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There are enough fuel stocks in the country-Government

Headlines There are enough fuel stocks in the country-Government

ZNS Commandant Major General Nathan Mulenga (left) and Ministry of Energy and Water Development Permanent Secretary Emelda Chola
ZNS Commandant Major General Nathan Mulenga (left) and Ministry of Energy and Water Development Permanent Secretary Emelda Chola

Government has assured the nation that there are enough fuel stocks in the country.

Ministry of Energy and Water Development Permanent Secretary Emeldah Chola says national diesel stocks stand at 36 million liters, representing 16 days of national consumption.

Brigadier General Chola says the reserves also have 5.8 million litres of petrol to last five days of national consumption.

General Chola says this does not include stocks that the Oil Marketing companies have in their storage facilities.

She says 6 million litres of petrol is in transit from Dar-es- Salaam while 20 million litres are being loaded on urgent basis.

General Chola says the 26 million litres of petrol translate into 20 days of national consumption.

She has assured the nation that fuel is being imported as per normal schedule while INDENI Refinery is producing.

She also explained that the ship of contaminated crude feedstock that was rejected will be replaced by a new supplier that the government has engaged.

Gen Chola said the replacement is expected in the third week of February, 2016.

She has since appealed to all fuel consumers to go about their normal business without anxiety or panic as the country has enough fuel.

This is contained in a statement issued to ZNBC News by Gen Chola.

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  1. OK Lungu. Now your turn to tell the Nation you have arranged emergency imports of fuel and contradict your Ministers!

    • Strange things are happening in our country, issues being explained by people one expects least to be involved in. Ndeloleshafye mukwai.

    • This is stup!d !!,,, ati enough fuel then someone is explaining `enough fuel` in 6 days, in 20days,,, come on!!!this a nation you are dealing with not kambwili`s katemba,,,

    • Madam Perm Sec., we have had heard that before only to experience a serious shortage. They are loading there, so many litres are this side and so forth. Just work

    • @zedpoorpeople, @ndobo (dobo!), too much cartoons baice..! The only thing you can ‘read’ about this article is the picture. Read boys, read. Brig Gen Chola is PS Energy, for some reason that picture is all LT has of her. Completely nothing to do with ZNS!!!


    • we have six days of water or mmmm five days of fuel Mrs Rango woman. PF has completely failed to govern this country. Just step aside with your lazy leadership so that we put credible leaders who can solve our economic problems.

  2. She is even proud to say we have 5 days of fuel?She cant even add to assure us what they are doing to increase the capacity.What did we do to be cursed with such incompetence?

  3. What has this shipment of crap fuel cost the nation?? That is what you should be telling us, not just pontaring about 5 days fuel . If it is zero then that is all we care about, incompetence that costs the nation scarce resources. You are avoiding this, there must be some cost implication for us.

  4. Well, assuring the nation that 6 million liters of petrol is in transit while 20 million liters are being loaded on urgent basis, do we know when that crude oil will be processed by Indeni and ready for usage?
    I mean 5 days only of stock, so bane by saturday / sunday expect queues for petrol. Not to send panic, but read the PS`s assurance, she did not rule out that risk.

  5. ….atleast that’s better to come from a civil servant and not a politician like the maize issue from Lubinda….

  6. Is Emelda Chola the Brigadier General or is it Major Nathan Mulenga? What’s going on here? The whole article is about Brigadier General Emelda Chola said this or that. Are LT writers drunk/high or what!? Or is it me!

  7. No power in Riverside Kitwe since 6am this morning. We have been failed completely by Zesco and Government. Lost faith now. Enough is enough.

  8. The real tragedy is that no one takes UPND seriously. Take for example, UPND assuring retrenched miners that they will be reinstated on 12 August “when” UPND wins. Only a subnormal human can expect anyone to believe them. To expect them to form government in 2016 is the ultimate in human deficiency.

  9. @ ndobo your dullness is frightening. Just because The caption shows The ZNS commandant with the energy PS does not mean ZNS is in charge of fuel. @ Wantanshi Emelda Chola is the Brigadier General retired.The ZNS commandant is Lt [email protected] what about the mayor and the running mate or i guess you dont know you vote for those also? Ba UPND kwena you amaze me. and if you lose elections you start crying. @ gen kanene 5 days is emmergency stock. in case we dont receive any fuel we can go 5 days and we wont have a [email protected] people , Brig Gen Chola is the controlling officer of the ministry therefore the most competent to issue the statement. Unlike in UPND where HH is the almighty who issues all statements in Govt experts issue statements. Ba spaka like lilo the 500000 jobs are there…

    • @Punani Jackson
      Just t set the records straight, I am neither UPND nor PF. And if you have been reading my comments,they are always neutral and specific to the issue in discussion. So please, watch out and DONT put me in the same basket. I excuse you for your dullness to think everyone who expresses his view point here is a UPND, your negative obsession of UPND is making you blind and preventing you from thinking out of the box.
      Now can you tell the Zambians when the 26 million litres will be available without taping into the reserves? Wait, and see what will happen next week.

    • @ Punani Jackson
      Like Gen Kanene I am neither UPND nor do I belong to any political party, but I thank you for setting the record straight about Br. General Emelda Chola. I didn’t know that. I thought it was LT high on some mind altering portent drug. In any case you shouldn’t assume that when we condemn PF and other crackpot political parties then we are automatically UPND. No, it’s not like that. Some of us are just consumed by love for our beloved country and wants only the best for the nation. Unfortunately and you must agree 100% the leaders from 1964 to date have been anything but inspiring otherwise the country would have been a South Korea by now. The PF govt is the most mad/stup!d of them all!!

  10. This has to rank among the most confused pieces of journalism I have ever come across. Anyway, when you have baKolwe everywhere, what do you expect besides “stink!”

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