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Miles Sampa has no capacity to lead a political party-Lusambo



MMD National Youth Secretary Bowman Lusambo says leader of the newly launched Democratic Front, Miles Sampa has no capacity to lead a political party.

Mr. Lusambo, who is Kabushi aspiring candidate, says Mr Sampa must learn from others that have taken a route of forming a party after leaving the ruling party.

He says Mr. Sampa is bound to fail to marshal the required political support to lead a political party especially in an election year.

Mr. Lusambo has urged young leaders to remain focus as opposed to forming political parties is pursuit of the republican presidency.

He was speaking in a walk in interview at Mass Media Complex in Lusaka.

Mr. Lusambo said Mr. Sampa should have continued working under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu who has drafted a number of youths in his cabinet.

The former Matero Member of Parliament could not be reached on his mobile phone.


  1. Who is this chap called Lusambo,just shut your mouth and concentrate on campaigning for your PF,leave Sampa alone. You are only known to your type.
    We are behind Miles so get that straight on your head

    • Shows that Sampa is hot and crowd puller PF and MMD both in Panic? well done Young-man. Sort Them out. soon Mama Kaseba will also support HH and Sampa..

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    • One wonders why is Lusambo a factor in commenting on Sampa. This cadre should restrict his thinking to signing praise songs and dancing at political rallies. It is time journalist started getting comments from creditable people and not chaps likes this one.

  2. It is not Lusambo’s business to write off other pipo. Rumor has it that he intended to stand on pf, but why not on MMD where he belongs. In short leave Sampa alone and MIND YOUR BUSINESS!!!

    • The man (Lusambo, whoever he is) does not have direction. Right now am not sure which party he belongs to. Talk of political prostitution. At least Miles Sampa is independent, you Lusambo created a structure within MMD called “Die Hard” as if you were insinuating violence in the Country. Its from that structure that I will never have respect for you whatsoever.

  3. Now it is Sampa,Sampa,just congratulate him and carry on with your business.When are you going to get it that Zambia has embraced multi party politics and one is free to form a party and pursue their dreams.What Zambians want to hear are ideas on how to tackle the many challenges the country and what they are facing.Thats what will propel this country forward. We want independent thinkers not blind it is sad that those that are not PF are being harassed,but PF supporters can hold rallies and mobilize in readiness for the campaigns.Lungu ought to be ashamed that he is allowing this uneven playing field.What are you scared of .

  4. Iam disappointed with the opposition ,how come you are not mobilizing your supporters and holding rallies.Mwenye Musenga and his mobilization team on the Copperbelt are busy and you are just seated .Don’t cry foul when you are defeated.
    No one should stop you from doing so.

    • The Opposition need to sue the Police for infringement on the freedom of Assembly, including damages for lost time and opportunities to interact with party structures and the electorate.

    • @ Hold Politicians Accountable it makes one wonder why the opposition would not do what one expects them to do but seem happy with the status quo of their rights being trampled upon! Where then does an ordinary citizen draw confidence to fight for her/his rights?

    • It is time the opposition stood up for their rights against the oppressive Public Order Act. UPND should take a lead and fight this issue, as it is clear the IG is a political agent as things stand today.

  5. Lusambo is a questionable character. U wud expect him to support youth and not insult him. Anyway like VJ said he makes his living through such. Lol

  6. …there is something seriously amiss here…..have you noticed that 48hrs later those who you would term as PF gurus are unbelievably quiet so far….the likes of Kabwili, Chama, Mumbi Phiri, Kampyongo etc …only Frank Bwalya commented on it and has since kept quiet as if someone within told him to shut up….by now Kabwili could have had a walk in interview at ZNBC…they may not join him but they are sending a message to ECL that they agree with Sampa’s outcry of PF being transformed from green to blue…..Frank must be regretting for having engaged his mouth before his brains….he was too quick to rubbish and downplay Sampa….Sampa may not achieve much this year in terms of support country wide but he will achieve greatly in destabilising, dismantling, and playing a major role of…

    • SCRUTINIZER, how about they are just ignoring Sampa as advised to leave Sampa alone! The more any politician is spoken about, even in a negative manner the more popular they become.
      PF is therefore using the silent strategy!

    • You are right. Hon Kambwili promised to sell his soul to the devil if Dora Siliya was welcomed into the PF. You think he has forgotten about that issue. They are plenty supporting Miles but they are fooling President Lungu that they are with him. Let Lungu learn from Rupiah Banda. I know of some PS who I met at the then MMD campaign centre in Woodlands near State House. He printended to be a supporter of MMD and yet he was PF. We were all shocked that he was appointed PS immediately PF formed Govt. If you wont be careful ba Lungu you might end up being a victim of “Bemba tribalism”. Ask Winter Kabimba how lethal, “Bemba tribalism” can be! He is a victim of it.

    • @mundetelele….
      ..I guess you are out of touch of what is unfolding….have you got any information on how he was treated at Ndola airport…??….you don’t treat someone you have chosen ignore that way… can be assured that the silence is not golden in this case….they all commented on Lupando, GBM and other defectors…does it mean in your opinion those were more of a factor than Sampa….they will eventually talk but the message has already been sent to ECL…infact they will comment only because ECL will have queried them about their silence on Sampa…

  7. The rotten corrupt MMD defeated in 2011 has re-grouped in PF after the demise of MCS. Shame on Katema, Luo, Kapata, Nsanda,Wina who panga’d sellout Lungu to leadership by show of hands.

  8. Whose this quack Lusambo think he is? All I hear is mumbling and no real substance, he better shut up or else we will shut him up. He thinks we don’t know that brown envelopes are passing hands from state house to him? Just chew that money while you can cause come 14th August you will be held accountable.

  9. If only Sampa can be matured and devise the method on how to revamp the economy, he can do it. He needs to have a powerful team with the heart of people. Lusambo is just reflaf………………….and if ECL continues to work with such people he is heading for a big loss. Mark my words never Mr. President to work with Lusambo type of people they may look appealing to you but not to matured people in our communities. Game on Miles is factor let us not barry our heads in the sand he has left us with a dip wound in PF. Look why concentrate on MMD sure mr president coz you have already swallowed it together with upnd. concentrate to work like Levy Mwanawasa there is no way you are going to win this election with most of people you are with. Please mr. president analyse this and introspect…

  10. Iwe Lusambo-your ECL is worse in running a party-he has failed to discipline even cadres who have undressed him in public. The converation between Davies and Sunday Chanda speaks it all and the insuts of Mumbi Phiri about her preference for ECL as he has no pot belly speaks it all-Then you so called President is quiet-shame on you if you have any!!!

  11. Lusamboa may after all have a point. How does a person who fails to run his own home run a political party, let alone Zambia. Anyone who knows Miles very well knows he runs a dysfunctional home, always awol.

  12. As much as I dislike this semi-illiterate miscreant, he is right in this case. I must point out that he is only right in that political parties in Zambia are not run as publicly owned organisations in the same way as the Republic or Democratic parties are run in the US and elsewhere. In this case he is probably referring to Sampa’s lack of financial clout. Of course if parties were run by trustees and funds were raised from diverse sources, they would not be tuntemba parties beholding to their powerful single ‘owners’ like HH, Lungu, etc. I look forward to a time when Zambia will have proper parties.

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