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MMD National Secretary Mbulakulima disowns lawyers representing the party

General News MMD National Secretary Mbulakulima disowns lawyers representing the party

MMD National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima
MMD National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima

MMD National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima has disowned lawyers representing the party saying they were putting words in his mouth.

Speaking at a media briefing today Mr Mbulakulima said the lawyers did not consult him on any of the issues raised in the case were 3 MPs have sued him in his capacity as the CEO of the party.

Mr Mbulakulima said he has never seen the affidavit which was submitted to the courts and that the arguments pushed forward were too weak to have come from him.

He challenged the lawyers representing the MMD to tell him and the public at large were they met and what they discussed as he was sure that such a meeting never took place for them to be using his name in vain.

He said having been the one sued in his capacity as the CEO of the party, the lawyers representing the party should have his input before using his name in court and that the lawyers should review their source of instructions as it was clear that they did not get them from him.

On issue of factions, Mr Mbulakulima said he stands for a united MMD adding that expulsions and suspensions because that brings divisions in the party.

He explained that expulsions and suspensions are detrimental to the aspirations of the party and that as an individual he would not do things for political expedience because he would like to leave a clean name in the political arena of the country.

Mr Mbulakulima said he was for the convention and that the party constitution was clear on the matter and the courts will determine.

He said the continued infighting left the MMD with little time to mobilize and participate effectively in the forthcoming elections.

Mr Mbulakulima was reacting to reports that his lawyers had submitted the case in which Felix Mutati and two other members of parliament who petitioned the Constitutional Court for an order that the party’s convention be held on or before April 11 be dismissed.

In a notice of intention to raise preliminary issues filed in court, Mbulakulima, allegedly through his lawyers Ellis and Company as well as J and M Advocates, stated that the petition by Mutati, Muchima and Chungu was irregular, misconceived and an abuse of the court process and that it should therefore be dismissed.


  1. I really don’t understand this … because then why are there even lawyers representing him ? He says he could have even put up a stronger argument … and he was totally misrepresented

  2. MAS is dead period. Just like UNIP it’s history now and those who Stil want to be relevant in Zambian politics must move on now.

  3. The lawyers are representing the MMD as party. Mbulakulima is only complaining because he and Nakachinda are compromised. The lawyers are representing the NEC of which mbulakulima is secretary. He is in fact not in order to think that he was sued in his personal capacity.

  4. Ba mbulakulima, just concentrate on mitengo lodge than these politics where pastors are trying to screw others in the name of politics. The pastor is looking for a government posting. I have respect for you.

  5. Poor Nevers, just like 2015 influential members are slowly deserting him. The list of those he thought were with him only to be left hanging last minute is long. To be fair Mbulakulima is one of the few that have tried to weather the storm but I guess now the writing is clearly on the wall. Nevers is now almost totally isolated with insignificant NEC members by his side..sad really.

  6. Mbulakulima is a member of NEC. Decisions are voted for by all members of the club. The majority, no matter how foolish they might be, carry the day. When this is done – everyone takes that as a collective responsibility. The club will have made the decision. Of course immature members go out and explain themselves out of the collective decision. Ba Mbulakulima when you hear people say the corporation has made XYZ decision not all board members agree. Yaba, this is the problem of poor education – the only survival mechanism is politics. The man is feeling the heat. He cannot retain the Chembe seat under MMD or UPND. And now Mumba’s indecision is causing him sleepless night. Mudala, you can even resign and move on if you do not agree with collective ‘irresponsibility”.

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