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Four cadres picked up after MMD brawl

General News Four cadres picked up after MMD brawl

Nevers Mumba at a Samfya Rally
Nevers Mumba

Police in Lusaka have arrested four cadres from the opposition MMD in connection with the fracas that rocked the party’s secretariat in Lusaka.

Police Spokesperson Charity Munganga Chanda confirmed in an interview that the five have been arrested and charged with malicious damage to Property.

Mrs Chanda said the five are currently in police custody and will appear in court soon.

She confirmed that the situation at the MMD Secretariat is now back to normal but that people is still monitoring the situation.

And MMD leader Dr Nevers Mumba has described the latest fracas at the party’s Secretariat as political hooliganism.

Dr Mumba maintained that the decision by the National Executive Committee to postpone the holding of the convention is final.

He advised those aggrieved by the decision to leave the party or seek legal action.

Dr Mumba accused some MMD MPs who are opposed to the NEC’s decision of sponsoring the latest wave of confusion in the party.

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    • “Dr Mumba maintained that the decision by the National Executive Committee to postpone the holding of the convention is final.” All the same, this is taking you nowhere, politically – divided we fall.

    • But why bus cadres to deliver a petition? Why didn’t one person take it there? Mutati could have called Dr Mumba and requested for a meeting where he could have presented the same petition.

  1. I dare to prove me wrong!

    here is the TRUTH- These were merely loose canons sent by UPND to appear as though there are problems in MMD when in not.

    DOnt get this twisted I am not a fan of MMD. My point is PF and UPND are doing everything in their limited power to steak the headlines away from Miles Sampa.


    Vote Miles Sampa – 2016


  2. @Mushota you paid bot/spammer. Out in the name of unbiased speech. Mumba has already been taken up at a mountain by the devil & showed him land, silver & gold. It’s so tempting such that he’s maintained his stance on not following MMD constitution. These are our Christian leaders ladies & gents.

  3. Political violence, in whatever form, is criminal and the perpetrators must be severely punished and where their sponsors are identified, they must also be charged with the similar offence and dealt with accordingly.

    Enough is is enough, and these rascals must start respecting the Laws of the land. Cage the *****s.

  4. This is chase mr only good players will be protected. Purely this is sponsered by upxd using mutatu.this issue started when ecl announced plans to work with mmd so upxd knows its members in mmd may change mind hence lose mutotu,nalukongo etc only way is to cause confusion so that mps run to the nearest party.dull people like mutatu cant see the grave they are jumping like kangaroos. Anyway we know he is affected by dru-s no long thing properly he can even sale his
    Children for money shame.
    Kopala be careful umusatanist naingila munchende alefwaya umulopa killers are killers cbu, unza careful someone is after blood
    Mumba be firm work with lungu,banda,

  5. Mumba’s (& by association PF) thugs started the so called fracas. Remember they attacked Prof Lungwangwa when he tried to deliver the same at the NEC meeting.
    Mumba’s eyes are on the Veep so he will stop at nothing to get there. If I were Kadansa I would forget Mumba & continue with the RB faction.

  6. Antu Makwau Ekala Azaluka Anyone Who Doesnt Support Hyena They Feel He Is Not Lunda Shame. I Attended School In Bemba Land There Is No Blind Following Like The Person Who Feel I M Not Lunda Say Whatever I Will Remain Lunda And Proud And A Non Tribal Zambian.You Only Feel Good When You Get Tribal Remarks To Support Your Way Remember A Lot Of Our People Stay In Luapula,northern Etc Mistreating Ones Working In Our Area Will Be Sucied And People Should Always Not Follow Leaders Who Do That Like # Its One Zed One Nation Not One Lunda One Tonga Or One Bemba One Ngoni NO NO NO NO. This Nonse No One Should Support This.

  7. does it mean MMD don’t have people for UPND to go and fight for them shame on you PF viva HH 2016 plot 1nevers mumba,mumbwe phiri,devil chama,fatherless bwalya and their cadres mukobeko prison

    • YES MMD do not have. They are just like the STARVING CBU/UNZA students who are not expected to do anything to improve their lot or demand their rights unless they are sponsored by UPND and it’s unnamed political leader. This guy must really be a good person. Is he they call the kachema??

  8. What the devil meant for evil against MMD has terribly backfired on Mutati and UPND. He is exposed as a MMD MP mole, imfuko, and yet he is a UPND official on a 2016 calendar. Its people like Mutati who taint the Bembas as crooks.

    HH should be careful of MUTATI and GBM. These are power hungry people. See how arrogant GBM can be. How does he start destroying UPND structures he found and has now sstarted planting his own people. That is the beginning of trouble in UPND. And poor Canicius Banda who has no money cannot say anything. Money talks.

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