more peaceful UPND sign, and people have to appear in court for extending a hand of peace and not not crushing each other with fists.

  6. MILES POA is still the law and u better embrace it since ur now in opposition…u wanted to be hiding in the name of PF mobilization….wish u welll…wailapwila umulilo pa nkasa

  7. This is the reason why getting a police permit is important. Miles Sampa should have informed the police on the copperbelt and they would have advised him or better still be prepared to protect him at the ndola airport.Because he overlooked the provisions of POA he returned to lusaka like a coward. Further he even failed to give a statement and had to let a woman do it for him. Surely is this sort of commander in chief we need. such a whimp

  8. Politicians especially UPND ,they are babies under 5 .Always Demonizing the country I do not know if their leader hh comes in power, they will bring another country? HH will win if a miracle can happen but I do not know if he believes in miracles.

  9. Ati a non factor but they send truckloads of cadres to prevent him from talking to the press. Failed priest Frank please comment.

  10. Ba Sampa please naimwe, Kindly use another communication platform. Will you post whatever you wanted to say at the press conference on your facebook page…

  11. Is it true that sampa’s wife killed Ruth Bangu? Is it true that the said girl was sampa’s girl friend? If all is true the two should be arrested.

  12. PF is finished now u are blocking sampa from HH what a pity!!!! We will see what happens when 11 August come, we kicking u guys out. Kikkkkkkkkki

  13. Mr Sampa . If there is any thing you wanted the people of Zambia to know just establish a news paper company or write a book.

  14. Miles Sampa, HH and Kabimba should enrol at a primary school to learn simple geography in the light that the Zambian territory cannot be defined to encompass Matero Township in Lusaka, nor Southern Province from Mazabuka to Zimba, nor sectors of Nampundwe and Mumbwa. Zambia is composed of Central, Copperbelt, Eastern, Luapula, Lusaka, Muchinga, Northern, Northwestern, Southern (including Livingstone) and Western provinces. A presidential candidate should therefore aspire to get accepted by the peoples of 10 provinces. Amen.

  15. Nalikwebele mwaice sampa. You dug your own political grave, ask HH. Its tough out there. The organizers ditched you. Matero is not Zambia iyo. Amino mafupa.
    Cry oh! Cry. These children of nowadays!

  16. You claim the guy is not a factor then you harass him. Is it possible that all PF politicians can surrender their passports till after elections. We want every body in country after elections, I beg.

  17. l wonder why zambians are so behind in thinking, as long as we remain lik this our country Wil never develop. youths lets stop to be used, the truth is sampa wa the right person for pf but becoz of selfishness of some pipo.how did expect lungu to lose with power in his hands ; he was still a defense minister while taking part in elections as pf president. he had more authority than Scott .so much to say but the point is allow sampa to his thing if join him let those us who believe in him join him.Mr Scott pliz kindly help the young man he needs you more than ever , this the last another good thing you can do as you are edging. l faith u and in him….sampa am with you and I wil be more happy join you.

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